Rule 4 concern in 5.3

This is a dangerous rule to implement with the current wording. The 5.3 change actively encourages spamming junk sentry guns/small thrusters near the front of your ship to soak turret damage. Without a more flushed out rule I don’t see how you will differentiate a ship spamming turrets/thrusters because it’s the meta or spamming turrets/thrusters to create lag.

I expect the vast majority of cases to be the former rather than the latter.

I, also, have yet to see a ship that is engineered to create lag.


Most rules, like locks, only keep honest people honest. The ruling may discourage people trying - which is still a benefit.

These updates were made for 5.2, 5.3 definitely made some changes that will require updating the guide – They happen faster than the changes can be really understood and the guide updated. :smile:

So how would this be better worded in the new Meta?

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