Rule Update: Toxicity

Hi HWS Community,

in 2 weeks HWS exist since 3 years with a runtime of 24/7 non-stop.
Recently I’m in a big “recap” mood and look what we have achieved the last 3 years, what happened in detail, how is it going right now and what can be improved for the unforeseeable future.

One major issue in the past and still right now is the topic Toxicity.
It not only forced many players to leave HWS already (and complain about it in the public, which cause negative reputation), no it also drains my stamina to deal with it on regular basis.

That is why I implemented a dedicated rule about it:

I want to highlight 3 points again:

  1. If you “fire back” and answer to any toxicity in any way you are guilty as well and will be also punished. Temporary you can just make use of the mute feature until we check your reported player and deal with it our way. There is no self-judgement with answering toxicity!

  2. We rely on the eyes of the Community! Help us and get help. That is the least we can ask for. So make accurate screenshots and motivate everyone to keep calm!

  3. Yes, this is an adult server and a bit of friendly poke is ok - it’s PvP after all. But with healthy common sense every human being can differentiate a toxic behavior from that. Every crap talk can be done in your own Discord server, Whatsapp or whatever. The global chat / HWS Discord / HWS Forum is not your outlet for showing how “cool” you are or demotivate others by your words.

That being said it does not mean you can pull out your Terrabyte harddrive of proofs from the past. I want a clean cut for the present and future seasons.

Really, PvP is broken more than enough. No need to spread salt in the wound by underline it with unneeded comments.

I hope this reaches everyone properly and we can enjoy the game on HWS the nice way.

Your HWS Team