Saved Factory Ships Dissappear after Crosswarp from NA>EU>NA?

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What happened:
=> I did my first crosswarp to the EU server in order to get a cave miner again. When I came back I went to que another ship in the factory and noticed the other 2 ships that were already made and waiting to be placed, were no longer there. The name of the SV was ‘Cap - OP4-A11 SV’

Player(s) with issue:
=> DenaVici

=> NA & EU

Time (cb:time):
=> It is 17:00 but I warped over an hour or so ago, I just noticed my 2 ships were gone


Structure Name(s):
=> Cap - OP4-A11 SV

Structure ID(s):
=> It hadn’t been spawned in today

How can we help you now:
=> Is this a known issue? Are there precautions you should take when doing the crosswarp in order to minimize any errors and such?

Cross Server warp takes you, your carried credits, your ship, and what you have in your backpack. Factory Ships are not carried over.

More info on Cross Server Warp can be found here.

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They have always stayed in my factory on the server I came back to na from eu. The only time I have lost them is when I log in from a different computer then the one I created them on. If this has changed please make an announcement.

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