Sell and buy RP

Hey everyone,

I think we should have the option to buy or sell RP.

I know its defined as reputation, but in many games I have played, you could buy rep to increase your standings with other NPC faction, perhaps we can do something similar here.

For example, on the market we could sell our rep, lets say 100 rp for 100000 credits, it gives both parties the incentive to sell and buy. Or if they want the can sell credits for the RP, at least then players can win both ways.

I believe we all know how important rp is in the game, but for some its to difficult to get, sometimes it takes seasons to get, and lets say the player who needs them doesn’t want to join a big faction to get it and doesn’t have the time to do missions with the NPC’s to gain the rp. Or maybe you need that last 250 rp before the end of the season to up your OCD, but have lots of money to spare, many reason to do this.

Anyways let me know what you think


Hey @IgoSolo

thanks for the suggestion.
But just to be very clear:

This would be HWS rep, so you can use when you need to up your OCD for example

Ok thx.
Just for your information:
There are NPC Trader out in the universe who sell Alien Container. Which is the same as buying HWS RP.
And the HWS Marketplace gives you the chance to sell Alien Container. Which is the same as selling HWS RP.

Or do you want the “Shortcut” and manipulate the HWS RP directly?

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Yeah the option to skip that process, but that’s not entirely the reason. Sometimes alien containers does not provide enough to the player to buy something bigger like ocd 9 for example which requires 5k rep, some people just dont have the time to get that many containers, it just provides another avenue to get what they need, and not just focus on rep the whole season and falling short of a few 100 rps. I think the option to buy what you need if its for sale, would make life in the game so much better. It works both ways for both players, If I want to sell 1000 RP I win with the credits I get for them and they win for the rp they get.

Its also really good for new players and I think it would help players who are more pvp, which then gives them the opportunity to play more then having to scavenge for the alien containers

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agreed, the shady trader hunt for rp containers can be aggravating when u travel to a vendor and find zero stock :frowning:

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I don’t agree on this one pals.
Rp is a fair system that rewards they who actually have the time, and spend their time on the server.
If someone don’t have the time to run missions or even check the marked every day for containers, he or she is not worthy of big reputation.
Let’s say EVE… play 2 hours a week, and see how far you get :wink:

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Hey, thanks for the response, but I think it maybe to far to suggest time on the server is the problem, some players spend more time pvping, trading, building stuff or collecting resources, some of these guys spend all their time on it and dont have the time to collect rp to upgrade, there is no real trade for it currently besides the alien containers, and they dont provide enough to make any large impact for a player.

We all have our set of skills, mine was trading, making money and pvping, I wouldnt know where to start or have the want to do the missions with the time I have left afterwards, Im assuming many ppl can agree that there could be another way of collecting that rp that benefits them, as seen in earlier seasons, they were more then capable of buying ocd or bank levels without worrying about rp, now dont get me wrong rp is good, but only some players can amount to 5k rp in a season but most cant

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i can say that making in game credits does require lot’s of in game time. solo has spent quite a bit hanging around the globe with me a few seasons back :wink:

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I disagree with this one. Reputation should be earned, not bought.

in game credits are actually “earned” so what’s the difference?

Difference is that you can easily get credits in game. Difference is that Rexxx and Jascha didn’t buy their way to being the best server owners for Empy, they earned it via reputation.

See the difference?

so make them more expensive. it seems like you just want to argue and dismiss ideas rather than come up with something constructive tonight. have a snickers, you will be fine.

Im not sure if everyone understands what Im suggesting here, but first the Rep doesn’t do anything for you but buy ocd level, bank level etc, its a currency basically, if it provided something like discounts at the garage, or cheaper pricing when buying items from npcs then maybe it would be worth more and that would make it true reputation and then I could understand. However in the real world, you can buy rep, rather its in the illegal way or simply increasing your name or company with paying someone off lol. I know its not the real world here and maybe my example is far fetched, but in many games they find a use for it. Take in mind, you can buy alien containers and sell them already, so isnt that the same thing, what Im suggesting is to increase it by allowing players to sell 1000s of rp,

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This is what they are after. As I said, it should be earned, not bought.

For instance, lets just fire up an alt account, transfer ridiculous amounts of money to that account, buy your way to EB5, or hell EB10 without any effort to earn it and keep the rewards that the interest rate gives you, and when your over just buy as much RP as possible to roll over to the next season for the 7000credit RP bonus.

And it is a currency to buy HWS Ingots. Just mine your way to another ‘event’ planet, so to speak.

thank you @RexXxuS for the mute button :slight_smile:

Can’t mute the voice of reason.

Or trolls.

First off what do you mean by buy? With real money or just credits? It makes little sense that you have time for pvp but not enough time to get reputation.

I think Taco is making good points, I just think hes missing the idea here, its not meant to be manipulated, its being paid for, hence the credits that someone worked for, rather it was easy for them or not, and we cant say that all players make easy money. Ill mention this again some players are able to put in alot of time in the game, but their skills are elsewhere, rather its mining , pvp or something else, but they may not have the ability to win missions or like you said events. So if your a player who can play the events or do missions but only play maybe a couple of hours a day, who is putting more effort in, who deserves the rep more? I use to put in many hrs, day and night, I accumulated so many hrs, that now I could be considered part of the most wealthiest players on the server, but have no rp to show for it, I cant really buy rep and I cant gain it, last season I was able to accumulate 3k rp or close to it, but it meant nothing and did nothing for me, so what is it really worth if no one knows you have it, it provides nothing unless you make much much more, some ppl are just not capable of gaining that much.

For me Season 8 is when i gained some wealth and had the opportunity to upgrade to ocd 6, no rp required, in season 9 I perfected my skills in making money, but it did nothing for me but make me rich, i couldn’t upgrade, which in turned ruined the game for me, I dont really have the skills for missions, and I cant depend on others to help me with them. Im sure all big factions have these issues too, where their players are good at one thing or another, but we cant depend always on each other to do all that labor work, and even if we paid someone, for example, if I payed Bob to do the missions, because hes good at them, then I come in and collect the rp with him just before he finishes, its the same thing in a way, is that considered manipulation too, because I know for a fact many ppl do it, they didnt really earn it. As for small factions or solo players, they dont gain alot of rp to start with, so they have no choice, choose what you want and only work towards that, I bet if they had the option to buy rp, maybe some will buy ocd 7 and come to pvp,