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I figured it’d be important to try and catalog and record bugs we find specific to the HWS server, as it appears that looking at the official forums they seem to get different bugs than HWS has. Before posting your bug, please look here: and check the latest patch topic to find bugs which are present in the vanilla game.

If your bug is not listed there, then post any bugs you find outside of the game but present in this server. If the bug you encounter is present in other servers, do not post them here, post them on the official forums. This should help more for Jascha and Rex than having us constantly inundate them in game about bugs and other issues that we have.

HWS Support vs Empyrion Support

Should be self explanatory but please be sure you know or at least try to understand what is a HWS bug and what is a game bug.
We at HWS know the game better than anyone but we can’t fix game related issues.
So for game related bugs please go here:

Location: Uranus Orbit (not certain if playfield specific)
Are you the only person having this issue?: Unknown

Old Blueprint?: Yes

Reproducability: always
Severity: Minor

Summary: Items vanishing when being moved via cockpit container access

Description: When using the new container interfaces to put an item into it, they only put in 1 item, even if you put in stacks of items. For example: I put in 20 fiber into a cargo container, it only shows as putting 1 fiber into the container. This works both with putting items into a container and taking them out. While minor, this bug is completely avoidable by not using the container access in cockpits.

Steps to reproduce: Get into cockpit, go to control panel, access a container, put items into/out of a container

Good idea to sum the bugs here up too.
But don’t forget to post them in the official forum thread in first place.

Agreed, these are only for bugs that have been identified to be local to the HWS server, game-wide bugs go to the offical forums

Location: W7G
Localized: unknown

If applicable:

Reproducibility: Tested once.
Severity: Major


I left my faction (faction of one) to join some friends. All ships were set to faction Federation of Planet (FED). Got Wrong faction or core not present.
Ships are WST-Sovereign and 2 shuttles MK 1

Description: Can’t use ships of former faction, even if faction is disbanded.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a faction
  2. set ship to faction
  3. leave faction
  4. can’t access ship: wrong faction or Core present.
  5. can’t create faction again, says it already exists.

That is not actually a bug, that is simply that you forgot or didn’t know to set all your faction things to private before leaving the faction. The game is not so advanced that all your factioned things would automatically change.

Hey Trement, if you want your ship back or join again to your old faction let me know.
The faction owner can set the ships back to public. So even after a faction change you can use them.

Hi Rexxus,

I’d like to have my ships back for sure… all my resources are in there. I didn’t know about that faction system before leaving. I don’t mind the way we’ll do it… will do whatever it takes.

Thank you

for that please provide information how was your old faction called. You are now in the BSG faction I see. Or how is your ship called?

Hi Rexxus,

Faction was Federation of Planet (FED), ships are WST-Sovereign and 2x Shuttles MK 1, all on planet W7G.

Thank you


I changed you back to FED and warped you to your CV.

Didn’t work for faction change, was still in BSG and of course, still can’t access my ships…

Hey Trement,
maybe because you were offline. Add me on steam please so we can do this again while you are online. (add RexXxuS)

Location: Mars Planet
Are you the only person having this issue?: Unknown

Old Blueprint?: No

Reproducability: Maybe? Need to play around some more.
Severity: Minor

Summary: When turning off thrusters your HV gets high!

Description: Weed aside, when you turn off thrusters and RCS in a hover vehicle and exit it will “bounce” on uneven terrain. HVs already seem to do this with thrusters on, but this time it gets really trippy, since it flew over 500m south of me and attained a altitude of equal distance. Eventually it fell back to Mars, but very slowly, at a rate of ~5m/s at max altitude.

Steps to reproduce: Get an HV, turn off thrusters and RCS on even terrain, exit cockpit, ???, say bye to your HV

Location: Homeworld planet
Are you the only person having this issue?: Unsure

Old Blueprint?: No

Reproducability: Only on homeworld
Severity: Minor

Summary: Spiders are godmode

Description: Spiders on homeworld are completely immune to sentry turrets, whether manned or unmanned. Had a sentry turret firing for over 10 minutes landing confirmed hits on spiders and they are not dead. Not sure if other mobs are affected, but they could be as well.

Steps to reproduce: Spawn a CV with sentry turrets on Homeworld, attempt to shoot spider, fail at killing it.

Location: Venus Orbit
Are you the only person having this issue?: Yes

Old Blueprint?: No

Reproducability: Not sure
Severity: Moderate

Summary: The sun is dying!

Description: Not really, but the sun’s light source is literally flickering on and off repeatedly while in Venus orbit, it does not seem to effect any of the ship-based light sources at all, but I can absolutely confirm the that light source is the sun. This issue does not appear to show when sitting in a CV/SV, and the game acts like the light isn’t flickering at all. It does not seem to have any effect on ping either (ping is at 47). According to other players, this issue seems specific to the Venus Orbit playfield.

Steps to reproduce: Login to Venus Orbit, do not enter CV/SV.

Bought a Silicon Miner Level 2, but HWS Connect shows that I have a Neodymium Level 2.

Hey Jiroh,

thanks! There was really a bug regarding cobalt <> neodymium. Fixed it!

Regarding silicon… you didn’t buy it at all. You bought Iron level 2 :wink:
6/21/2016 3:34:24 AM KCA Jiroh am:buy:iron
6/21/2016 3:34:24 AM SERVER Server @Jiroh: Thanks for upgrading your Auto-Miner!

6/21/2016 3:34:33 AM KCA Jiroh am:buy:cob
6/21/2016 3:34:34 AM SERVER Server @Jiroh: sorry but you are missing 277376 EC

These two upgrades are the only one you made from tonight.

Hey ^^

I think the new am for gold is may be bugged as not giving the amount it supposed to in the ? on HWS connect.

Upgraded it few hours ago to lv6 with fuel too and look on the amount i have right now :slight_smile:

Thanks and great work with the new universe :smiley:

[quote=“Blackwing”]Hey ^^

I think the new am for gold is may be bugged as not giving the amount it supposed to in the ? on HWS connect.

Upgraded it few hours ago to lv6 with fuel too and look on the amount i have right now :slight_smile:

Thanks and great work with the new universe :smiley:[/quote]
I think we have to update the Web-Site :slight_smile:
Gold is the only ore that only gives half… Sorry