Server automatic message

Hi All

Thanks so far for all the help. Now I would like to know if there is any way to send auto message?

Say every 30mins? or when some logs back in again?

I know there is a chatbot people can use and a welcome message but anything else?

You can use the timetable as followed:

Thats a Message that would be send to all.
More infos here:

If you want to send a message to one player when he gest online, just use the following function:

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excellent, working well. thank you

Hey all,

i loaded the last version of EAH lite and its working fine. Only the timetable function doesn´t work.
Any ideas?

i want a message every 20 min but nothing happens, Last version works fine.
best regards the_mahler

Hey Jasha,

could u help?

Hello mahler,

Jascha is recently busy with real life.
While the Lite version is in general a very limited subset of the Full, I think the timetable should work.

So first of all make sure to activate the Chatbot in the feature settings.
Can you maybe share a screenshot of the timetable you created?
Then let him know, if you get anything in the Information Control Panel. (on the very left below the “Functions” fly out menu

That helps.

hi rexxxus,

the chat bot is running fine. only the timetable wont work.

here are some pictures. in last eah lite version every things works fine.

looks like the messages are saved but not shown to server anymore.

best regards

Thanks for the infos!

Just to be sure: could it be that you have let the timetable window open in that time?
Because: as long as the timetable (your first screenshot) stays open, the timetable jobs below are on hold / frozen.

But I assume the problem is somewhere else… @Jascha will check it asap

yeah it´s closed the whole time :frowning:

would be nice if he could check and give me a tip maybe

thanks for ur support

Hey, the reason is that the chatbot does just allow a message every 3 or 4 minutes. If there are more they are saved until the next run… This was done to prevent accidental spam.

but i tested with only 1 message too :-/

any other suggestions? maybe


1 Message very 5 or more minutes? And you deleted all other messages? That owuld be very strange. Then maybe turn on the detailed logs in the config\debug do the test, and then send me the logs of that day (from EAH) of that day to check

I deleted all and made a new every 15 min. Count down run but if reached the message wont spawn to chat. In the information window first teh message is white back screen and after countdow red. normal manual job working.

I activatred detailed log now. hoping for a result because tool isnt running the whole day.

fresh new install of tool did nothing.
best regards

weird. i start an old version of EHA lite ( and the messages work fine. so olnly new version willt not work


Hey, oh I just saw its the lite Version.
So the old worked, the new doesn’t hm…
With the lite Version: If telnet is not connected then he will not send the chat and it stays red as you see. Could it be that the tool in general has no connection to the game? Can you chat manually?

tools working fine. i can chat to player, chatbot runs, in timetable i can run manual jobs and so on.
so only that doesnt work. rly weird and i have no idea for reason

hm really wondering what it could be. I will check it as soon as I can. Since I’m on the road alot the next week It might take till end of next week. Sorry :frowning:
In the mean time: Are any other timetable entries working?

i only use the chat function for automaded chat messages. it´s important for me :slight_smile:
i do all other things manually.

i saw that in the old version the counter runs downs while information window is shown. in new version i have to close and to open to refresh the shown timer

would be cool if u find some fix for that weird thing

best regards the_mahler

hm. Ok let me recompile the lite quick. Maybe that fixes it because I dont see any problem here.

OK try to download the Version again. Hope it fixes the problem. Otherwise I have to investigate the next days.