Server Markets Discussion

It felt that nobody was using the incredible HWS market that was built for us.

To get the market started I put a large amount of mineral. Now most people are like . Hum how do you use this ?.

First look under HWS Market in the HWS connect tool. It will show you the list of items available , quantity, and price . You dont need to buy the full amount you can buy a subset of each item. Get the item number and type in in your game the following .
ti:buy:ID:AMOUNT Id comes from web site , Amount is the Qty you want to buy .
Restart you client and the qty will be in your backpack. Try it . It’s easy :wink:

For this to work you either need to be in a trade zone. I.e. in space around Earth, Mars, etc… Or in the elemental market orbit.


I love the HWS market, I’m a Hunter not a trader so im looking to buy not sell

i’m disappointed i look every day and see so little :frowning:

Things i will buy daily

Plasma Ammo (SV,CB/BA)
Pulse Ammo (SV,CV)
35mm Rockets
150mm Rockets
160mm rockets

canned food

Epic weapons


you get the idea Traders, List items in bulk that you can’t in Eleon version and i gaurentee if its a fair price they will all get bought.

To work we need you Traders to pull you fingers out and start TRADING…not spending you time fighting each other :expressionless:

If anyone lists these in bulk for a fair price i will buy all, most days.

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What do you define as a fair price for these?

I will try to put some of that stuff on market for you :slight_smile: just need to figure out price.

Actually, Figured out how to do it. I will just use my minerals sell price + extra profit to calculate final price. problem solved. I will start putting some of the items you listed within the next 24 hours. Most likely I will do a mass run for a few items and then put them on market.

i will be here to buy them, you will see that :smiley:

15mm on market. Will have 30mm within an hour or so.

Thats great. I was already thinking to start sell there, but was affraid that would have no market at all… Now i can proffit ^^

Doesn’t seem so to me.
There’s an extremely cheap batch of canned meat for about a week and nobody buys it.

I have seen. I’m not travelling to zone just for meat…not cost effective is it lol

Market needs to have so much more on. Prices need to be considered, money isn’t as easy to come buy. The cost of ammo listed is too high for what it costs to make.

But that’s a way of boosting the trade. People (including me) are looking at what usage the HWS market gets. Why would you waste a lot of money for large offer if you think nobody’s buying?
I certainly plan to post some offers, including your items of interest, but most likely won’t get there until tomorrow and with little quantity to test prices/activity/etc.

Guys to work price out its not hard, jump into survival and put the stack amount of ammo or whatever item in blueprint production. See exactly the amount of resources it costs per stack. Then work out cost of materials, time taken to produce in account and work out % profit. It has to be fair for both buyer and seller or no you will struggle to sell.

15mm for eg produces so quick, doesn’t cost much. 80,000 credit for 44000 is too high, that’s 2 gold meteorites, takes far longer to get those than 80,000 15mm.

It’s not 3.0 anymore

Less gold, no more auto miner (600 ore a day at level 10 which costs over 1 million not cost effective), tax and a big slash in interest means gold is a rare commodity now. Prices will adjust over time I’m sure :slight_smile:

@RexXxus , @Jascha . I mentioned the whole-number-price limitation in the HWS Market discussion and here it comes up. You can’t sell ammo for 1.5 or 0.9 credits apiece. I’m not yet saying it makes trade impossible (need to make some calculations to find out if 1cr per unit is workable for the aforementioned ammo to be sure of that), but it certainly poses trouble as there is only a single possible price you can sell such items at. No price competition whatsoever.

It is cost-effective if you compare it to keeping that money in the bank.

In the bank yes, but it will take you 1 month 3 days to make a million back. It’s more cost effective to to use that money towards trading. Will not take 30 that long.

For ease yea and after a month you start making profit. But making 15,000 a day isn’t hard or time consuming

I didn’t realise you couldn’t place for less than 1 per item.

A command will have to be bought in for ‘total cost of items’ in a particular slot. Or edit the current command.

Otherwise for some bulk items like some ammo you can’t sell as 1cr per 1 15mm is not worth buying

Yeah we understnad. There would be of course a posibillity… but handling fractional digits (???) in chat can cause a lot of errors. We will think about it. Maybe setting up a seperate command to give price for the total ammount, therefore for example 900 Credits total for 1000 items would be 0.9 each. Will see.

Can you just use milicredits for price? So selling for “900” will mean 0.9 per unit. I can’t think of items costing more than a few hundred thousand credits, and numbers like 100000000 should be OK to handle, especially if it’s not that frequent.

Also an idea, but I guess even more people will accidently sell something with a too high price :wink:

There’s a confirmation message to what price you are selling at.
The HWS market is not that widely used for players to get accustomed to current commands, so I don’t think the change would cause much trouble.
But even if it is an issue, is it easier to add fractional digits handling or to add a special command to sell for milicredits?

Well the things you need to keep in mind Achilles. Why the prices are high on HWS Market. Look at it my way.

  1. Need to make at least a bit more then I could selling the raw minerals on open market.
  2. Takes fuel to go to the Market place. Last night to get to a market place took me . 24*4 = 96 Pent. I.e. go to market and go back home. Also got shot on the way :slight_smile: that was fun .
  3. Still takes a long time to produce the ammo.
  4. With ammo you get a lot of stacks. I needed to restart the client 3 times to put up the ammo.

IN summary. A lot of the stuff will be more expensive then its base mineral cost. Otherwise effort VS reward does not make sense. Why spend 2 hour making ammo and going to market when I could make the same profit in 5 minutes by selling the raw materials on market ?