Ship held hostage on Residence

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What happened:
=> I jumped out of prototype to go exploring and do my quest, couldn’t go to ECC with a CV so I landed on Residence. It let me get all the way to the ground and hope out of my ship without warning me it warped me to space. I then looked into how to get to residence, bought a penthouse and became a patreon supporter. Someone dumped me a SV to go rescue my ship and it warped me again. I have no access to get back to my ship or my mats I’ve gathered to make stuff I need.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Conspiracy


Time (cb:time):
=> Sunday April 5th around 3:00

=> Residence in ECC system

Structure Name(s):
=> Capital Vessel (CV)

Structure ID(s):
=> 14876341

How can we help you now:
=> I need to know how the residence planet works, I was just trying to get a penthouse on it so I can get back to my ship and the penthouse residence would be nice to get established. Was trying to avoid support but seems I got myself into a bigger mess due to not understanding the changes to the server since I last played. Can you help me?

@RexXxuS needs to fix this one i think :smirk:

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Welcome back @Conspiracy,
you missed an important detail of the Package:

And the Guide:

I set a HighHalls Penthouse to you now = you can enter the Planet now.
Keep in mind only private structures are allowed there.

Thanks for the support!!

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Read the guide, thank you! I’ve been reunited with my things and already started building some ships.

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