Ships and Base gone from outer orbit

When I log in there are no ships or base, just me floating in space. When I go to HWS connect all my ships and space base are listed where I’m located??? Please assist


yeah some weird stuff happened… not 100% compatibility I guess…

Can you provide more information which playfield and what ship IDs / Names?

Moon Shot-8302008-sv-medusa Orbit-43108-20829
Zippy-3112314-sv-Medusa Orbit-43062-20821
Blunt-4536026-sv-Medusa Orbit-43066-20793
Long Probe-3501454-CV-Medusa Orbit-43073-20806
Monolith-7617004-BA-Medusa Orbit-43115-20816
Yesterday under deleted - False
Today - True :frowning:
I understand this is still a work in progress and whatever you can do will be greatly appreciated. Love this server

They got automatically wiped since they were not visited for a week.