So you want to build a Garage Ship!?!

So building a Garage ship isn’t in the tutorial and when I learned how to do it, there weren’t a lot of guides explaining things.

So start a creative game and whatever 90% of the ship is made of start with that first. So if you want it to have mostly armored concrete start with a base and design that. Combat steel? Well either BA/CV (Probably CV for the weapons/thrusters) etc.

So you have the design finished but you need to add those HV drills to make your new Raider MK5 right? But it is also still a CV? Well first open ` and find it’s ID. Should be something like CV0003. Next spawn in a HV starter block and find it’s ID should be something like HV0004. Save and exit the game going back to the menu. Open your game file and find the game you where in. Go into saves and CUT CV0003 file, go into the HV0004 file delete the file FIRST then paste the CV0003 file into it. Now reload your game. BOOM it is now a HV ready to have HV parts added. Also on a side note Add the Alien core LAST before you submit the design. If anyone has any other questions feel free to ask or PM me on Discord.


Hey @Chaplain_5-15,

thanks for sharing some tips and tricks.
@Hayawen contacted me and felt sorry for all these epb file hacking, so he went ahead and added a tiny but powerful tool to HWS Connect.
Once I made it a bit more pretty, I will announce it on a larger scale and link it in the Garage Guide, but feel free to use it already :slight_smile:

Once you logged in to HWS Connect, choose your blueprint file you want to convert let’s say a HV.
Then choose the destination type, in this case CV.
( steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Saves\Blueprints )
Click on the Convert button and save it under a new name e.g.

That new name is now your HV, converted to a CV :wink:

All Signal logic and stuff are kept and not resetted like the method with the file copy paste stuff.

Pro tip:
once you resave your .epb file while you are ingame, you can just spawn a new version of it on the fly. You don’t need to go back to the main menu even.

Happy building!


There’s a much easier way to do this.

If you press N, and enable Selection Tool, then you can mark a part on a HV for example. That could be a drill. Then you press the Copy button. Then turn Selection tool on, and off.

After that you click with selection tool somewhere on your CV/SV, and just click the paste button. Now you have an HV drill without as much as restarting the game.



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That is true for single components. This is really a cool feature overall and we did with it most of the new HWS Garage ships by now.

However this has limitations if you want to use a replaceblocks command on Xeno Blocks for a HV for example. Replaceblocks checks the structure type and telling you, that this is not allowed for HVs.

That way you can quickly convert it and do what you have to do.

(there are even some scam cash grab servers out there who request for a convertion real money)

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True. With blocks you need to convert blueprint, but if it’s simple stuff like drills, then it’s easier my way.