Some heavy concerns as a new player

Hi there, I started playing empyrion a couple of days ago with some friends. We picked this server because it was the highest pop one and had no idea of rules or extra features obviously, so after awhile and thanks to your helpfull community we got started off and directed to this site.

And here’s where my concerns start, The handouts u give was already on the edge for me TBH. the AM and fa:supply might be helpfull in alot of ways but it’s not like it’s hard to gather resources so not entirely sure why they are needed…

and then i found the donation page…

is this actually for real? How on earth did u guys think it was okay to give these kinda perks to donators making them become immune to wipes pretty much. at 70m credits you can max out ur AM and OCD straight away, pay abit more and you get to keep all of ur mats in the factory. meaning you could farm urself to alot of crazy things right before the wipe (which big clans will do effortless with all the handouts u give) and then completely annihilate anyone who enters the planet.

just to give an example: our group could get 15+ ppl big, if we all start donating to become immune to wipe, we can deck out the entire galaxy on day 1 or at least the planets we get access too for our faction. Now i know there is a 7 base max per faction rule but there’s some very easy ways around it obviously if u split up the group in different factions and then just ally with eachother. We could singlehandedly ruin your entire server if we had bad intentions. If the game grows more popular those kind of ppl will come around with their credit card ready. i feel like there is plenty of other ways to give special perks to donators without giving them so much advantage.

This is too much for me and my friends once i inform them, and if i got this completely wrong please enlighten me. Because i’m really enjoying this game and server so far but we are quite competitive, and we don’t deal well with pay to win situations like these. And they most definatly are btw, you might have convinced yourself it’s not but if u want this truly to be the best server (which it seems to be btw) you need to get rid off that.

Sorry for the spelling, english is not my first language. I also hope this doesnt turn into a flame war, i just wanted to express my concerns for the good of your server i feel. You guys are doing an amazing job with it i feel and most deffo deserve money for your work and effort but the way you handled it is wrong on many levels if u want it to be somewhat competitive PVP.



Hey and welcome

Ok… but you read them afterwards I assume…
Tip: HWS Video Tutorials

Here we go again. I recommend to use the forum search to get a bigger picture of already happened flame wars.
Also read the new donation rework coming into place with 01.02.2017 and 6.0:

To talk about the gameplay / your competitive thing you mention:
Maybe you missed one important thing at the top of the donation page so let me post it for you here:

donations are completely voluntary and doing so don’t give you special abilities or even the right to bend rules more than others

This means that competitive or not everything is covered by our rules. Keeping some things after a full wipe is a very nice thing, yes. But that also means people played in this alpha game for couple of saisons which helped us to find bugs, feedback and co. So it is a way of saying thank you because the further the game progress the more stable the game will become - with the feedback of those saison hoppers.

It might come the time where we only full wipe once per year?
In one year you maybe have 77 trillion credits in your bank and falling back to 70m is a joke too? The price of the marketplace would also always reflect the current value of people money.

What I mean with this is that we also consider the overall gold amount in our universe layouts and till now, with quite a lot of competitive players on NA with infiltrations and what not we never had your described concerns.

This for example would be in conflict with our rules

Summary: as soon as you enter HWS you enter a big, friendly, helpful, respectful community. Any way you cause damage to these principles can be punished.

Now as I stated at the beginning: it is up to you if you want to support the server or not but pay 2 win is really something I have two eyes on and since almost one year everything was fine.
Yes we make now the biggest donation rework because the game changed too much but always try to make running 3 monster servers financial possible but provide fun for players too.

I hope I could explain everything to you.

Anyways - have fun.



Just a few things from me here.

I do appreciate your post i just want to open up several different situations where in all, you have big disadvantages and unhappiness.

  1. You buy any game and join a server, Maybe you join the one that has the most people because i guess its kind of the logical choice…‘must be doing something right!’

when you join you start playing and enjoy it, after some time you realise that players have got so much more…they have more Bases, weapons, more money…are more skilled and they are in large party numbers…you get frustrated right and think ‘hardcore players’ Ive had this many times as im sure every gamer has. It is frickin annoying but like anything in life if you put the time and effort in you should reap the rewards right? Most games allow saved progress.

so situation 1 new guy quits due to this, is it everyone elses fault that this guy has shown upo late to the party? No, The new guy either accepts or leaves.

2 . A player has been playing since day one, They have put in thousands of hours into the game to find out all his progress and commitment cannot be saved becuase it gets wiped so everyone is on the same level…is this fair? A guy who spends 5 hours and leaves the server is the same starting as a guy who has put in thousands of hours…

The player then quits, why commit all that time if nothing to show for it. Yea the new guy is happy but actually 90% of new players to any game leave after a certain time anyway because they get bored, find a new game, get on with real life…whatever the situation this is the same for all games…only a small percentage of players actually stick around for any actual length of time.

Now regardless of donation packages you will ultimately have people leave due to reasons mentioned above, Where PAY to win comes into it is if at the START of the game you have a massive advantage, but this is not the start of the game. The game started back last year and the people that have donated for these features are because

1, they love the server and the work we do and donations is the only way to keep that alive

2, The game doesn’t allow to save progress like so many other MMO games do, If there was no wipes, it wasn’t Alpha and players could store items in ships without the FACT that one day they will lose them until the game is fully complete then yea maybe then we re-look at the donator options, but for now. They are open to EVERYONE and it is a choice, are you at a disadvantage without them, no not really, you would be at the same disadvantage if the game allowed to save progression…and again…if we didnt have them how many of the loyal players since day 1 would we have now…not many, so I understand your concerns but like anything its near enough impossible to cater for every single player out there.

but it is not pay to win, how do you win at this game anyway?

All we want is a cool place where people can have fun, We don’t want a pay to win and the features HWS offer are not that of pay to win, you can KEEP things YOU have already played hard to get…

The donator resource packages are just small boosters, Nothing in them that you couldn’t get in the game within a VERY short amount of time.

You can join a faction and get your faction supply within 1 day and that is better than the donator package arguably…

So yea, we look at every situation not just that of a new player, a loyal player or who ever…


Have fun


Thanks for the very fast replies, much appreciated.

Most of my questions did get answered and sorry for not searching properly on the topic.

We’ll still talk this over but for now we’ll just stay here we haven’t run into issues yet but i mostly thinking long term since i’m in it for the long haul, already clocked around 60 hours last 5 days to give u an idea of how active i am :slight_smile:

We did warp yesterday with an epic assault rifle but weren’t rewarded any rp this morning, unless it’s a different timezone then i’ll sit it out :stuck_out_tongue:

Also i realise u just adjusted the max class size to 4, not sure what it was before but i was quite dissapointed i couldnt craft the class 5 death star from the workshop, pls consider raising it again and make my childhood dreams come true :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again for the fast response and have a nice day!


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I just started here a couple of weeks ago myself, and I picked this server for the same reason you did, Tompos - population. After reading the guide, though, I found the ability to preserve things across wipes to be a reason to stay, rather than a cause for concern. You are right that there are some very powerful factions on this server. Some seem to have nearly unlimited resources. But, in truth, their knowledge of game mechanics is a greater advantage than their resources. In the end, the server limits the maximum size you can build, and you need bodies to man those ships.

In Space Engineers and in this game, I’ve found that server wipes cost me far more assets than players’ actions. All that to say that I shared your surprise at reading all the server side and donor options but came to a different conclusion. Hope you stay!



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If you remove some lights you might be able to bring it down a class.

When i came to this server, I had nothing. Start of 5.0

I built a faction, that became one of the largest and richest Guardian Factions on the server.

Takes some effort, but we did it.

Effort = Reward.

what server are you on eu or na?

i have to say the initial tone of this message annoyed me at first,

for a noob to come in and make an assessment that the server is P2W without really experiencing the server or its DO perks, and then to demand it be changed screams “please find your way to the door, we’re all doing just fine.” however i appreciate Rex and Achilles replies and i certainly cannot be more offended than they are…

as a Donator i can honestly say the perks are nice, but nothing is p2w. hell, i dont even use my Donor resource packages. And im far from “elite” as a result of any of them… I donate because this sever is expensive, and i like it, and most of the people on it… like it or not the server relies on a form of socialism to succeed, and im glad to be part of that. Rex, Jascha and Achilles deserve it. And i can also confirm that they dont get swayed by money – as evidenced by the long waiting list of people looking to buy a planet at 300euro. They di a damn fine job at striving towards balance also.

my request to you would be, as a newcomer, to give the team the benefit of the doubt - they are doing far above and beyond what you find in many other servers. if its not right for you and your crew, maybe the NEXT most populated and successful server will be a winner for you. We’ve been at this for a minute, and your 5 days of observations, while certainly valuable feedback, are not absolute.


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The irony of your post is that you don’t even talk about things that are true donator advantages. You talk about wipe survival which is meaningless. It’s easy to get lvl 5 OCD without donating a penny.

If you REALLY think you can do this: [quote=“Tompos, post:1, topic:4019”]
just to give an example: our group could get 15+ ppl big, if we all start donating to become immune to wipe, we can deck out the entire galaxy on day 1 or at least the planets we get access too for our faction.

Try it. Go ahead and give it a shot. You think you’re on to something that nobody has tried before? You think 15 people is a lot?

I really don’t think you understand the scale at which the top factions operate.

There is only 1 perk that detonators get that gives a huge advantage and it’s the one you never mentioned - so I suggest playing some more till you figure out what it is before complaining about all the other perks that are totally trivial.


check out other servers where you can purchase ANYTHING for $$$ this server is actually not really p2w compared to others.


I predict these guys complaining about us hitting their base as they continually re spawn and call us griefers…