Some heavy concerns as a new player

Hey and welcome

Ok… but you read them afterwards I assume…
Tip: HWS Video Tutorials

Here we go again. I recommend to use the forum search to get a bigger picture of already happened flame wars.
Also read the new donation rework coming into place with 01.02.2017 and 6.0:

To talk about the gameplay / your competitive thing you mention:
Maybe you missed one important thing at the top of the donation page so let me post it for you here:

donations are completely voluntary and doing so don’t give you special abilities or even the right to bend rules more than others

This means that competitive or not everything is covered by our rules. Keeping some things after a full wipe is a very nice thing, yes. But that also means people played in this alpha game for couple of saisons which helped us to find bugs, feedback and co. So it is a way of saying thank you because the further the game progress the more stable the game will become - with the feedback of those saison hoppers.

It might come the time where we only full wipe once per year?
In one year you maybe have 77 trillion credits in your bank and falling back to 70m is a joke too? The price of the marketplace would also always reflect the current value of people money.

What I mean with this is that we also consider the overall gold amount in our universe layouts and till now, with quite a lot of competitive players on NA with infiltrations and what not we never had your described concerns.

This for example would be in conflict with our rules

Summary: as soon as you enter HWS you enter a big, friendly, helpful, respectful community. Any way you cause damage to these principles can be punished.

Now as I stated at the beginning: it is up to you if you want to support the server or not but pay 2 win is really something I have two eyes on and since almost one year everything was fine.
Yes we make now the biggest donation rework because the game changed too much but always try to make running 3 monster servers financial possible but provide fun for players too.

I hope I could explain everything to you.

Anyways - have fun.