Some supporter package and patreon bonuses seem (for me) to be not working

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What happened?
=> I have the Master Patreon but it seems not everything is working like intended (see next post)

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> irgendi

Server? (+ EU or + NA or RE EU or RE NA)
=> RE EU

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> since the beginning

On which Playfield?
=> every Playfield

Structure Name(s)?
=> X

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> X

How can we help you now?
=> It would be nice to see my questions answered/bugs fixed

I refer to that List:

Get notified inHWS Connect
when a player comes online

  • how does that work? I didnt get a Notification till now, do I have to add friends? And if so, where can I do that?

AutomaticOrbital Autominer Fueler:
If they run empty, fuel is taken from
yourOCD automatically

  • No its not

Content ofOAM goes toOCD
automatically, ifOAM storage
is full

  • No its not

Move all Ores of your OAM manually into your OCD

  • Sorry I dont understand that, does it mean there should be a transfer to OCD button? if thats what it means, again, no its not

The second thing wich is not working is the “do” thingys:
it sais it refills every 10 hours of playing on the server, I have patreon since one month and it didnt refill till now, why?

There are some more things I discovered but I dont have in my mind right now :see_no_evil:
I`ll post them here when I remember what it was, okay?

couple things.

1st, be sure to link ur patreon account on hws connect supporter page. click show supporters then link. (u have to be logged out of the patreon website before linking…odd, i know)

2nd, co:info shows which features u have enabled. u can enable them with co: on: XXX

3rd, the do:re perks are the EGS3 supporter package, not Patreon

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1st: I have done that in the beginning when i activated patreon:

2nd: I dont get it, what do i have to write to get the packs and the blueprints after 10 hours?

3rd: I’m sorry didnt know that. I’ll keep that in mind. So the right wording for the subject should be:
Some supporter package and patreon bonuses not working.
I edited that.

Thanks for your support.

Regarding your questions I make it a bit bigger and bold to stand out from screenshots and quotes:

Should be quite obvious…


Because you didn’t activate it…


Because you didn’t activate it…

There is a command for it

cmd info
am:toOCD Put all of your Ores manually into your OCD. Consider the fee if you are not in the EGS Zone and make sure you have free OCD slots. Patron Veteran and up convenience benefit

This has nothing to do with Patreon. Please just read the READ ME FIRST description at the supporter page.

What? No. Everything works intentional. Reading will just help.

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But where do I find that page you did screenshot?

Same thing:
Where do I find that?

I did so, it says:

  • do:bp → Every 10 hours playtime it let’s you spawn any structure instant (up to 10 max) . All you have to do is fill up your factory with resources, start the blueprint and type do:bp in chat
  • do:re → Every 10 hours playtime it gives you the package below with the chat command do:re in your inventory (up to 10 max)

And as I said: it doesnt fill up since one month and I certainly did play more than 10 hour since then.

I’m sorry that was just my assumption that smth. is wrong, could have been a bug or smth. else. I dont know what support is for when its not for the users to ask questions about things they dont understand. Even if I am dumb (which you insinuate) I cant read everything everywhere and when my trys to figure things out dont work (and to make that clear: I really tried) I`ll ask the support, whats wrong with that? I dont think there is any reason to be rude with me, maybe it will help others who also dont find the right buttons or threads or whatever, or maybe I found a bug and you guys are happy somebody mentioned it :cry:

However I changed the topic again:
Some supporter package and patreon bonuses seem (for me) to be not working

HWS Connect → HWS Hunter Board → and then just scroll down a bit.

Everything is explained in this page:

The do:bp and do:re are for the HWS Supporters (a bought supporter package in HWS Connect), and isn’t related to being a Patron.
You need to buy the supporter package, in order to be able to use the commands in the first place :slightly_smiling_face:

Everything related to being a patron, is on this page:

The perks you get are also on that page, right here:

I think what the most confusing part is differentiating patron benefits and the supporter packages on hws connect.

the EGS3 Supporter package gives the 10 BP reductions and 10 resource packages. patreon is a separate option from this.

here’s a way to tell the difference:
co:info = monthly patreon benefits
do:info = individual supporter packages

Thanks, I did think this is for PVP only, and because im not doing any PVP i didnt look on this page. How could anyone guess you can find an onlinelist there :sweat_smile:
Well, after thinking about it, it makes sense. But at least it wasnt obvious for me.

Also thanks a lot, that helped!

Yes I know!

Of course I did buy it, how do you think I was able to use the commands (as you can see in my screenshot) My problem still is: it doesnt fill up!

Thats exactly the Link I also refered to in my first Post, but thanks :roll_eyes:

Yes, I just forgot which benefit belongs to what. But lets be honest, who cares, why is that even important? I mean, the important thing (at least for me) is that it works.

Yes, I just didnt know about the “co:” command.
and for my excuse it is nowhere mentioned (except in the forums which, to be honest is mostly a tl:dr for me, I read the threads I’m interested in, not everything.

Could it be that you guys just didnt realize that I have both? I mean it …

because of my screenshot, but maybe its not :grin:

Thank you very much for the answers so far. Now I know how to be able to turn on and off patreon bonuses. So if my last question is answered it will be a feast!

ah, and btw. there are often misunderstandings in chats/written conversations, just to make that clear:

I really appreciate the work which is done here! You guys make an awesome job!

ahh this part i missed. check the readme on the EGS3 Supporter package. the resource packages and blueprint reductions are are dispersed 1 for every 10hrs of gameplay on that server. we get 10 each per season but the 10hr timer doesn’t reset each season though…

I didn’t mean to be rude, sry.
But if someone is asking a question but without waiting for the answer claiming something is not working, I try to be very strict clear: reading helps.

As Bob said and what the read me text says: per seasons you get 10 max. packages, if you played 100+ hours.
You did play over 100 hours and thus claimed 10 out of your 10 do:re packages and 5 out of your 10 do:bp packages.
They refill automatically per season (or if you rebuy that package), not per month. It’s a gift from us.

This is always a tricky statement.
Because “nowhere” becomes absolutely subjectively. If you close your eyes for example, you can say the same thing :wink:

But the reality looks like this:

  1. You have the page, with a pinned topic about your benefits / your questions:
    With beautiful Step by Step guides:

  2. You get automatically an Email after subscription with a video, explaining the commands too (you got it at 28th August):

  3. The video is here:
    HWS Patreon | Reward information / HowTo - YouTube

  4. You have the mentioned Guide page already:

  5. You have all available game commands available here:
    Patron Commands

You get FLOODED with information LEFT and RIGHT. Everywhere!
But “nowhere” is absolutely up to you and whatever it means.

Thanks, glad you like it here! Have fun :slight_smile:

P.S.: If something is still unclear, feel free to ask. We will always answer.

Hi RexXxus,
okay thank you very much! Youre right, I dont know how I couldnt see it :see_no_evil:
I’m sorry that I did keep you that long on my topic. Just to add another excuse: my english isnt that good so I maybe have a selective perception on all those informations. and this game is really hard to learn (i started to play the game on your server) but thats as well what makes it so great.

So the thread can be closed now, and yes, you were right with what you said in the beginning:

I just didnt get it!

Thanks as well for your patience with me!


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