Sooooo do Factions not even matter anymore?

So after getting wiped twice in less than a day I retreated to a dark and lonely corner of the universe to try and build my first ship that wasnt default. Stayed up til midnight last night finally plugging in all the devices, texturing the combat armor, etc.

Logged in this morning to find that I had been attacked by another trader faction (Ranzeth from 5AT). First off, yes I was in PVP, and all the generic things go with that. But I was 25 KM from the trader homeworld, in the middle of nowhere, attacking no one. I honestly was just trying my hardest to keep myself in the server because it sucks playing singleplayer. But to then get wiped by a fellow “trader” ( and I do mean WIPED, he came in and gutted my whole ship, not just the obviously exposed cargo containers) is just too much. I think it will honestly be a little while before I find a reason to come back to this server, which is a shame, because there are a few people that are nice to game with. But when there are this many people just looking to ruin other people’s time, and after realizing that the admin’s definition of griefing is a bit more lax than is actually helpful, you pretty much have to have your life threatened and be harassed forever to be helped (WHICH BTW I have been, if anyone bothered to continue to read the post I tried to make when op4 wiped me when I was trying to leave the planet).
I have loads in my ocd, I know I could rebuild, but at this point what is the bloody point? Ive discovered that all I really want is to not get raided, and with outrageous taxes on faction worlds, no permanent pve to park on and log, and the type of people that I have found, that is just not a possibility on this server atm.
In any case, it was fun when I was not being killed, harassed, and stolen from. Goodbye and thanks for all the fish/conversation.


Being a part of 5AT and not knowing both sides of this story as I was not online when this happened. I will say right now that as a group or by myself We / I will make make compensation to you for your lose.

I am very active and if you could pm me here on the forums on this thread we will get you sorted out mate. This really is the best server around.


See this here is why I love this server damn I don’t wana go :disappointed_relieved:

I really appreciate that Token. And ya Razer, that’s why I kept sticking around after getting dicked over repeatedly lol.
Honestly what would really help is to make the space around the faction planets pve, or maybe drop the rent calculation a LOT for those of us that dont have ludicrous amounts of money. I wouldnt mind keeping up rent, give me something to work towards as a group to try and accumulate wealth, but Without even knowing for sure the full rules behind it (who gets charged, are CV’s and SV’s included, is it calculated once daily, or based on 24 real hrs on planet, etc) its kind of hard to set down on the planet knowing that the next day all of your stuff might be switched over to another faction because the 20k credits you managed to scrape together over the weekend got blasted away in one night.

Sorry McProuty, I don’t attack other Traders unless attacked first, so I’m not sure why I would have attacked yours.

What was your faction?

Mcpouty you are not getting dicked around…Park your cv at least 40 to 50 kilometers from a planet. None of this is your fault? Really, it’s everyone else’s fault? Lmao! And all the rent rules are on connect! Try reading and learning before you blame everyone for your inability to survive in a PVP SURVIVAL GAME! I got my tale kicked by RAT lastnight, 4v1, and my ship bugged as I entered space. This morning once I logged back on, I wasnt in space, but back on the planet falling to the ground where RAT base was located. Lost a boat and my bag…sucks to be me, but do you hear me whining? Put your big boy pants on and stop blaming others for you lack of ability. By the way, gg RAT. Sorry my boat bugged.

LoT, Lonely Traders. Had a base way off the beaten path, I was logged off for the night between midnight and 0530 Eastern Time. Came back to find my ship gutted, and the intruder log shows you as the only person near it.

Time of attack Name of attacker Enemy Faction Enemy Deaths on attack Playfield of attack Structure target
2016-10-25 - 08:54 Ranzeth 5AT 12 ****** U.S.S Chris P. Bacon

Ah ok Mcprouty just spoke to Ranzeth and yes he saw 2 cv and 1 base way out in space all 3 had no core so he went and looted them. Think maybe one was un cored cv or maybe one was not set to faction? Either way mate just pm once you get home and we will sort this out :slight_smile:

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Hey Token,
Ya I would understand that, but I dont see how that could happen, since I was working on all three last night, and he was the only one on the intruder log. Regardless, I do see that they finally posted full rules on the rent thing, and that faction member count helps now.
As for you Op4, This is not me complaining. This is a forum post, asking for clarification, and communicating a situation. I dont know who in your life didnt love you enough to turn you into such a raging â– â– â– â– â– â– â– , but some of us play games for the enjoyment of it, not for creating conflict and insulting others. So I would thank you to stay out of my business and quit harassing me. I am so glad that you are so great at a game, and derive such pleasure from conflict. But I take great care to avoid such situations since I got out of the army, because honestly I have had enough of it.
I never said that it was all somebody elses fault. In fact, at the beginning of the post, you will note that I acknowledge that it was pvp, and that getting looted was not what was the issue. It was getting attacked and looted by someone LIKE YOU who puts on a trader tag and then goes about looting people like a pirate.

Learn to read kid.

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Hey McProuty,

I logged in, and found an uncored CV next to your base, so I salvaged it. I didn’t attack your base or the other CV that was sitting there.

For future reference, ships set to public/private can be seen on the map at great distances, ships set to faction can only be seen up close.

Hmm. Ok. I did relocate the core on that one last night, and it was still showing faction, but I guess it is possible that the placement of the second core glitched out somehow and didnt keep after I logged out. Wierd. Well Now that the rent rules are posted ( they were not when I started construction out there) I will try out moving to the surface.

mcprouty are you basing your info on the intruder log?

Yes. I dont have any other source, as I was logged off. Why?

Ok so kid, lol, I did my time in the us army as well, infantry, so watch your mouth son. Second, I derive fun from pvp, if you can’t handle that, then just leave and play pong somewhere. And yes, all you’ve done is whine instead of self evaluating…you come into pvp with an unarmed cv and I attacked you, you cried and I disengaged you and went to loot, then you shoot me in the back and post on the forum that I’m griefing you. Now you leave a boat on public and bring looters down on yourself and cry again. So private, pull up your pants and get some revenge or go play pong…kid lmao

I’ve never really discovered the what/how about how it operates other than recording a passing of 2 or more assets within detection range of each other that don’t belong to the same faction. The death count makes no sense nor coincides with the events of an actual battle. So basically I’d suggest you interpret the intruder log as an over-verbose log rather than an appointment sign-in book for people that came and raped your stuff. Just imo.

Sup OP4, 11B here too at first, then I decided to close my mouth when breathing and swapped over to 95B.

I see what you mean, I have noticed itll be a long list of the same entry many times. But I have yet to see it miss anything. And if anyone had gotten close enough to destroy the core of that ship, it certainly should have shown up. Atleast based on what I have seen it log thus far.

Yes Empyrion Galactic Survival atm has a pretty steep learning curve along with a few bugs :slight_smile: It takes time to learn this and while doing it solo , the hard-way can be hard / frustrating. You have done the one thing though that will help you and maybe others and that is taking time to make a post in the forums, asking for help clarification.

People come here to play and have different play styles. This server I think is working hard to try and cater to them all. It is a work in progress though and sometimes things just happen.

Stick with it and being chill helps a ton … Seeya this afternoon mate and we will help ya get back on your feet.

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Sup Epi, I got talked into 21B as well…Nobody told me I’d be playing with live mines :angry: I was told, hey 21B is like 11B only with c4…I miss the green machine some days…

And Mcpouty, you can not trust the intruder log, and since 4.0 the structure commander on connect shows all my boats are deleted. They’re all there, when I can’t see a boat there, then I got issues. Like lastnight, the sv I lost, after it was cored it disappeared from the structure commander. So private, stay 50k or more out in space and you have a greater chance not to be found, and stay far away from jump points when deciding a parking spot. Mcpouty I don’t dislike you, but you gotta read and learn from your mistakes. Something else I was told, if a trader is aggressive in pvp, the admin won’t interfere…that’s the alliance factions job…so send the alliance after rouge traders, or put a bounty on someone’s head.

Thanks for the actually moderately helpful post, Ill keep that in mind. FYI I am learning, I had almost nothing on that ship, all in the OCD.
Oh and it was 11 A. Class of 2010 USMA.