Spam and harassment

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What happened:
=> what is wrong with these people? the spam, stalke and serene in public gamechat is already unprecedented and offensive. although I already seem to see this person I see this and others have to endure it too. this is the copy from the discord of the public NA server chat.

German (googletranslate ger>eng)

was stimmt nicht mit diesen menschen? das gespamme, gestalke und die verleumnung im öffentlichen gamechat ist schon beispiellos und beleidigend. obwohl ich diese person schon mute sehe ich dies und andere müssen es auch mit ertragen. das ist der kopie aus dem discord des öffentlichen NA-Server chat.

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:37)

tic tac tic tac

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:37)

i smell you pest

Empyrion (23:37)

The event ‘CVDM’ will start in 3 minutes! See EV:List for more information. Join NOW with: ‘Ev:Start:CVDM:A’ (max 1 player) or ‘Ev:Start:CVDM:B’ (max 1 player)

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:37)

time is runnin out

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:39)

how are the racoms?

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:39)

good on na?

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:39)

lets see

Empyrion (23:40)

The event ‘CVDM’ will start in 1 minutes! See EV:List for more information. Join NOW with: ‘Ev:Start:CVDM:A’ (max 1 player) or ‘Ev:Start:CVDM:B’ (max 1 player)

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:40)

whoa he disconnected on homeworld with that juicy garage trader ship

Secret Squirrel (23:40)


★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:40)

good lets see if i am lucky :smiley:

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:41)

dont run deep space pest

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:41)

stay with me :slight_smile:

[SNG]Angelus (23:41)

Who you talking to

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:42)

FCE - Pestboy

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:42)

he is diong the racoms here

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:42)

he run from me on eu

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:42)

but i am boba fett

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:42)

i am here for his bounty

[SNG]Angelus (23:42)

i see '_

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:42)

and his cargo

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:43)

i am his nightmare

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:43)

i already claimed a 65.000.000 bounty on his head

Secret Squirrel (23:43)

oh yeah? well im ur fren, pal

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:43)

beware, he combatlogs, a lot

Secret Squirrel (23:44)

Thank fracking god

Secret Squirrel (23:44)

I got a Portable Constructor from harvesting this tree

Secret Squirrel (23:44)


Secret Squirrel (23:44)

silicon ore*

[SNG]Angelus (23:45)

weird there is Silicon everywhere

Secret Squirrel (23:45)

Except on this planet

FionnMacCumhaill (23:45)

look near water if on starter planet

[SNG]Angelus (23:45)

And up in mountains

Secret Squirrel (23:45)

Hmm now that you mention it

Secret Squirrel (23:45)

There is no water here either

Empyrion (23:45)

The event ‘CTB’ will start in 20 minutes! See EV:List for more information

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:45)

he is so silent when he is hunted

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:45)

my prey

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:45)

i smell him

Secret Squirrel (23:46)

Ah, sweet! I can place portable constructor in POI

Secret Squirrel (23:46)

Good because this POI is my anti-radiation safespace LOL

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:48)

tic tac tic tac

jimwons2 (23:49)

haha paxo looking for dinner again?

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:50)

my dinner is here and he is hiding in deep homeworld

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:50)


jimwons2 (23:50)

ima guessing pest boy looking at the list XD

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:52)

“You learn what you need to kill and take care of the details. It’s like changing a tire.

★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:53)

The first time you’re careful. By the thirtieth time, you can’t remember where you left the lug wren

jimwons2 (23:53)


★★Paxxo1985★★ (23:59)

loading lagshots and hacks

★★Paxxo1985★★ (00:01)

is fun having a double monitor that refresh his position whilist looking rick and morty :slight_smile:

tv/OverlordGameworks (00:02)

I myself am about to pull up some Fate/Stay

★★Paxxo1985★★ (00:04)

Going back to Eu… with this account :smiley: watch your back
Player(s) with issue:
=> ★★Paxxo1985★★

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 23:37 25.11.2019 - 00:04 26.11.2019

How can we help you now:
=> with spam and harassment I was referred here to report it

So roleplaying is called now spam and harassment?


i see nothing disrespectful, hurtful, or toxic in any way. just banter from a lonely hunter searching for a ship to plunder. i know it all to well. i have had many run ins with @Paxxo1985 on the globe. i would always try to use his chatty habits against him and get away with my loot more than he has actually nailed me. taunting is not against the rules. yes it can be annoying at times but there is always the mute option in game as well as in discord. we are seeing a rise in “help” tickets that seem meant to draw out an anger that does not need to be. this is a support section for issues in the game. private messages are for one on one and group conversations to work out differences. perhaps you could resolve your issues by talking to each other. you may find out you have more in common than you suspect…


Have to agree here… looks more like @Paxxo1985 is a bit lonely in the chat :smirk:

But, if it annoys you, why don’t you mute him?
One round of csgo is ten time worse…
As long as it is not straight toxic or harassment, sadly, my only advice is to close your ears for players like this.

I have the same in EU when some players figure out I am on a PvP field to harvest… just have to make a run for it.

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to rolplay already minimum 2 belong to it and since you were only talking with yourself at paxxo. since I was told that I am being badly talked about in the global chat and the players are upset against me and I already do this person and that is toxic behavior that is revealed here again and again.

so I switch paxxo and others to mute already one for a long time and roleplay is definitely not!

Pestboy starting again :joy:. Paxxo just wanna get reward for your head. You funny guy :joy:

Need transportation to another language?

Here we go again. I thought I was clear…
But thanks for proving our point and solving this whole issue on your own for good.
Sad it had to come this far.

Still have to work a bit, then we will let you know about our decision.