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Question that needs clarification :

The “permanent” items are clear and certainly are valid for all seasons to follow, but what about the other stuff ? If i e.g. buy an “OCD zone” now, will it be deleted at season end ? (12/30/2022)
This would be a bit mean ! :stuck_out_tongue:

there’s this wonderful button on every supporter package that says in all caps: READ ME FIRST

here’s ur answer from that section on OCD zones:

if the base / CV is removed, your OCD Zone is removed too
the zone area is about 50x50x50 around your Core
you can buy unlimited OCD Zones and stash them until usage
every player can use this OCD Zone, you can’t limit the usage to you or your faction
the OCD Zone can only be created in a PvE playfield

Thanks a lot for answering my post before reading and understanding it. Unfortunately your answer is not fitting to my question :stuck_out_tongue:

The question was : Is there an “end of validity” to these “HWS concert tickets” = season end, or are all of them transferred to the next season ?

And no, this issue has not been clarified in READ ME FIRST.

if you would read and comprehend, you would see the answer is here:

being a veteran you should already know that all structures in play are wiped at the end of the season. this includes any structures you have made into an OCD zone.

means you can buy as many as you want and they keep until you actually apply them to a structure.

most questions are answered in the read me sections for each one. you can ask specific questions if something is unclear though. most of them do seem pretty straightforward…

but I am unsure what you are meaning by:

that was no part of your initial post. also I had no idea there was a performance center in HWS

for more information on what is and isn’t wiped at the end of a season, check this link:

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