Spontaneously combusting ships

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened?
=> Scorpionlite, Xenodrake, JugmarauderRework - all decimated in HW Sector

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> Juggoire

Server? (EU or NA)
=> EU

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> 01:19

On which Playfield?
=> Homeworld Sector

Structure Name(s)?
=> No longer existing in structure commander, so difficult

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> See above

How can we help you now?
=> Replace the ships

No one in the sector. Nothing on ping. Left Iceworld in SV, docked to Scorpionlite. Scorpionlite simply started exploding and disappearing. Again, nothing on ping. No firing, just disintegrating. Had Jojowilko go pick me up in Drake, the moment she left the cockpit to go grab the SV, Drake starts exploding. Again, nothing near, nothing in range. NO SHIPS ANYWHERE. No firing, no reason at all, but the ships are exploding.

Replace the ships, put them back in Freelancer HQ Sector. I’m done for tonight. Game is beyond broken.

Video of the final moments of XenoDrake. Sort it out, please.

Hey juggoire,

It was nautilus-avalon, he was behind you but for some reason he was invisible to you. so turrets didnt shoot for neither of you.
I think it s because of the current bug about ship stay at the exit of the warp.
Because when you log off i just came in HW, and i saw my mates CV at the exit.
But for him he was in the cockpit chasing and shooting you he was streaming on discord so i was watching he was really moving.

He want to give your ammo and pentaxid back, he didnt recycled any of your ship
I dont know if i should take the ship and cb:destroy it before someone find it and get free rss because of a bug.

We are sorry about this, we really didnt know he was invisible to you, we knew something was wrong because turrets didnt shoot, Sorry again about this. It was really the first time we got this bug in pvp

witnessed this exact thing this morning @OneMonkey

Well, either way - it’s hard to believe that would be the case on two separate computers. But, without the ability to see or fight back, the ships still need replacing. Damn game takes more of my ships to glitches and bugs than anything else.

I’d have happily fought in XenoDrake. Pinged before unstealthing. Pinged during my being out of ship. PInged when exploding. Two separate computers, no ships anywhere. I’ll have the ships replaced, recycle and leave til next season, I think… With the floating CV bug and now this… Can’t trust the game to put time in to it.

when nautilus stopped and go out of his seat, his CV ported back to the exit of the warp…
Im close to your ship with my turrets off if you want to recycle it and i can bring you back

Recycle them, destroy them - either way, even RexXxuS can’t argue they need replacing when destroyed by completely invisible ships.

Thank goodness I managed to video the view from my side so there’s no arguments!

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/awaits the arguments about having to “put up with bugs” and “no, they won’t replace anything”

yeah the game is almost unplayable since the 1.4
This bug
The delay with the explosions when too much shots.

the game is broken. Thanks Eleon xD

I’ve Just destroyed the 3 ships, i ve recorded it if you need proof but im sure admin have logs of my 3 cb:destroy

Any resolution to this? Any admins active? (Or care?)

Absolute respect for SCO here; private messaged me (offering me all my ammo back) and behaved in a manner not always seen on HWS, so fair play guys - kudos!

Now, will admins follow suit? Seems a pretty clear cut decision to make, but will it be sorted any time soon? I’m really only logging in to do dailies whilst Eleon get their collective heads together and sort this patch out, but for the one time I venture out - Eleon’s bugs strike! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seeing the admins dealing with other requests and NOT this one, is a little disheartening. Just come in and say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to replacing the ships.

Honestly, I don’t really care much. But a cynical person might draw conclusions you don’t like from this level of silence.

Mate, it’s been 1 day. Have some patience :wink:

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sorry. There is quite a lot going on in rex and my real life right now. Therefore I only look into some tickets I can easily solve on the fly atm. Hope to be back on track in the next week.

I saw the ticket but since its about ingame mechanics @RexXxuS might know best. But I had no time to communicate with him either about it :frowning:

Thanks for the video.

Well, it is confusing for me what was now handled behind our back or not.
If you got your stuff offered back, because SCo are good guys, then we don’t need to do it anymore, otherwise it would be duped content.

Tell me exactly what is missing now and I restore what is missing.
But “Xenodrake” does not exist. I only found something called “JugDrakeXeno”.

Last but not least, old but gold:

you are a cynical person and need to chill more.
We are here to help and don’t want to read some nonsense conclusions.

In addition to what Jascha said the Patch 1.4 robbed a lot of motivation for me. Watching your video made me sad instantly.

All three ships were destroyed, as I posted and, if we’re being pedantic (which I know you like to be) - I’d already said the ships had been destroyed and not in the registry any longer so getting more detail was difficult.

(Jug)XenoDrake, ScorpionLite and JugMarauderRework were all destroyed in Homeworld sector by completely invisible ships (the sector was empty, as shown in the video).

SCO offered my stuff back, but I opted against accepting that, so they destroyed it all (again, as stated).

If you spent as long sorting this out as you do pointing out my flaws, this whole thing would’ve been fixed yesterday.

Just replace the ships, everything was destroyed or discarded in a reasonable manner. Some ammo may have survived, but I daresay you can leave those out of the ships and all will be right in the universe.

Thanks in advance.

u do understand there is a much nicer way to ask for things. u would be surprised at others reaction towards u with different tactics. perhaps this patch is a bit too stressful for u and a break is needed.


Thanks for that useful post, Bob. I’ll bear it in mind next time I feel like I’m dealing with a non-hostile set of admins.

Time has proven that isn’t what I’m dealing with here.

I don’t get like this in any other walk of my life, but when I’ve put time, effort and money in to something and find myself being banned, ridiculed and treated with far less patience than others on the server, it tends to influence my responses and tolerance.

I get that you haven’t seen that. I get that you probably think this is me ‘having a moment’.

Either way, the fair answer to this doesn’t change, does it? No matter how I ask.

But, if it helps - could the admins please sort this out in a fair, tolerant and patient manner. Thanks.

(Any better?)