Starter World Balance Suggestion for 6.0

As a balance suggestion to make the starter planets both good for starting players and hard for existing factions to leverage – Can we remove all deposits on the Starter Planets and Starter Moon? Meteor based resource gathering would keep established factions from building up a mostly unlimited amount of resources via autominers that can not be destroyed or intercepted.

Likewise, lowering the OCD quantities to 100,000 or so [over the next version or two if needed] would prevent factions from building up enough resources to completely disregard any balance changes made to the gameplay while still maintaining a safe store of resources to rebuild from once your base is inevitably wiped out.

Hey Pyre,

I honestly haven’t been back to a starter since we got kicked out – are vets returning to starters and dropping wads of AMs? What’s being leveraged by vets? Is it that starter folks are factioned and able to drop AMs? That doesn’t explicitly mean factions can drop additional AMs and be farmed by one newbie left on starter. They can only drop one per dep just like everyone.

What’s the actual problem being address with the removal of deposits? As doing so would also remove AM capabilities from new players.

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I dont think that the starter planets are a big issue. Its a good thing though that once you leave you can not go back!
Most factions want to lave the starter planets as fast as they can as so many people will be there all at the sme time its going to cause lag one way or another ( seeing as its still alpha) thats why people want off the starter planets as quick as possible in the last patch even though we were off the planet quickly as we could we did come accross some lag as we were laving.
So it dosent matter what is on the planet or not. for experienced factions. What matters is what is there for compleatly new players who have not played the game at all.

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There are a few factions that have either:
1: characters dedicated to the starter worlds that drop of the mined resources in EM or some other area every week or two as needed.


2: Use the protected starter orbit as a base to stage their activities from, and otherwise send out resources or combatants [CV with Docked SVs] then recall /reset back to the starter system as needed.

While I applaud the coordination required for the second example and do not want to actually limit anything that requires that much effort… The first example is the one that needs some consideration imo.

I hope everyone will read the 6.0 announcement carefully but just sayin… it will be a long one…

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I’ve got some time right now if you want to post it up? :slight_smile:

No OCD on starter or origin planets. This will encourage the vets to move away soon as possible.
Failure to be able to return to starter will prevent their return. Now new players have the opportunity
to get established before entering the hostile area of the server.

I would prefer to embark out to Op4’s Donor world and get to building it’s infrastructure as soon as I can.
I’m sure others feel the same way. Those who wish to re-experience the grind on starter still can.

obviously this depends on how the origin system will be changed. until then its all speculation.

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I love reading suggestions now because really I don’t know if you could mention stuff that we haven’t already discussed in depth :wink:

Like RexXxuS says just prepare yourself to read a lot of changes and new additions…

Everyone rest assured… I’m sure it has something for everyone, I really do think the new universe and everything we have is awesome!!!


How does it harm players to talk about their ideas for server. You admins might want consider
stepping off that pedestal you’ve put yourselves on. obviously you didn’t talk about it in depth
with them so they are curious.

I think you maybe misunderstood Achilles, @Mattcore37k.

He’s saying that he loves to read the suggestions because in some cases, they’ve already fixed or implemented something similar or exactly the same as what you’re suggesting. They just can’t talk about it. :slight_smile:

Not sure why there’s so much negativity, but if we can learn to start the day fresh and smile a bit more, The past transgressions won’t drag so hard.


You have very much misunderstood stood my post…im saying for once.i like reading them because we have had the time to run through things for 6.0…usually we have so much to always think about close to a new release due to time and things get missed.

For once I think for 6.0 we have sat down and gone through loads of suggestions.

I would of thought the video would have showed my light sided intentions but of course you can’t play to everyone tunes and the way people interpret text is always different…

On another note I didn’t actually know what a pedestal is… I understand the intention but thanks to google I know what a pedestal is :slight_smile:

Rest assured I don’t think I could afford one of those :wink:


Fantastic song BTW. Love lonely island!! :wink:

My apologies if I misunderstood your post. I just placed it in context with some of the
remarks made by admins in the past. Again my apologies.

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I think there are some underlying issues that need addressing, specifically the why. Why are players having to suicide and fresh start on starters for resources? It’s the only comparable thing to people with their private resource planets. The reality is that there is definitely a pay to win element in terms of resource gathering by way of donor planets. The factions you see that suicide back to starter are the ones too poor or too late to buy a donor planet since they get the benefit of unlimited resources via autominers that can not be destroyed or intercepted. This is a glaring problem which I think is going to be addressed if in just a proximal way.

If you’re just starting out, this server can be crushing for your motivation especially if you’re a lone wolf. Consider that people get to bring their riches with them in every wipe cycle, preserving the old money hegemony. Also consider that there are people, some in the aforementioned group, with multiple donor planets and some of those planets have 12-20 resource nodes.

Posts always get brushed off as “we’ve already considered this” or “we’ve already talked about this” well why not say something a little more specific than just that? I appreciate that administrators take the time to post about issues but much of those posts are just vague affirmations that every discussion has already been taken into account for the next iteration.

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HWS NA has a player war currently ongoing. If you don’t have access to A donor
or reputation planet, Deep Space is your friend. This will help you get back on your
feet should you fail to stay clear of the conflict.

Op4 Alliance does have it’s own donor planet. It contains 3 resources. Promo, Iron
and Mag. To my knowledge no donor planet contains any resource not readily
available to any other players. Currently Helhiem is nothing more than a place for
Colin and others to store captured wrecks.

Colin and I came to this server this season. With the help of our allies Op4 Alliance
now completely dominates NA server and launches daily raids into the EU server.
All that old money has done none of them any good. It wasn’t easy. But we didn’t
give up. Even when the faction we joined H86 did.

Having a donor planet does not give you loads of resources. the only benefit from having one is a safe place to keep your things which you can also do in deep space, and using your OCD. and i also do believe that Achilles also mentioned a save place to have a base you will have to ask him about that. Some donor planets will only have 1 recorse in 6.0. the reason behind having a donor planet is to help fund the server hence being a donor planet. Logan it is not a play to win at all. People who have played on this server for a long time have seen the work and effort that goes into it and the admins go above and beond to try to make it as fun and workable as possible for people to play. The donor planets is our way of supporting there work as this server is so big and so many people play on it it is not cheep to run it and all this money is comming out of the ownes privet pocket and so people who have donor planets do not gain anything other that its a pve planet to lay a base and it is also taxed. so i cant see any pay to win in this situation. So stop with all the nonses and jelousie that you think that you are missing out on. If you like the server and want to suport it then donate and out of the kindness of there hearts they give you a gift for that amount. if you dont like it you know where to go! All this play to win things is all crap and has been brought up before and does not need to come up again! As far as starting from scratch as a new player The commmunity are pritty kind and helpfull if you ask you will recive if you dont then though! oh and one more peace of advice join a faction. or create one and build it up.

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*donor, *resources, *believe, *Achilles, *mentioned, *donor, *recourse, *donor, *donor, *donor, *their, *cheap, *coming, *owner’s, *private, *donor, *than, *nonsense, *jealousy, *support, *their, *pretty, *helpful, *receive, *don’t, *tough, *piece

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Well thankyou for correcting my spelling ( I am dslexic and have had spelling a problem my whole life So thanks for that) I dont take correcting my spelling a in a bad way either i take it as help from somone. and so thankyou again

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So the concept of donor planets doesn’t bother me, them having resources of your choosing doesn’t bother me. I understand the concept of supporting a server and I chose to donate for that reason. I know how shitty Unity server runs and the ridiculous hardware required to host a server with it.

I’m not jealous of your system because I’ve found my own. The thing that stuck in my craw is not all donor planets are created equal. When we first started shopping for a server to play on we found this one and had some concerns of some P2W features. We looked into donor planets heavily, the system seemed straightforward since a lot of servers have donor planet options. Helheim fits the bill for the donor planet offerings.

HOWEVER, if you if you go to both donor systems and go into atmosphere on each planet you’ll see that they are not at all cut from the same cloth. You’ll find a handful of planets that have almost every single resource.

You can support the server and for your efforts get a slight advantage, sure, but if you’re going to sit here and tell me that these handful of starter planets in donor systems are not paying to win then I have to call into question your ability to understand the concept.

I’m not trying to shit on anyone with a donor planet with my “jelousie” (props for the cajun spelling) but I’m expressing my concern over something like this happening again. I understand they have said that this will not be an issue going forward while saying nothing specific but I have to be a bit skeptical as I don’t entirely understand what circumstances led up to this system being implemented in the first place. It’s a pretty significant oversight. I do like the changes so far and feel they are very reasonable.

I’m behind Mattcore37k in that there is very much an ongoing player war and that this will likely need to be addressed to foment interest in the server from new people. I do agree about Deep Space if for no other reason because it’s expensive as hell to fly down to the planet on a massive CV but the constant player/structure seizures are a bit much. This server has some of the friendliest and more supportive people I’ve met in a survival game and I’d like to see it grow.

Hey, no problem. Thank you for being such a good sport! :slight_smile:

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