Starter World Balance Suggestion for 6.0

planets that have everything are not donor planets

there are no starter planets that are donor planets.

To be honest with old factions like mine really dont bother with the resorces on the planet so much. We use our server autominers. And there have been many a time that ive typed in chat for all new players to start using them as the 1st level of it is free ( this server is the only server that does this and I for one think it is fab that the server does this) it helps so many new players out especially if the starter planets have been depleated. The ADMINS ON THIS SERVER have my full support and need a huge tap on the back!

I am sorry but some of those planets have 20+ nodes and without the need for rep it is incredible easy to bring an alt on there and drop and never have to worry about having to suicide weekly or wait weeks to get enough rep to drop on rep planets. Secondly there is no option to purchase one of these legacy donator planets. The new ones and rightfully so will be limited in their resources. I get it you spent money and you don’t want your easy resources to disappear and I can respect that. You just need to understand that there is a reason why some factions feel the need that the only way to balance the table is to go back weekly and drop miners. Which is a massive amount of effort to do that weekly vs a one time drop that can be switched to faction allowing the alt to never have to log in again.

And here we are again.

How about you start to be specific? Name the planet which has 12-20 resource nodes. Then we talk again.

Everything else is addressed in 6.0 or feel free to discuss.
But the general sense of the P2W discussion gets a bit rusty.

I think you don’t understand the why and the reason why this pops up now. Where people full of boredom just do this to raid some noobs and grab their resources in exchange of zero risk. There is nothing wrong with all the other planets with thousands of resources out there.
Picking this as a world problem to identify p2w or other stuff… well go for it but also a reflection of the boredom for the wait of 6.0.


I’ll be happy to once I’m home from work.

I’m just telling you how it looks as an outsider. I know the conversation is tired but I also know in other survival games the perception of P2W mechanics has killed servers before.

I think you don’t understand what I was saying or what Pyre (the person who made this thread) was saying either. You can’t raid anyone on starter planets that I’m aware of. One it’s against your own rules and two it’s PVE. The only raiding you could do is loot their corpse which is against the server rules.

Pick which planets? Two weeks ago we went around each system to the origin systems and neighboring planets, like Odin. A couple had 1-2 resource deposits and none of them had meteors. Maybe it was a bug and maybe it was resolved but I didn’t see it. We went to Lucifer or Gabriel, can’t remember which, and it was the same thing. No meteors. Maybe it was a bug but I find it hard to believe after circling each planet a few times that there was nothing there.

We are running HWS for 13 month now and I know this too and I am all about a No-P2W server, believe me. At least in a way everyone have options, everyone can play freely but we can still run the 600+ dollar server bills monthly.

I do but that came up after all the other starter / cb:reset dramas. I can read the chats etc. and know where it is coming from. Regarding noobs I am referring the strict route they have to jump which is predictable.
Other things are as Achilles said already addressed in 6.0.

Yeah this has something to do with the loading / unloading of playfields and how many guys are on it.
Luckily we can spawn meteorites independent in 6.0.

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There are some donor planets that have more resources than others.

I don’t believe this is admins doing but that of the planet owner. They
provide the seed and the admins implement it.

Helhiem for example has only the 3 resources I mentioned and the deposits
are very large. smaller deposits would allow more deposits and a chance to get
different types of resources.

This is just a theory but I feel it is most likely the case.If the admins were giving
special treatment they will tell you i’d be first here bi itching about.

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Thank you.[quote=“RexXxuS, post:25, topic:5308”]
We are running HWS for 13 month now and I know this too and I am all about a No-P2W server, believe me. At least in a way everyone have options, everyone can play freely but we can still run the 600+ dollar server bills monthly.
I’m not trying to ballbust you. It’s probably easy to see it all as bitching but most folks just want to see things improve for everyone. I don’t think any of us would be here posting if we didn’t have some vested interest in the server’s future.

Ahh, that might explain things when I was going around getting booted from planets. Might’ve just been an oversight.

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Gotta love it when people pick fights with admins on silly subjects…
For the record though, Donors may, if they want, provide a .yaml file, and if it fits with the server (not OP), rex will implement it. That is it. It is not a random seed, it is not an exploit. Its the ability to read. But seriously though, who is honestly seeing a mass exodus of players back to starters by way of suicide? Anyone? Im in the same boat as hop here, LoT used to maintain a base on starter just to help new players get on their feet more quickly, coded boxes with drills, etc. But Every time that I have been there, I have seen a max of like 3(ish) autominers per node. And that was back when people could warp there.

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I recommend getting out of your ship and hanging out for a bit. Meteorites have shown to drop infrequently if at all when you are the only one there, and in a seat flying around.

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Don’t include ingots, a motorcycle, or a gun in the starter pod. Make all starter planets with a non breathable atmosphere and tons of drones flying around. Then you really get a rush on surviving :slight_smile:

Sounds like my start on masperon on experimental. Lol

Each start is different as per origin, and still tweaking the final items for each one.

I’m all about hard core starts lol… But it’s not for everyone. You do really need a gun I think and I little ammo as if you use fresh start if you don’t have a gun you are kind screwed against drones and other players.

Motorbikes… Will think about that… And in the harder starts loads of drones go without saying :wink:.

I will give you one last teaser for 6.0.starters… Mainly to settle a few debates and worries

You won’t see ores full of autominers… Thats for sure :grin:

People who log on and are at the starter planet at some point. I don’t think you meet either of these criteria.

So to confirm Achilles, we wont have AM access? I’m not saying this is good or bad but it would be good to know as will have to adjust starter plans/builds.

Edit - or do you mean actual physical autominers not the orbital AM?

Needlessly snarky much? I am asking a legitimate question. If you see gobs of autominers, take screenshots and show us. Dont just take to the forums with some abstract idea that the reason you cant find anyone to pirate is because they are back on starter. 83% of the donator planets have more than 20+ resource nodes with all 6 common types


I understand it was in reply so thanks for going to the effort to show :smiling_face: , going forward this has been addressed in 6.0 so happy Days we shouldnt have reason to ponder anymore on the subject I feel… We have some lessons learnt for sure! :wink:

I can confirm it is impossible to use physical auto miners on starters planets in 6.0. Everything else will be confirmed soon :smiling_face:


Thank you. Excited for 6.0.

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We are currently trying to design our planet and with that said we were wondering how many nodes can we use of each type for PvE restricted and unrestricted IE if we chose PvE restricted and we choose iron how many actual deposits can we put down?

will update the other post to reflect this, but thanks for asking the question!!

the amount of nodes is 3…

and no more :smiley:

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