Still alive and status update for May 2021

Dear HWS Community,

long time no post. I’m sorry for the rather unusual “public” inactivity on my side.
The reason is simple though: we are working hard on HWS+ in the background.
We really put a lot of work and thoughts into it and make it unique, you have never seen before!
There is still no deadline for it available except this year of course but be sure that we will work on it until it is in a really good and this time tested shape before launch (I will play it myself through this time).
Lastly I can only say that I’m overwhelming gratitude to those of you, that have patience and are excited to see what’s coming. Be it those of you that still stick around, help others, supporting us, being Patrons or sending me feedback!

I wanted also to welcome many new players! I’m happy to see that HWS RE brought you hear and you are having a good time. Once HWS+ for EU and NA is done, you will get more activity on HWS RE as well (Missions and Events).
In terms of the upcoming Eleon 1.5 Patch I can only say that I will wait for ravien.
The Empyrion patch alone is rather unspectacular (and does not need a full wipe) but I know ravien is planning big great stuff for Reforged Eden that requires a full wipe - so we will wait for it.
Please keep an eye out on his words in the official Eleon forum - I’ll inform you ahead of time too of course.
To our new players: you can use the HWS OCD Feature in HWS Connect to store your items throughout a full wipe, so you start a new season with your hard earned items this season.

As soon as I have any news, I’ll let you know!
Have fun and take care!
Your HWS Team


as always we very much appreciate all u do for us.


lol but seriously be sure to get “rex time”

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Is the font changed?

I’m currently playing around with it, yes.
Better or worse?

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Much nicer :+1:


Yes it is much more crisp on the cell phone. much easier on my old eyes :wink:


Old? you are 14 dude!

thank you very much for your passionate work. The infrastructure of this server is soo good.

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LOVE YOU RexXxuS , Great job man

Not a big thing, but where is the “new” and "unred’ gone :smirk:

Something has been wrong with the mobile version for 2-3 days now, it’s not showing all the options
(they are there but it won’t let you scroll up far enough)

Switch to desktop view and it works again.

I meant to report it 2-3 days ago, but life got in the way.

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try updating your browsers, clearing cache, and most of the usual login logout hokey pokey to fix mobile apps. I haven’t had any issues on the mobile version at all.

I’ve already done all that and no change.

It started the same day Chrome had an update, so it may be the web browsers fault.

Nothing I can do changes it though, other than using the desktop version of the site.

Also @Bob it only happens when you open up the menu that @dQgnflua had open in their screenshot above.

Can you open that menu and confirm it still works for you?

You don’t have it open in your screenshot

eh sorry guys (but awesome that you are using it on mobile :slight_smile: )
I am in a process of updating / redesigning the forum and guess this slipped through…
I’ll try to fix it (have to test myself)


Root cause right there…
Tried it in another browser?

Read Rex’s post right before yours.
Sounds like it was something that slipped through due to updating/redesigning the forum.

Either way, looks to be like it’s back to normal now.

And no, at the time I didn’t bother to check another browser since using desktop view fixed it.
Then I forgot about it until dQgnflua posted about it.

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All good now @RexXxuS and lads :slightly_smiling_face::+1: