Story Factions More in detail


never attack other alliance factions
Its ok and clear to understand. What if some alliance attacks you while you are alliance?
Never shoot first except it is needed
Whos the one who knows when its needed? What about local conflicts between Traders for example? What about ppl abusing faction tag with T? What about some lawless atacking someone while hes avoiding shooting at alliance?
can have bases everywhere
Its ok and clear to understand.
be a guardian for Trading Outposthelp new / weak player by protecting / taxi service / etc.faction
Trading Outpost? Does this mean Im supposed to sit somewhere and wait if something will be going on? New players are clear to understand. Again, sitting somewhere waiting, sparing time and resources which i will get where? All for someone who will stop playing as soon as few of his ships disappear or he will loose crap from workshop ship.
command: fa:scan - every 15 minute it scans 10k km in orbit and tell you if an enemy is in that radius
I strongly belive this is not working. So far its not radius but cube (keep it cube). Command with no use, too high cooldown, to few info aquired, not working.
every day an income of 100 Credits + 10 CR * Reputation Points (RP) you have
14 days in Alliance. 100 + 140CR = 240CR. 5 gold coins = 5 gold ore = 1s of gold mining. 3 credit cards. All this for all that resources and time spent on carebearing newbies, fighting bad guys.
OCD 1 hour
Good bonus, only usefull thing on alliance

So far absolutly worst faction with unclear rules, problematic restrictions and in my opinion not working command. For real tryhards and altruists.



never attack other trader factions
So these guys can attack everyone freely exept Traders which is abused anyway
provide help as soon as possible if some is stuck because of limited Pentaxit left in Warp Drive Tank
Never heard about someone doing this becouse hes trader. No way how to check this. Anyway nice players helps others in bad situations no matter the faction. If you are trader you dont need to help anyone, noone will notice.
focus on mining and building to sell people ships / stuff
Clear and probably working, usually PvE players are traders.
faction command fa:supply - once per week you get a supply package helping you to trade / build
A lot of resources, best for starting players, still truly less that pirates gets. Why pirates have better supply package than Traders, though trader package is more universall and better for starting players. Traders dont need pentaxid they dont need to travel. Alliance needs pentaxid.
OCD whenewer you need
PvP overkill

Very good faction for starting players and PvP players. You can kill everyone, exept Traders while true traders are usually in PvE so its not a problem you cant kill them anyway. Currently one of best choices for PvP. Cant be like this.


Bounty Hunters

Each Day 100 Credits + (10 CR * Reputation) if not died in 24hrs
same as Alliance salary. Dont bother to join B for this.
faction command fa:supply - once per week you get a supply package helping you to survive and hunt for your missions
Worst of 3 resource packages (T,P,B) still nice bonus for new players. For experienced ones usefull only in absolutely hopeless stranded situation or to replace destroyed guns fast.
OCD 6 hours
Not that bad

Good if you are looking for faction with badass name, who dont wont to be Bountyhunter like Boby Sixkiller. Without ingame option to set up bounties its quite useles faction with no way how to search for the target. Needs working scan too. Generaly…dont bother.



The lawless faction is in the first place a faction for people who
didn’t read this story or just don’t care what the HWS Story is about.
You have no special bonus but no disadvantage also. To overcome the 10%
marketplace fee you have an one time
faction command fa:survival what gives your 700 Credits.
700cr is good to get money fast wor new player. But new player dont know he have this at disposall. Explaining to him how to withdraw it from bank to use on market is another pain for Alliance. B gets 7 creditcards for 700cr in package.
OCD 24 hours
pain, you have to move to PvE to take care of OCD

Generaly faction with worst reputation. New players are thrown into this and that makes them targets to kill from start. Good things are no rules and ability to build and stay in PvE allowing bad lawless to do Hit’n’PvErun tactics. If you want to be a killer with no rules and not much advantages choose this.



stealing from people without wiping them completely. Try to focus the core first.
This should mean something like pay or you will die, if you pay pirate leaves. Unclear, no way how to control this. Generaly ignored.
focus more on building orbital bases / ships rather than building planetary bases
Nothing like orbital base can be build because of devs artilery madness, which leaves you with CVs hiden deep in space. Safest way how to live in PvP used by all of us. Forcing this will lead to no pirate bases on planets = absolutly no way how to harm pirates somehow.
not allowed to build / park stuff in a PvE playfield
This is very good rule as pirates are PvP tryhards its good they are not allowed to be in PvE. This is only disadvantage for pirates. Not a problem as there is no need to be in PvE anyway exept no OCD cooldown.
OCD 12 hours
Longest cooldown from all factions exept lawless but lawless can just jump to PvE to sort OCD. I belive pirates can do so too anyway…
faction command fa:supply - once per week you get a supply package helping you to survive, defend and attack
This is biggest Overkill from all factions. Best possible package you can get, absolutly overpowered badass package. Gives you most rare resources and huge bonus in speeding up BP factory. Must have for any real PvP player.

So far maybe best for real PvP players which are not chickens and dont need to hide in PvE like faction )!(. Huge bonus in package, no need to worry about being destroyed as everything is hiddedn in space and alliance can find it without huge luck. Only competition in means of PvP are Traders.

Conclusion and some numbers.
This is like it is. This is what factions truly are. For PvE players Trader is must have. For PvP players its Trader or Pirate. Alliance is very useless faction for altruists. Bountyhunters dont hunt for anything as there are no bounties and way how to search. And rest is in Lawless, new inocent players together with biggest cowerd scum of universe, with former alliances there too as they dont wont to go Pirates.
This is not working as intended and intension was realy very good and i love what you tried to do Rexx.

Pirate supply just in combat blocks 5794,2 iron, 3196,8 sathium, 799,2 cobalt. Throw this in factory to speed up your bp. 9790,2 suma without rest of guns and stuff
Traders: 8069 in metals suma. Pentax, magnesium, prometheium not included. No option how to speed up bp.

So whats your faction of choice guys? :slight_smile:

(Rexx i hope this will help you to get a picture how factions currently works)

Whatever similarity of factions names used in this post and real factions names like )!( is pure coincidence and wasnt intended. No animals was harmed while writing this post.
And for newcommers i already spent 776 hours on HWS so i know a bit how it works around here, you can belive at least parts of this post :slight_smile:


Those are some valid points. Koo-does to the admins for at least having a starting point.

IMO, Best thing to do in a situation like this is to make recommendations.

What supplies do you in the actual factions think you should get? What should the functionality of the scanner be? etc.

Just an fyi:
OCD:Get has no restriction in the pve playfields. all factions can ocd:get unlimited in a pve field.

Statler this is firs part, this is how it works, now when we can see numbers like Trader supply vs Pirate supply we can see that something is wrong and we ahve to come out with some solution.

Factions have good idea and they would work if only players respecting the feel of rolepaly plays. But thats not gonna happen. SO again restrictions, lawyers to create rules, automatic guarding of whatever is going on.

And most of all…put that Jail to some use finaly.

Also there is sooo much to talk about if this should be balanced, some major changes needs to be done mostly for newbies and old killers in one faction, epics are not so rare and worthy, can be put in play much more making them Tier 3 weapons. Traders has to get back to peacefull faction not they can attack Everyone.
2 basic mechanics needs to be implemented - bounties in game and scan for bountyhunters and alliance to give them mechanic to hunt and guard. Even semantics i belive its called could be changed. Factions are F4, Factions are Stroy factions, Alliance is Faction but also alliance between factions, and now im already lost which factions, story or F4 factions?

So much work Jascha, so much work :smiley:

All I’m trying to say to you is instead of putting the load on Jascha and Rex why don’t you put forth a items list you think would best fit the fa:supply for each faction.

I can only speak towards Trader. I pretty much played carebear pve. I was about to start pvp when I became GM so I have no experience.
I’ll start first.:

  • I like that as a trader I get all the ores.
  • Jupitor is our home planet (or suppose to be) so we don’t need crystals.
  • the O2, Rations and medkits aren’t necessary.
  • A lot of new people need plots and seeds so that’s good. All the seeds would be nice. Corn, Pearthing, Wheat are missing. maybe 10 of each? we can duplicate them. As a Trader I had a very large farm.
  • The fuel is redundant with the Promethium. I’d rather have the fuel then the promethium. Or scratch both and give promethium ORE
  • The plastic isn’t necessary. It can be made with corn.
  • Gold… well that’s 19k in coin. That’s too much compared to what everyone else gets.

Oh Statler dont get me wrong, im not saying Rexx and Jascha go and work. Sure ill offer some suggestions, working of something right now.

This is not something we can solve here in 15 minutes. This is for longer time, a lot of talking with ppl who playes for many hours also with new ones. HWS is crazy project of making PvE and PvP wolrd working together in unfinished game. This is not easy taks for sure. Actually i never saw harder one.

Also Rexx have some idea how to make new universe already, also hes willing to do some changes and some not like in case of Lawless. Also devs could help maybe they will finaly release something usefull like diplomacy, radar and that will help a lot.

For now i would like to stick to gathering some results of what has been done so far and how it works. And Rexx is necessary to say something about it, its his idea so hes a boss here, and i suppose he needs some time to think about this too while busy.

I think good way is to put together some cathegories in which some advantages and disadvantages can be offered to factions.
Also to put together basic mechanics of whos supposed to fight with who. As for me there is still easiest to make basic concept as good versus bad as on this picture i just created.

This is how its now i think.
Also maybe its only my feeling that this is a bit unclear mess. But so far:
Traders are in whole spectrum while i see them more peacefull and no exactly bad at worst
Lawless and new players are biggest group of amazing mess you rather shot on sight because you can never know.
Bountyhunters are probably quite clear while they are supposed to do PvP and they should be more like neutra.
Alliance is clear, ppl helping while not fighting at starting planets, and PvP alliance fighting for good side.
And so far only clear for me are Pirates which wants to fight and are bad, robing and killing.

But so far i think that PIrate is better than what Lawless is, as pirates time to time at least demands ransom, while Lawless fire on sight, and new players are in same group.
Traders was by the rules unable to kill so i dont understand why they are now all around the spectrum. ANd so on.

I ahve terrible headache, will add categories i came out few weeks ago and that will be all for today.

Put up some real world ideas they can work with now.

Lets tackle the fa:supply.

I gave a list of things I would change on trader. Why don’t you give a list of things you’d want for Alliance.

Credits: What happends with credits, slalaries, loosing due paying to keep hiding and so on
Free stuff: Supply packages, this is what you want to solve now i think its a bit early for that.
Special: Commands like fa:scan
Can attack: this is clear, its done to clearly say who can be enemy.
Cannot attack: Lets say Traders will build on Jupiter and its clear other traders can settle there and dont need to be afraid to be attacked by neighbors. And they simply cant or jail. No local conflicts becouse someone was stupid and flown under turrets
Can/Cannot build: Pirates, lawless maybe not in PvE
Bounty: This was becouse of Bountyhunters
Respects roleplay: Explanation of what is this faction supposed to do

Im done for today, going to take some pills, sorry. And vey quickly alliance needs pentaax if its supposed to fly around taxiing newbs or chasing someone or patrol, that was our biggest pain, pentax.

Give me some time tommorrow im working, also i have new project in game so in friday i would realy like to ofer something clear to manage wtith 6th Citizens/Survivors/Stranded whatever for new players which are a bit forced to go to good side or bad side or remain neutral PvE Traders or PvP hunters with no ability to jump from alliance which is on good sode to pirates and back in 4 minutes needed to press F4.

This is really awesome, I like the detail folks are putting into this :slight_smile: