Structure Commander / Donator Planet Housekeeping


This is probably a @Jascha thing?

Is there anyway to get an export to excel feature for the Structure Commander? Or perhaps a numbers column and sort feature?

I’m trying to limit my cores on the donator planets and it would be nice to be able to easily filter the planet and have a numbers column or total at bottom to easily check where we are.

Another option I’d love to see is a tab for Planet Cores. Donator Planet holders should be able to see the core count on their planet as we do allow other people on and they could effect our taxes as far as I understand.


I coded the whole HWS Connect thing so I can try to implement it.
Not so easy in my current infrastructure to implement but I am already on a complete redesign / refactoring anyways.

Will see what I can do

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The structure commander has a lot uf useful info but it isn’t exactly easy on the eye. It also retains deleted structures for far too long.

When do donator planets get taxed nowadays?

The last post I saw on this @Booyaah was:

PVE and PvP - Restricted - No taxes till you have 100 structures on the planet! As soon as you reach over 100 structures your planet will be taxed - for everyone on that planet! As soon as you fall under 100 structures the taxes are removed again

Hence my desire to track the cores because as far as I know in Rex’s math Core = Structure.

We just got a notice at 7 BA cores on our donator planet that we were over the limit…really @RexXxuS?

I don’t know what you mean with “really” but yeah, this limit is implemented since HWS 4.X
A global overall BASE limit of 7 for factions and 2 for private BASES.
Mainly a request from the community that a 40 man big faction can’t overrun just everyone on the server in terms of structures.
Surprises me now a bit…

I agree with that as a general concept on pvp planets like in Homeworld, MOBA, and even Origin planets etc, I just figured donator planets would get a little bit more leeway since there is usually only a single faction living there.

That makes sense for most planets, but for donator planets, that limitation seems ridiculous. Why should there be a limit on a donator planet at all?

Would be nice if we could consider having above the class limit base size on donator planets, similar to how Armageddon worked in 5.x. Would allow us to keep core count down, and have a little bit of fun designing where pvp is unlikely to be affected by the render in time associated with glass and devices. Just an idea

Hmm it is a global mighty setting but I see if I can change it tomorrow

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