Structure Commander



The Structure Commander (on HWS Connect) is an invaluable tool which provides live and accurate information about your ships and bases. It not only lists structures belonging to you privately and to your faction, but it also provides additional information which is not immediately available in game. Example: How much fuel remains in your ship or base, when you last visited the structure, and whether your structure has been deleted.

Structure Commander - Info / Details

  • If you communicate with the admins regarding a base or vessel, always provide your Structure ID listed in the Structure Commander

  • Powered? This indicates whether the structure’s generators are turned on or off.

  • On Playfield: Lose a ship? Structure Commander may solve the mystery of that missing SV - inadvertently abaondoned on ECC. Grab it before it is taxed !

  • Last Visited: Indicates when the structure was last ‘touched’ / interacted with by an authorized user. This is critically Important information because of server structure ‘wipe times.’ Wipe times are the periods that apply to mini-structures and larger structures. Typically structures which haven’t been visited in the last 15 days will be wiped.

  • The Time format is days | hours:minutes.
    For example: 13 | 11:03 means: Structure Last Visited 13 days, 11 hours and 3 minutes ago.

  • You can manage your structures with the Manage button in HWS Connect


5. Examples & Tips