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What happened?
=> All JVI members got taxed today for a base apparently breaching structure limit as below:

Having checked with the faction, nobody is aware of us apparently taking a PKF base called Way Station. We did take some PKF bases over the last couple of days - but each time we recycled them after. Looking at the time stamp, we certainly weren’t actively doing anything at that time, although after checking Proximity log PKF were attacking our base on Homeworld at that time, could that combat have mistakenly activated a script?

My understanding was also that bases over limit get taken by HWS - I’ve never seen this Tax, and wasn’t aware that this was something that is in the rules, so would appreciate clarification either way.

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> All JVI members (possibly RED as well I guess, as it says Alliance.)

Server? (EU or NA)
=> EU

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)


On which Playfield?
=> No way to tell from the Log that I can see - PKF were attacking our Homeworld base at that time though.

Structure Name(s)?

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?

How can we help you now?
=> Would like the Tax to be refunded to anybody it was applied to - as even if this isn’t a bugged script, and rules have now changed - I don’t think people should be getting penalized without an announcement.

Would also like clarification on how this happened, whether it is infact a mistake, or a rule change.

I don’t know why, admins will have to give more detail.

But about this feature, it has been there for very many seasons. And I mean many.
I think at least 5 seasons by now.
Maybe you’ve just missed it yourself, but it has been there for a very long time.

Yeah i’ve since been informed by Faction mates playing longer that it was previously in place, but was taken out in favour of HWS taking the structure instead - which is what I’ve experienced for the last two seasons.

Possibly some odd interaction / behavior triggered an otherwise disabled script i guess.

Nah, it is all written before hand for years now. You just have to read it. See 1.4:

For more details @Jascha might help you out.

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Thanks for the link Rex - I had scanned it previously to understand the limits, and thought that the tax was if you were buying back - understood now.

Its possible this is just an issue with the faction taking over a PKF base and not recycling it then - I’ll investigate further internally. If there is any info that can be grabbed on what playfield etc that would be appreciated, but I appreciate you and @Jascha may not have time. Given the timing I’d be suprised if any JVI member was taking over a PKF base 6 mins before that time stamp, as I logged on myself shortly afterwards (saw the tax) and we didn’t have anybody out and about PVPing.

It looks like the structure limit is not per faction but per alliance.
Today we raided JVI bases on homeworld again and spawned small base not far.
In few minutes it got taken by HWS with warnings about having 4 alliance bases and only 3 are allowed.

I think this is cause we are allied with RED faction and JVI is also. RED had one base there and JVI 2.
When we spawned it it counted as 4 alliance bases and 1 got taken by punishing all factions as limit exploit.
We also got taxed for it same as JVI members.
Dont know about RED faction.

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Thanks Opi -that makes sense now. Not an ideal situation, but I guess its a complication of the mixed alliance factor.

Not really sure if that is something @RexXxuS and @Jascha can fix? Hopefully so.

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It certainly does look like conflict of some sort.
We are enemies but both allied with RED.

I hope it helps those infos to find fix for it.

If there is a ally connection than everyone connected to that ally will be charged.
PKF exploited the limits with this base and they and their allies should have been punished. Not exactly sure though why JVI would be counted then. This should only happen if RED would be the owner.

I refunded the JVI penalty and will take a look what happend.

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Thanks Jascha. I don’t think its necessarily fair to say PKF exploited the base limits. Their Allies - RED - Only had one base on the playfield, so they should have been fine in Spawning in another.

The issue is that our bases were counted against PKFs total, because of the alliance with RED. I’m not sure how much flexibility the scripting engine available gives you, but it would seem it needs to check for Structures that belong to allies exclusively, as opposed to Structures that are associated with allies.

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