Stuck without origin

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**What happened:**i had a Prototype account on NA, started without CSW, when i used CSW i got ported out of Prototype planet and i dunno how i can choose my origin now…
**Player(s) with issue:**Dyermaker
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Im realizing it now…
Playfield: In NA ecc now, will go to EU soon
Structure Name(s): /
Structure ID(s): /
**How can we help you now:**Port me back to NA prototype or tell me if theres a way to set my origin, tnks

If you want to change the origin only on NA you have to

  1. login to NA WITHOUT CSW. Let your main player at EU

  2. do a cb:Reset

  3. login to NA again and choose whatever origin you want to play

  4. then do the CSW from EU to NA again.


If you have a different problem please describe again.
Or maybe read the CSW Guide again

ill try it, tnks

When i try cb:reset on NA server it tell me:
sorry but your player is located on another server.Please CSW back to this server. No chatbot can be used until then.


so i did exactly what was written on guide…
I csw from EU, choosed faction, did cb:startjobs…
And i found myself in csw na Orbit, out of my ship and i cant interact with it cause is another faction…
I tried to create one but seems im stuck here…

Sorry for that. Due to the new reset he still had your old private id :frowning:
I set it to you again. Should work now

seems all good now :slight_smile:

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