Suggestion for pvp

My suggestion is to make evryone living in pve not able to participate in any pvp, that will make people move out into pvp space, since now its an unfair advantage to have your bulletproff base in pve and in the same time raiding other peoples bases out in pvp.

In terms of a rule or tool?
If rule how? I mean who is watching them and imagine the drama if people don’t follow the rule (like now here and there)

If tool… technically possible but hard to code. If the devs would give an output like X killed Y then we could do a lot more stuff. But now we only can messure the distance between objects which is sometimes not 100% accurate.

Instead of killing what do you think about a PvP living boost? Everyone who has NOTHING in a PvE playfield gets credits / supply daily or so?
Or if we going the long term way later: gets RP (Reputation Points) daily.
(the RP system will be worked on and will be a kind of another currency which can boost / nerf you a lot)

Well cant you use the same system that controls the device limits and block limit on pve? and then make an system that if an player that has base on pve gets an warning if entering pvp space and can only be there for one hour to collect resources then he needs to get back.

and regarding pvp living boost, we would want something way over the limit then, like fully stocked ammo or something thats an pain to make all the time…

We can’t check this. He can also wipe your stuff in one hour and leave then :wink:

As a Pirate you get a good supply for now. But yeah maybe something like this.

Also what do you think about my other idea “PvP currency”? Can be combined with the reputation points. The longer you stay in PvP the more points you get. And with these points you have a military shop/market where you can buy ammo / turrets / etc.
Can be better balanced instead of just give people free stuff away.

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i like the marketplace to buy ammo! that would be awesome! maybe make it so you can spend ec in that market, and it has like unlimited ammo to buy? but it will be pvp zone, but not possible to build bases there to camp of course!

I like your idea of PvP currency Rex :smiley: and i agree with Thran something needs to be done to motivate ppl going to pvp.

Yes, although most people will destroy a PvP Marketplace :frowning: But I could make a huuuge area in the center as a “virtual” shop place. The whole orbit will be set to have 0 BA allowed.

What do you think about my formular?
Per trade it costs you
700 Credits * your playtime on HWS / RP
So Noobs = cheap. Veterans = expensive (since veterans should have Gold AM lvl 10, etc.)

Example on Elfias:
700 * 554 / 13 RP = 29830 Credits per trade.
One trade is basically a template like the donator one. But you can choose different templates from ammo to turrets.
Example: npc:ammo:3 -> you would buy 3 ammo packages.

But to prevent smurf abuse or recruiting a lvl 1 guy and send him billions of credits we have a trade limit:
Playhours : 7 : 2
Example on Elfias:
554 : 7 : 2 -> ~ 40. He could buy 40 times such templates. Every 7 hours one trade will be refilled.
In total would cost him in 15.512.000 Credits for example.

Sry, but this idea - fundamentally foolish )))) If PvE-players wouldnt go in PvP-space - how do they get resources?.. And who left? Whom u gonna raid/gang/ect?

For nowadays, Pirates and lawless hunting for random-diggers. Rarely they fight each other, but the main target is DIGGERS. I see that all days, by chat, when some guys try to defend their self by tag of T/A-faction :smile: Ofc I hear about local conflict between Traders, but no ones cancel competition for resources :wink: That PvP-world: be ready to “answer” every second©

The only one thing, that I didnt understand - Why dat PvP-start planets exists? Why u create noob-camp situation, why u couldnt do all start planets PvE? Wonna PvP - farm, make CV and SV, and move to PvP system when u get ready. U’ll save a lot of yours nerves (and admins too).

This my low opinion, on all those ideas/discussions from whole forum…

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That will be addressed in HWS 4.0! :slight_smile:
They can get resources but it is about boosting / motivating people to stay in PvP

While we had LOW deff power of BA-turrets and no Offline-deff (I even wouldnt notice about tons of bugs with turrets) there is no motivation to stay in PvP-world.

Let’s face it: U waste 10-20 hours to build BA in such system, and than its wiped by some lawless for 5-10 mins… Oh ye, its really motivate me :wink:

Indeed the fact that PvP combat is completely broken in this game hass a massive knock on effect to people living in PvP space. Right now its possible to destroy a base without ships if you put in the time, that just shouldnt happen imho.

I like the PvP points idea, it gives those of us staying out there a reason to live there.

In terms of those wanting to live on PvE, I have already suggested that PvE worlds should only have Iron/Copper/Silicon/Cobalt with minimal prom and crystal. This means they are forced to trade for the rare ores and fuel. This creates a market which currently doesnt really exist as you get enough handed to you on a weekly basis to not care about rare ores.

Iron is more valuable than everything other than gold, thats silly imo. I am perfectly happy living in PvP and don’t really want to come back to PvE (until they get rid of insta market transactions and we have some feasible trade/transport mechanism) so I am happy risking it out here and then buying what I need from the market, thing is, that isn’t happening all that often right now…

The idea of giving people a reason to live in PVP is great, the bonuses that you mention above combined with the potential that if you don’t leave PVE you wont get to the top, never will you get Gold, Erestrum, Zascosium or Neodymium from source which will always hold you back, this might be fine for some players that really don’t want to PvP at all which isn’t a drama as these ppl would never threat the PvP community anyway. As i put it on my 4.0 idea i believe going forward the server needs to be more balanced for both PVP and PVE.

At the moment i think the universe does cater a lot more for PVE so can understand why PVP only players have an issue, with respect though alot of PVP players seem to be wanting to almost punish PVE players as if that kind of play style is frowned upon or something lol.

Everyone should be entitled to play the game how they want unless that’s in a cheeky way such as like Thranir mentioned about PVE raiding other PVP peoples bases when no one could ever raid theirs…that’s not right.

My personal stance is this, to start i wanted PVE because we all know what it can be like being the new guy on a well established server…getting smashed by guys that have the game time over n over. When that happens people leave and don’t come back. Now i’ve got my feet and understand the game/server mechanics i think yea its time to venture out so now all i’m interested in is attacking NPC bases (as there are no PVP bases to be seen) gather what i need in terms of resources and most importantly the encounters with PVP that keep the game interesting and the give me the sense of excitement that i could lose it all/gain alot.

I built a base yesterday just so SWP could come and destroy it, yea its dumb but why? all alien bases are destroyed now, i have everything…so many level 10 auto miner n supplies in OCD so what else can i do? i go looking for a fight, sometimes i find one but most of the time its just the large Factions like SWP when its not even a fight, more a shaming lol. i’m a one man faction.

we need a healthy PVP and it is not that at the moment because

  1. The only sole PVP players are lawless/pirates
  2. This is a game where you need to survive, you need supplies etc…why would you store them in PVP if you have the choice to keep them safe in PVE when you log off.
  3. Majority of PVP players are in large factions, no one likes an unfair fight.


  1. TURN ON OP, GIve Alliance factions more so they can be the good PVP guys fighting the lawless/pirates- it gives those guys a target. Alliance, hunters, pirates and lawless are PVP community. Trader is more about PVE.

  2. Refer to my 4.0 idea universe diagram. You can have a base on PVE if you want, Like i said to develop fully as a player you will be forced to travel 75 Pentax away…no way are you are coming back often.

  3. Again 4.0 idea, Alliance will again be a faction and will have large numbers so will balance the large numbers of pirate/lawless. They will most often fight each other so no unfairness.

Everyone being forced into PVP means a lot of solo player factions, they will meet…they will fight…it will be close and fair. SWP turn up, well whats stopping 3 solo trader factions fighting back :smiley:

Finally, I am of course ignoring the fundamental problems with game that NO one other than the devs can fix. We are to the mercy of lag, losing ships and a very long list of others.

As far as i can see and i’m not blowing smoke up my arse but i made the 4.0 idea as an impartial person to both PVE and PVP. I love both for different reasons. That idea is the closest i can think to keep the majority of PVP and PVE players happy, it ain’t perfect but nothing is!

Again u contradicts yourself. "Have less, and trade…"© Trade for WHAT? By your logic: PvP player had EVERYTHING. He got rare ores, he got gold/cr. And if he need, he could get to PvE world and get all the rest. And what than u wonna trade from PvE?.. Dat fail opinion, that all must farm in PvP-systems, gonna kill server. U wouldnt see pvp, u wouldnt get raids/gangs - u gonna watch how people go rage-quit one by one. Cool way, isnt it?

The 4.0 idea…or 3.0 rework lol :wink:

There is a lot of room for improvement, but the foundation i believe is what we need to look towards.

I didn’t post everything here from the other thread. This needs to be combined with an overall increase in the need for all resources. It isn’t efficient for a PvP’er to come mine their own low end ores, this is where the PvE group can supply the demand. This was exactly how the model was made in EVE right from the beginning but they messed it up slightly by making the rare ores too close to safe space. Early in the game the resources were rebalanced and PvE players could supply the low end whilst PvP players such as myself stayed in 0.0 sec, mined the high ores and traded for low. If I have access to rare stuff, it makes no sense to mine low.

PvE has a consistent and steady income and access to rare ores as PvP players will mine those as needed to trade. The remaining issue is instantaneous market transfers, get rid of those and you open up a transport market for moving the low end to where people want it but as you say, if you can freely move around (and with the blueprint system) you can come to safe space easy enough.

I never said I had all the answers :stuck_out_tongue:

Well with the RP you lose on death, you never get alot if you are active in pvp…

RP on death is and will be important in HWS. With 5.1 it won’t be so stressful anymore but still needed.

Also PvP will become more meaningful and rewarding :slight_smile:

I think you should cut RP from formula or give us freelancers way to earn RP.

Because Freelancers are ammo drainer? :smiley:

Yep yep, I have big plans with Freelancers in the future :wink:

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why dont you mitigate the RP system?
Let me explayn:
I achieved the 100 Rp so i can go to Gabriel and MINE a LOT of Gold, but many of my Faction Mates can’t… if i want to establish a base on that planet onli I and a few of my faction can go there to defend against weekend raids.
Why dont you make Planet restriction RP for faction instead?
For Ex now you need 70 RP to go on Gabriel? Ok then you need to have a total ammount of RP in your faction of 700 to enter there, and each member of the faction can enter even if they have less than 70 RP. You can have 10 members with 70 RP or 20 with 35 or 70 with 10 and so on…
This will let ppl to concentrate better on pvp(because loss of RP is mitigated) and incentivate ppl to join bigger factions. Remember that a big faction has a lot of negativities:
If One of the faction member reach 150 then all the faction will pay taxes to live on the Donator Planets.
The limit of Bases is always 7 if you have a faction of 30 ppl or 3 ppl
Harder to handle (many ppls = many problems)
The only bonus that a big faction had was the possibility to help each other… yes, the pity is that with the patch 5.0 and the new alliance system it is possible to achieve it anyway.
This system vould help big faction to balance the negativities with a good bonus.
As always my 2 cents