Suggestion: Golden Globe PvPvE Rotation


Golden Globe PvPvE rotation, to prevent offline raids.

I had a thought. One big problem on GG, is timezones when holding a base. And i had a good idea to maybe fix this:

I think we should from 23:00 to 9:00 make Golden Globe, PvE, with indestructible terrain, and it’s not allowed to build bases.

By doing this golden globe would be a better fighting spot. There’s no fun in setting up a base, just to find it gone next time you log in.
This would make it possible to actually keep a base alive on Golden Globe, if you can fight for it in daytime hours.

We could also enable building at PvE time, and then make GG elite builders league?
If we do this, we could also disable elite builders league doing PvP hours, so it’s more appealing to get a base there :slight_smile:

Not really a lot more to say than that.
Please comment what you think.


I am open to this idea, although it’s likely to cause upset with the more conservative population of HWS. I think it could solve a lot of issues, especially the fact that only one alliance usually ends up holding GG for the entire season.

This’d give newer factions a chance to establish themselves before holding it, and give older ones something to do.

Let’s try it out!


i like that idea :smiley:

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Making Golden Globe’s terrain indestructible outside of peak hours does nothing but harm smaller clans who use the time to more safely collect gold. Furthermore, making the symbol of PvP on the server PvE half the time simply lacks flavor. There’s already offline protection implemented for people who can’t handle their bases being exposed while they’re asleep. I don’t see this hypothetical change as doing anything but making GG useless for all purposes half the time. I don’t see how it would change anything about a single faction largely controlling GG. If anything, they’d only have to lock it down for half the time they already do, making it easier for them, especially since people can’t build bases during this hypothetical PvE time.

“I don’t get it.”


OLP is useless because any alliance member instantly brings it down. It only takes a single person to ruin 60 + player’s worth of effort.

It’s not a solution. I agree with the indestructible terrain. Maybe we can figure out a solution? Reduced gold?


Maybe just make GG restricted instead of PvE?


If someone’s online they can defend the base. Otherwise, maybe you shouldn’t be in such a large clan if you want your assets protected when you’re offline.

I still don’t get it. Why restrict GG? What’s the point? Make it harder for smaller clans to get gold? That’s the only thing that would result from this idea.

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Smaller factions can still mine. Just find somewhere, and place a base, and have 1 person defend, and another one mining. 2 people can do that and it won’t be easy to kill them.


Just here to submit that i am open to this idea.


Horrible idea … just, just … horrible.


bad idea … makes no sense … “pve” on the rarest Ressouces … … GG is still and will be ever PVP only planet…


In Dark’s suggestion, mining would be disabled during these PvE hours.

This would give actual control of the resource to strongest faction while random factions couldn’t farm while most sleep.


I stirr the pot a little too…

How about 2 smaller golden (2x class 1) planets on the universe so it would be a little harder for one faction to defend both?


I think that might be an option.

But i don’t see what that has with the original topic of this discussion to do though?


Well if you lock the planet up outside primetime many “sneaky” miners wont have anything to mine. As i see it GG is not ment to be ruled by one faction but its not ment to be free for all either, its supposed to be pvp hotspot, thats all. Ofcourse you can plant a base there but does that mean that you rule the planet? For me it dont. If we get run out by some other faction it means we didnt perform as good as we should, or they were just better. What we can do? Adapt, recruit, have overpower, have better ships, be better, so we could someday run them off like we did once. Base dont mean nothing at GG if were not even going to try to take it out. Symbols are for symbol minded and base is a symbol as far as i see it.


I understand where you’re coming from, but I feel like forcing GG to stop spinning for 10 hours a day and becoming a dead playfield isn’t the answer.

Feeling like you’re losing a war because you can’t dedicate as much time to it as your rivals would be frustrating, but for GG especially I believe things should be this way.

GG is the PvP planet of HWS, and if a more dedicated faction puts in more time to exploit their enemies downtime, if you look fondly upon these people or not, they should be rewarded for their efforts.
Everyone shouldn’t have to stop playing the game because your faction has some members offline.

Not to mention the potential problems this would cause next season, what would end up being the next big problem?
Large alliances spamming bases so they become near impossible to move for their enemies?
Having to play a game of whack-a-mole every morning because alliances spam bases minutes before the PvE rotation starts so you can’t contest it until then?

I’ll also drop a mention for the sneaky miners who will lose a lot, if not all of their mining activity on GG. (If you respect the playstyle or not, it needs to be understood that there’s players who enjoy sneaky mining and will most likely lose it.)

There’s a thin line between making GG more balanced and fun for everyone, and simply trying to evict the people who currently hold it.
Not saying this post was made with ill intent, I believe it was made with good intentions, I just don’t agree with the ripples such a big change would cause.


i think we should do what you said but in pve hour have the gold indesttable then when it pvp have gold mineable ag[poll type=multiple results=on_vote min=0 max=3 public=true]

  • 1.keep gg as is
  • what dark said with builder legel * 3. do what dark said with out builder legel
    [/poll]ine . :g

Rhino a poll won’t help i believe. We need actual input on this. Not just random Yes/No’s.


i think it could be fun to try


I’m confused as to why golden globe exists, hear me out a second…

So, in order to make a pvp objective worthwhile, we must smother it in the “rarest” resource in the game in order for people to come, as opposed to fighting for some other reason. The GG I think has been useful for driving people to do PvP, but it’s clear that GG is “too” good of a PvP objective. In the sense that control of it is so important there is literally nothing else worth PvP’ing over (a key complaint of most people about only one spot to PvP). Instead of making a planet made of literal voxel gold, is there some other secondary objective worth fighting over? Homeworld for example? A NPC Zirax hell planet (with plentiful gold deposits)? A flag (because apparently that was a thing)?

My thing is that GG shouldn’t be the only PvP objective of value, and we need different things to fight for. Maybe even retiring GG for a season to see if it might make PvP more accessible to others. Dunno, just an idea.