Suggestion: some required fixed in the "roleplay" part of Freelancer



Freelancer: (Freelancer Origin)

  1. Faction activity RP gain: it’s WAAAAAAY off reality. It should start with 2 members instead of 10 and max out at 15 instead of 50.
  2. 7 RP for a guilty kill of 10 million worth bounty:
    Neither the RP work (way too low for such a job) nor does the bounty requirement work, no one has bounties and barely anyone is guilt. that needs an overhaul.
    3) It says RP for a grey container, but actually it’s yellow
  3. living in PVP and PVE … I understand the incencitive but it’s not working.
    Instead of living (which means placing a base block in orbit) it should require interaction in PVP. For example mining, POI, fighting


Sorry, I thought I posted it HERE.
Wasn’t meant to be put into support :wink:


Everyone get 1 rp for a yellow container. Lawless also get 7 for the red, alliance get 7 for the purple, and freelancer get 7 for the grey. Those are the origin specific containers and who get what color.