Suggestion : Wipe golden globe planet surface every 24hours

Would be nice if you do that and give all players chance for treasure hunting there.

What you see at the moment are fortress girdles of veteran players preventing mining, unraidable griefer bases under the bedrock and stuff like that.

Not fun for new players.

The meteorites do a decent job of replenishing planet resources. Got 32 stacks out of it for a few hours mining t’other night.

Something should be done with Golden Globe for sure. I love that idea and i think Gold Planet has its place in HWS universe, we always loved it and it was always place full of PvP.

Current problems:

  1. Meteorites usually dont respawn. Yeasterday evening no new
  2. Related to above, this morning i checked again, planet had no gold.
  3. Every base there has core under 1st bedrock and its immpossible to kill, the one who put it down should be forced to drill all the way to core and dissmantle it.
  4. Every base (99%) i saw has underground turrets.
  5. Large factions…its not actually true, might look like that but TCH owners of bunker left week or more ago. Of course as anyone else time to time some go there but no permanent presence for days, and if, no base has this core under bedrock unless its placed properly using tunnel and no underground turrets.

I dont know…sad to say that but remove that sandwitch, its causing more troubles than good. Make it normal destructible terain or put there more deposits so they make more holes, and allow 3 BAs so ppl can establish some strong defence there. Currently it seems to me more like abandoned planet which is more than unexpected. Those underbedrock cores in middle of nowhere are bad for gameplay.

Might be good to wipe it time to time to get rid of all holes which decreases performance, and replenish deposits so there is Gold Fever again.

Also might be good to put some more POIs there maybe, dont tell me Ziraxs would leave such planet so empty :slight_smile:
For those who are interested to see how it works currently, sorry only link, im no YTuber. 12 and 34Mb, nothing big.

Just to support Elfias here,

sometimes there are meteroids on the golden globe planet and sometimes not. I did not find out the logic behind yet, do they fall down every hour, or every two hours… or what ?

Bases are really unraidable as they all have their core/generators/ammo boxes under the bedrock.

TCH seem to be something like “kings of griefing”, most of their stuff can not be attacked and uses the terrain to the maximum.

No 3 BA do not help. I placed 3 (2 faction, one private), were still griefed away overnight when i was offline. They had overlapping fire arcs and stuff.

I hope they extend the BA turret range soon, so the griefers will need a regular assault with their whole faction vs BA, not just a griefer artillery hovercraft.

I’ve found sometimes during the day they dont replenish when mined. However after the 10pm restart 1 drops for every one mined. Best time to go.

Could you post a screenshot of this happening please? I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m particularly confused because, as far as I’m aware, TCH have retired from GG [the topic of this thread] for at least the past week because all the deposits have been mined out.

Unfortunately there have been lots of reports of TCH griefing people lately and in every instance it has been someone naming their ships to appear as TCH. I’m as interested as you are to see if that is the case in this instance.

Edit: I meant to say re: your first post, personally I’d be fine with GG being wiped every 24hrs along with the black hole. Our faction bought a $25million bunker there so I’m sure we’d be sad to lose it. Other than that, it wouldn’t really affect us. However, I’m not sure that would make it any easier for new players because all the ‘veterans’ would be there too. Instead I like Rex’s idea [soon to be implemented I believe] of adding “a new way of getting gold via Stargates and POIs” Reminder: First HWS Survey ends tomorrow night

I’m probably wrong on the specifics / in general… but my understanding is that there’s a set amount of meteorites that can spawn within a certain timeframe. This gets reset, I believe, when the server restarts. I presume this means that if someone mines lots of them before you get there then you won’t see any.

I’m under the impression the only punishment received for so far for doing either of these two things is having the base deleted. Would any of the admins mind correcting me if I’m wrong?

Let’s say we’re attacking a base and it does either of these two things… if the base wasn’t deleted surely we would have taken it for ourselves, so I would argue having the base deleted is hardly a punishment at all. If anything, it punishes the attackers who would have looted the base. Could we please have harsher penalties on the culprits? If you can secure an unfair advantage for yourself while ‘only’ wasting the admins and the attackers time then no wonder we keep seeing it everywhere.

Also @Elfias I couldn’t play your vids in VLC, only MPV. Not sure why, quite possibly my end but I thought I’d mention it. Might be better to use .MP4 instead of .FLV? : /

Worked fine in my VLC with MPV. Maybe you need an update? :smiley:

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Sorry for inconvinience, Im no youtuber, I left OBS as it is and pressed Record :slight_smile:

@DarkMiracle Im not sure what you mean with that griefing :slight_smile:
Theres bunker for 25mils which allows you to hide your ships overnight, its OP but its expensive, and also allows enemy to lock you inside as some of our members know well :slight_smile: Its indestructible, lets hope its is until another group will find way how to get inside again.
Might be good if there are more variants for more ppl, but truth is that if you want to use that bunker you automaticly step into role of defender and thats full time job, also it gives other players some nice PvP gameplay. We stoped as its not possible to defend it all the time because of BAs…also it takes 1 BA from limit so you can defend only with 1. When not used its harmless.

Now if you have some experience from today, only base on planet was mine, basic core, gen etc with 150 missiles and 4 missile turret. I set it up when i was trying modular building in PvP as i think that we need some change, simplification in rules when it comes to turrets. Current one leaves too much space to players to try to put it as much in terrain as possible.
One might have been a bit in terrain, but be the rules according to picture. Generaly i dont like this, is variant between last (not allowed) and 3rd (allowed) by the rules or agains them? Or is 3rd last possible option? Will someone measure it? Its not clear.

On other side bases are weak enough, and something like “you have to place turret all above on platform” would make them even more vulnerable, so I abandoned my request for now until i will think out something.

Although Modular Building seems usefull, and i still dont know if i can use it or if i cant use it. Lets hope that Eleon will solve this with some better OP and there will be some update to rules to make them crystal clear and simple.


All building components, including turrets, must be permanently mounted to a permanent part of the structure. See TURRETS for exceptions.
Floating turrets, devices, blocks, or combinations of, are Illegal and must be removed or anchored.
This applies to Planetary and Orbital structures.

This is what rules says so i get it as you have to connect all to base, no modular building, i would reather see all above terrain, in blocks forming a “pillbox” and modular building allowed.

Everyone has BP like this prepared to spawn, but its not possible to use unles its without turrets and you add turrets after spawning or they will get under terrain and cause trouble.

This one is from OP4 fight, IM NOT POSTING IT TO CAUSE DEBATE ABOUT THEY WAS USING TOO MUCH DEEP IN TERRAIN TURRETS. In middle ther eis flak, which in some position might seem ok, from this one i would say its a bit too much. Not clear. If whole fortification is above ground and this flak is inside some “pocket” it still will be defended and able to retaliate.

Might be better to make simple rule and use it as OP4 did, in pillboxes ive mentioned.

Such turrets might have even better cover and protected and nobody can argue about its positioning.

@RexXxuS Please take a look at this :slight_smile: And sorry all for maybe offtopic, but on GG this is a real problem.

First of all and a repeat of a repeater: wait! Patience! With 6.X.X some things will change but I can’t mix stuff here, then there, then here again. I can only work on one thin concentrated. Hope you understand.

Regarding the sandwich planet invention: sure I knew that this will happen but should I bring back posts from couple of weeks out again?
“Bases are too weak”, “PvP is dead”, “Base in PvP is stupid”, etc. etc.

The bases on Gold Planet are killable, 99% sure. But you have to do the tunnel road. Most complaints I see at the moment is “hey, I fly over the base now and can’t kill the core? ADMIN ADMIN ADMIN”.
Bit tired at the moment of this back and forth community.
It is meant to take a while to wipe bases on sandwich planets. It is meant to have strong fortresses there. Yes, you have to find a deposit and drill to them.

If turrets are really illegale burried like in the rules image then we will destroy the base. With the time we increase the punishment. But still this is very old and I can only remind Eleon on monthly basis to fix this finally.
But we have something for that for 6.X.X in mind at least, the HWS way again.

So again regarding the headline of this topic: just wait for 6.X.X.

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When it comes to meteorites, i think ELeon needs to do another round of polish, its simply bugged. Also, last days i visited GG terrain was undestructible for me, i wasnt able to finish that last part of meteorite and even when pivot was raised a bit by ELeon it still was too deep.

If i remeber and allow me to quote Rexxxus…“Those meteorites are nightmare” :smiley: not exact quotation but meaning is same :smiley:

Wow that was fast, i know you already answered me, so i published it a bit. Its more to point out problems, also to answer DarkMiracle about how it works now. (considering turrets most of all)

I mean no harm :slight_smile: as usuall. Take no rush Rexxx, I know we are bombarding you will all kind of stuff, but you know me/us, always pointing out on problems. Please take it as feedback and take all time you need to analyse.

One thing should be made clear thought, is it ok or not ok to push core under first layer of bedrock? Even from admins I got different answers Rexxx, while you are big boss I’ll do as you say. This is mother of all those complains. If its supposed to be like that everyone will do it, but everyone belives its against rules. Thats whole problem. If this is ok I apologise to SWP for complaining and going to push some bases under bedrock, let someone else do the digging to take them out. But it must be clearly specified.

By griefing he’s talking about the Bunker. I explained this to him earlier but clearly he failed to listen as here is his thread. We’re not the kings of griefing. We BOUGHT that Bunker from REXXUS. With Credits.

Should ask these things and listen before presuming in the future please. Save us all time and face.

Best regards

PS: I doubt we were the ones who attacked you the other night. Check the intruder logs on HWS connect. Also if you find a faction warpcamping you with the ‘TCH’ tag screenshot the name of the PLAYER on the map. Some players have been impersonating our faction to try and bring our outstanding reputation into disrepute.

Not sure what you mean exactly with that.
Under the first bedrock layer there comes normal terrain you can drill. So it is ok to put it UNDER the first bedrock layer. NOT inside.

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Crystal clear now, thank you.

If you can solve the problem of GAME methods is not the problem! Another saying from Russia - That is not forbidden - is allowed! :yum:

Or, as we say in germany, “if there is no judge around then nobody is guilty” :smiley:

Nastrovje ! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anyone placing cores underneath the bedrock needs to go to prison for a week for the first offense. A month for the second offense. And permanently for the third.