Sunday SV Showdown! - event



Hello good people of HWS!

I am happy to annouce the first HWS SSS (Sunday Sv Showdown)!
This Sunday I will host a SV tournament for anyone to prove his skill in flying and ship building. Will you stand up to the challenge?

Start time is yet to be decided, to accomodate for the US server people.
Its week end, so i assume early hours wouldn’t be a problem, so i’d like to start at 19:00 UTC (London time). Equivalents for those now comfortable with timezones are:
20:00 Berlin/Warsaw time
21:00 Western Russia time
14:00 US East Coast time
11:00 US West Coast time

The event base has been set. Coords are 2651 / 777 on EU Homeworld planet. Its noted as a POI. Please, be there at least 30 mins before we start to set everything up.

Please tell me if you would be ok for that, i really want to accomodate aas many people as possible, but its not always possible to accomodate for everyone.

What do you want to know about the event?

    1. An admin core base-garage will be provided for landing and respawning, together with coded boxes for those who want to drop private stuff.
    1. Ammo will be provided.
    1. Should you not have your ships ready, it will be provided, however you must bring at least one of the ship(s) you wanna flight, for admin to copy it so you can have more.
    1. Popcorn will be provided
    1. Small SV flight pods will be provided for observation of fights, i you won’t want to watch from the base.
    1. The event planet (most likely homeworld) will be temporarily forbidden to have free roaming PvP, under punishment of being imediately guilty upon firing on participants outside of a battle.
    1. The event will happen on the EU server.
    1. The events is free. Anyone can join.
    1. Bracket type we’ll be playing double bracket competition. Higher tiered battles may be subject to “best of X” matches.
    1. nscriptions close on Sunday noon of MY time - 11am UTC.
    1. If you’re taken out, don’t fly away right in. Stay to cheers for those that are still there, help yourself to our popcorn reserve… we’ll have a closing event i’m not annoucing yet once the main tournament is completed.
    1. Brackets will be randomized once the inscriptions are closed.
    1. Tournament is 1v1, however, if there is enough intrested i can add an additional team fight bracket.

Well yes, or course there gotta be rules, right? So here’s the rules of participation and engagement.

    1. To participate, you need to bring at least one copy of any ship you wanna fly. Those that do not feel safe with their own, please contact me by PM, i’ll check that on a case by case basis.
    1. Class ONE SVs only. Its adamant. No SV will be allowed in pass class one (please, when you join us on the staging ground, take a class one as well, i don’t want a single ship to fill the parking lots). Within class one, everything is allowed within server rules (no fully covered guns, etc…)
    1. Limit triangles. If possible, stay reasonable with pyramids in your ships. I know it lets add more blocks, but i’m afraid of the performance loses. No ship will be rejected due to pyramids ammounts, however we want the tournament to go smoothly, right?
    1. No macroes. No fast firing macroes or other macroes of any kind. Its your skill in flying thats tested, not in creating macores. I’d make an autominer emptying competition if i was looking for the best macroes around.
    1. Stay fair play and watch your tongue. If something doesn’t feel right, you take it in private with the judges. Some chat taunting is permitted, but trash talk is forbidden. I know emotions can get heaten up, but watch your language, please.
    1. Fights will be up to 7 minutes long. Should no winner by appear by this time, ship will be ordered to halt faire (failure to oblige will result in disqualification so watch the chat!) and be then checked by the judges. Ship that has taken the least % damage (based on pre-fight HP and actual HP comparision) will be victorious.
    1. Depending on number of players, later fightd might be as “best of 3” (or 5) type matches.
    1. Only spawnable ships can be used no HWS Garage prototype ships. I want the fight to be balanced, especially towards contesters that cannot afford one of those.

And now, the best but not least… REWARDS!
There will be a reward pool funded by HWS for participation for the top 3 podium!
3rd place will receive 2 million credits…
2nd place will receive 5 million credits…
The winnder will receive 5 milllion credits, and a Garage ship!
There might be a little pool of rewards for participation. To be annoucned.

Edit: Extra reward privately funded by McProuty and LoT faction - a second hand Prototype Q ship shall be awarded to the first contester to score a victory with only Minigun and Plasma weapons.
Edit 2: An extra 2 stacks of gold bars added to the pool by Grandizer.

Disclaimer: Any private funded reward will be confimred only upon delivery of it to me on tournament day. Shall no one be gutsy enough, rewards will be returned to their owners.

For those willing to chip in additional money - i’ll be accepting voluntary wager 250 or 500k (to be decided). Of all those who threw in money, the one that will end the highest on the podium will gain the pool as additional money.
If podium isn’t achieved by anyone who chipped in, money will be sent back to original owners.



  • Fenix [EU]
  • Gunslinger [EU]
  • Jaydog [NA]
  • N0secondbest [NA] (mcsprouty)
  • Walloud [NA]
  • Whataboutsmee [NA]
  • Mr. Spooty [NA]
  • Wiseman [EU]
  • Zappe21 [EU]
  • eso-inc [EU]
  • tK> Koolerbox [EU]
  • Ninjorman [NA]
  • tK> Hunter [EU]
  • Big Red [NA]
  • Sacredglade [EU]
  • AlexAKM (?) [EU]
  • Smudgybear [EU]
  • Dragon_101 [EU]
  • Grandizer [EU]
  • Aerdred [EU]
  • Aeonbug [EU]
  • Scorpenstein [EU]
  • Jedi [EU]
  • Cat [EU]"
  • h5n1 [EU]
  • Archangel [EU]
  • Stunner666 [EU]
  • IronWarrior [EU]
  • Ali
  • DeadM0r0z


I’m adding two poll for some clarifications:
Is it a problem if Fulgrim (the organisator) takes part in the fights - i’d really like to participate, i’ve been dreaming of SV figths for a long time, but i don’t want anyone saying the tournament was biased, so i will participate only if a big majority says its not a problem.

  • Yes, he shouldn’t fight, it will bias the tournament.
  • No, not a problem, let him participate. More too shoot at!

0 voters

Second poll is to gauge intrets in an additional team bracket:

  • No need for team fights. Lets stick to 1v1 only.
  • Lets add 2v2 fights!
  • Lets add 3v3 fights!
  • Lets add 4v4 fights!

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Sounds great! I’m definitely up for getting schooled :slight_smile:


I will try and be their please add me. I’m rubbish in a sv so I’m sure I will be cannon fodder


So 2pm this sunday for me, jaydog, is a good time i look forward to the dogfight, please add me to the roster. I will c if more pka want to join in da fun


I would love to come but I build my ships out of pyramids so I guess I’m “not allowed” to come. Pyramids do not cause the lag but okay. Using that as a rule is not a good idea considering everyone uses pyramids? Lol


Its not “unallowed” i’m just asking to limit them within reason.
Its comming both from personal experience, i’m always more laggy around pyramid ships and a wish to not have 6k blocks ship flying around.

I’m just gently asking, if you can’t comply with in, i’ll go along.
No ship will be deemed unfit to be used due to pyramids spam.


Excellent, We are in. Atleast 2 participants from LoT confirmed: N0secondbest and Walloud.
Oh and a Prototype Q to the first person who gets a victory using only Plasma and Miniguns!


Should i add that to the rewards? :stuck_out_tongue:

Rules of engagement are allowed to be modified slightly if agreed by both parties (such as participants agreeing to no homing rockets or railgun only,…)
If no agreement is made, everyone is allowed to use the weapons he wants, including limiting himself the the exclusive use of plasma and miniguns.

Are more people in general intrested in some tweaks about what weapons to use?
I had a little idea about that but its still a secret for now :stuck_out_tongue:


lol I was thinking more for someone gutsy enough to use only those two while the other guy uses whatever he wants. An extra risk for extra reward kind of situation, and potentially very amusing :slight_smile:


I’ll be there in a 2k block ship not a 6k block ship. You wouldn’t be able to build one that big anyway, you could but it would be a pos “lack of RCS, thrust etc” … Nothing wrong with pyramids. So count me in, I’m coming for that prize money! :sweat_smile::moneybag::moneybag:


Faction BIN is in from the NA server - Whataboutsmee and Mr. Spooty will be there.


I threw 6k just from top of my head, wasn’t assuming you would fly in such.
As you can see i edited the rule to point no pyramids isn’t mandatory, and haven’t added a block limit :slight_smile:


I was just clarifying how it officaly agreed for the rules. Both people can agree to use only some type of weapon, or you can go yolo and “limit” yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds good, it’s 2.2k or somewhere around that. People shouldn’t be lagging in SV fights and if they are they simply need new computer. No other reason. Add a set of base turrets and some Hv’s that’s a different story.


I’m not lagging usually, but its starts when a few of RED/OP4 behemot SV apears. Especially RED. Tho, not having a top of the line computer too. (GTX970, i5 CPU, 8 GB RAM). Ram is the biggest problem i think.


Come on bud, this is an honest attempt at an event, dont turn it into a hate festival. I think this could be a good idea, community events have been sorely lacking the last few months. He added this bit

so that there are no more mis-communications.


Please, stay on topic. Do you want to be signed on?

As to answer - no need to be salty. OP4 wasn’t the only ones having a damaged vessel, it was already stated it was an accident and gunslinger got punished for it. Last event was improvied and messy, this time we’ll have - as stated in the topic - proper parking, behind admin core walls.
AAA vessel was damaged by OP4, and i don’t see them bringing it up at every turn, so please, lets just end this topic.

I’d also like to remind point 6.


It’s most likely your PC man, No joke… I play on a new PC now and it’s unbelievable with the amount of lag I play with! Little to 0 at all times! Sounds crazy but it’s true man, I always blamed the game but it wasn’t the game… It was my old computer. Saying “Op4/RED” behemoth like you guys don’t fly big ships or something is a little redic, but I’ll go with it. Can’t wait for some good o’le dog fighting in my size class 1! I can put in more prize money if needed, makes it more interesting :sweat_smile: Who doesn’t like gold bars? I’ll toss in 5 stacks of gold bars for whoever wins 1st place! :moneybag::moneybag:


As i said, i’m not entirely blaming it on the ships. Said mylsef my PC isn’t top of the line.
Also i wasn’t complaining, just stating the fact how it does look for me. The rule was me assuming some other people might not be running beasts either.

I never said TCH isn’t flying behemoths either, even though i personally never flew one, as i dislike them just as much as the others.

Duly noted. You prefer it added to the prize in general, or set under the “wager” option, for those willing to pool some money to increase the earnings (quote below)?
I belive it was AAA faction that wanted to chip in yesterday.


Whatever pleases you. Anyhow thank you for your “constructive” addition to the TOURNAMENT topic.

Guilty will be most likely the least unpleasant of the consequences of purposefull disturbing.