Sunday SV Showdown! - event



Idk how the pool thing works so just add 5 stacks of gold bars to the 1st place prize from 2Cold! :sweat_smile:


Roger that. Adding you to the rewards.


Sweet much appreciated! I figured, everybody likes gold bars!


Yeah, you’re right. I was actually thinking to ask Rex to give the money rewards as ingots tonight. but did not ask yet.


Guys, i added a rule disallowing the use of garage ships. I want everyone to have equal chances. Hope no one minds me adding that.


I should mention, the Q as the special reward is slightly used. Not fresh from Garage. But it still has most drills and the turret.


Mention noted.


I removed some troll posts and took action.
Some need harder lessons than others I see.


I don’t get a special mention for 5 stacks gold bars!? Make it 10! :wink: Seriously haha


Thank you.

You do have a special mention, like McProuty, under the rewards, what i was pointing to him is that i added the ship was “used”. :wink:

Anyhow, changed the ammount of stacks to 10. I’ll keep an eye on you so you don’t try to sneak sathium in the lot! :stuck_out_tongue:


Lmao thank you. I didn’t see it!! Haha will be much fun seeing all these old friends/enemies there! :sweat_smile:


Added a poll to see if people would let me participate in the fights, and to gauge intrest in team fights.


Fulgrim got a bit of a bashing for suggesting we should limit our use of pyramids, as if he was making it up. I just wanted to point out some people have done some tests and using pyramid blocks, for example, does seem to cause more of a performance hit than using cube blocks because (paraphrasing): 'with pyramid blocks there isn’t any back-face culling going on and there certainly isn’t any hidden-face culling, so with pyramids you’re rendering every face of every pyramid whereas with cubes there’s culling of shared faces i.e. any interior faces aren’t rendered. That’s why Rex said:

Especially as it’s a 1v1 Class 1 event, personally I’d vote for everyone using what they want… if it’s a problem we could change it for next time. But I’m happy whatever :slight_smile:

Edit: Just voted. I’d be happy with any team-sized event. I’d love 4v4, that would be awesome! 2v2 might be easier to organise at short notice so that’s why I went with that. It might be too much to do all in one day though so might be better saved for next week? Also if this was to become more of a regular thing, I wonder if there could be a portal setup to a dedicated playfield that gets shut down when not in use? Might help us from getting in the way of people on Homeworld.


Next time it will be already limited i guess, due to Eleon changing the calculations.

If someone want to see for themselves what Fenix/Rex is talking about, go to creative. make a 10x10x10 cube of cube blocks and one of pyramid blocks, and fly inside in no clip mode (godmode).
You’ll see way less stuff rendering in the cubes cube thank in the pyramids cube.


About time, I’ll join in as well, I gots a custom creation that I need to repaint since its pink at the moment.


The moment you repaint it… I’ll add pink all over it for you! :joy::joy:


Note to self: leave set on private

Note 2 : remove Colin’s cockpit prior to start.



Make sure to do it right beside a resource deposit! :sweat_smile:


Btw, @mcprouty, are you taking part too, you mentioned your faction amtes, but don’t know if i should sign you up also.


n0secondbest is me. :slight_smile: slowly transitioning the name to my actual gamertag