Sunday SV Showdown! - event





maybe have a little side tourney with just plasma and minigun


I’m already cooking up something, y’all gonna like it.giphy-facebook_s


lovely im loving this


@Fulgrim I am willing to give a free pair of Heavy armor to every participant that comes as well. I want as many people as we can get. :heart:


jeez, you got that many? O.o

seems poi raiding goes well on NA. xD


I do all of the NA ones and then I come to EU to do those as well. :sweat_smile: Heavies gathering dust


Colin was giving out heavy armor globally a few weeks ago. Dude’s rolling in it!

Can’t wait - even though I’m certainly going to get smoked.


Lol not the only thing I’m rolling in! :smirk: Gold Bars are my fav


Good to know, lol.

Thats what the looser bracket is for :stuck_out_tongue:

A pool of gold ingots is always nice.


There’s always room for the loser bracket! :joy: Love you @whataboutsmee !! It should be much fun! I am super excited


@Fulgrim add Ninjorman to the roster, he’s going to be joining in on the fun!


mmmmmmmmm i will see if im around on sunday lol i could do with the credits lol :grinning:


i need a spare


You’ll get it on sunday, i Added colin’s offer.


sign up hunter…he will join us


Could you change it to 1 hehe :sweat_smile: I’m not that loaded! Hahaha thank you for adding Ninj as well.


lol no colin


There won’t be any left for me to do POI’s with if I give em all out! :sob: You guys will see me running around naked @Fulgrim would you be so kind to add @BigRed as well! We all enjoy SV fights that’s for sure


yo add hunter