Sunday SV Showdown! - event




Yeah after 3 hours of waiting without fighting I wanted to leave this Event. Im lucky that I didnt that^^

But yeah was later really cool! Cool fight!

But next time. Everyone the same SV. Then everyone could show his skills. And rex must only clone the same ship. So that goes much faster?

Thx for doing that Fulgrim an Rex. We need Events!


@Stunner666 Next time I will reduce the autorized size of ships (blocks/hp). I want blood, i want kills… yet nearly no ship got taken out in this tournament, most being quite far from it.

Reduced ships will also allow me to implement another feature i want - bring your own ship. You gotta come with your factory full, or repair ships betwin battles, with ships spawned only under exeptional circumstance.
I still intent this tournament to be a show of build skill as well as flying skill.

Another change i will make is that i won’t selfishly belive i can manage everything by myself - i’ll have additional jury deputies to help manage and launch the fight, just as zappe and wiseman were doing.


Yes thank you it was great.

I think the next one we should have dedicated pit building so we can have space to repair our smaller sv’s. I think it should be 1 sv. Which you have to repair. No spawning a 2nd sv. Only time this can be done is when both players somehow knock each other out and the winner needs a new ship. But if they do need a new ship they will be a restriction something like no homing rockets.


So what I was thinking was this:
one of the big reasons I enjoyed that fighting so very much was because it was not using up resources, and had a good flow to it. Due entirely to the tireless work of rexxxus, when we were ready to fight, we had our ship, and did not have to worry about the damage being done to it. A few things that would have made the cloning process easier on everyone though:
-if we all knew that clones were an option. I flew in thinking I would have to repair on the fly, and was pleasantly surprised to find a new ship waiting for me when it came time to fight. But had I known it would have been a clone, I would have been able to load ammo BEFORE the cloning process, in the right distribution. Not to mention I could have built differently, if I did not need to slap on extra armor as the fight progresses, as in normal pvp.
-All original ships parked in a straight line, away from the spectator area, in a field. Somewhere not rendered to cut down on craziness, where rex can fly up to one, clone it, and have multiple copies made, and set to HWS at the outset of the event. say: 5 per person. I think most of the mayhem with cloning came from us having to request it on the fly in a busy global chat. If it just came down to picking up the ships that were ready, it would be completely different.
-Once the ship was cloned, keep it to HWS, and code the seat. During SV fighting, you should not need to p menu additional fuel, power on or off, or reload ammo. This would allow any of the admins in HWS faction to power off contestants at the end of a round, so there is no confusion about not hearing the stop message.

If we want to do a build on site type of idea, I recommend we have designated areas with a coded supply sv with no cockpit (so it cant be stolen) and the contestant name. That way admins can load up one with a stack of blocks, cockpit, weapons, ammo, fuel, etc. with enough for one ship per box. Contestants are allowed to use anything in the box, and nothing else to make a ship. FYI, the reason I am envisioning it like this, is because this structure would make for a VERY repeatable instance that could be created once, and not have to worry about being in an open pvp field where someone can roll in and spoil the fun. Make inventory drop on the way out, and no worries about gaining anything from event supplies other than some fun, and pvp experience.


Or we all fly the same sv but we have 30 mins before start to paint it however we want. That would be really cool

It could a HWS SV


I dunno, maybe provide ships for people who dont have one that meets a max block count?
Half of the fun of the competition to me was the shipbuilding, and seeing how it performs.


No homing is a no go, its nearly impossible to hit with anything else. I might however limit the ammount of ships available for all, so to force repair.

For everyone should have the same chances, not based on how destroyed your ship is.

SVs aren’t very expensive, especially should we limit the size of it. The one i was flying is 2k iron…

Was written all along, since the start.

Base was done in order to protect the ships to avoid complications like during the test, where the parking got fired upon. Also, the overloaded admin tool was the major problem, one that parking away will not solve. Thats why i’m aiming towards everyone bringing his ships in his factory.
I wasn’t aware that rex will literraly clone, full with ammo. I though he will spawn from blueprints, hence no warning to bring the original with ammo.

Build on site is an intresting idea, so build to stress up the build contest a bit.
Build area must be set in space however to easly build under the ship.

All those are ideas to consider, to see how it will work out for the balance of tournament. One thing is sure however - ships will get smaller, and we’ll try to limit the need for rex as best as we can.
I’m thinking there could be a limit of how many SVs you can spawn together with a limit of spare parts.

Yes, i do not want to remove ship building. I want however to limit the size of ships. While your ship, McProuty, and stunners were formidable in battle, it takes ages to shoot them down, and the aim of the competition is to shoot down your opponent.



Dunno if you ever took a closer look, but Mine was actually only 5k iron, compared to the 2k or so of yours. It just looks bigger due to the build style and empty space. It was actually several hundred blocks smaller than Wallouds ship :slight_smile:

I agree, a shoot til kill competition would be great. Not really realistic for 6 minutes though, since as you saw, even the small ships like yours only got killed all the way if they got lagshot, or chained badly.


Thats why i’m still thinking about how to go about it :stuck_out_tongue:


Prefab Tier 1a with 4 miniguns and go. Thats enough for 6 minutes to kill :joy: