Sunday SV Showdown! - event



Withdrawing my participation. I wish to take back the stuff I had offered. I hope everyone understands, no hard feelings. According to some people we are toxic and bad for community. I apologize for doing this. I hope you all understand.


Withdrawal taken into account, event tho i don’t know what just happened…


Base is done, here’s location.


Drama. Expect the rest of OP4 to pull out of participation as well.



@A.F.T you don’t want to come maybe?


Took you this long to realise?

Just kidding… you’ve actually been pretty reasonable on the forums lately :kissing_heart: . Matt less so :persevere:

As there’s 25 people participating so far and only prizes for the top 3, TCH will contribute little party bags for everyone that takes part: 100,000 in credits and 999 spotlights.


Lets do it. Im fighting. Sounds like mich fünf!


Any chance for a late entry? :slight_smile: No problem if it’s an inconvenience.


Both of you are in.


Looks like I can make it tonight after all :slight_smile: see you later



Ok, here’s the starting brackets and randomization list.
Who passes to round 2 in order to have the bracket viable was randomized by the program.

This is subject to slight changes as AlexAKM and archangel may not show up.


hay fulgrim can you add ali in the match too he should be home in time lol


I would like to participate if possible or just look at least


Added both.


I am ready, not to late? :wink:
nik : Co6upatejib


Final roster


Im out.

  1. PvP planet wtih active random BAs and HVs…
  2. After spawn clone SV, it was shooted down. (No fight, but ship already shotdown. gg)
  3. another 20++++ min spam about parts for SV - no respone.
  4. hour goes - only 3 fights. All cool, but tomorrow Monday! Need get early and go work. If we need so much time for fights, better go St… But as it is - its hard.
  5. Random fire near event-base, dmg to clone and main SV… 3-4 fps, mass ride and random shots. Sorry, but Im rly too tired.

Good idea, but realization little bit fail.


And its done… what an exhausting but enjoyable evening!

First of all - thank you for everyone who came, especially for @RexXxuS who made it possible with his dedication and staying way overdue, and @Wiseman738 and @zappe21 that helping me launch fights! Thank you!
Also congratulation to our winners!
1st Place - Stunner666
2nd Place - McProuty (N0secondbest)
3rd Place - Wiseman

Now, i owe an apology - the start was slow and messy. Sadly its the first time something in such a scale is made, and it slowed everything down.
We did not predict the admin tool will be dying from the load, making us unable to spawn ship at the needed rate to quickly launch fights, nor did we predict bases being placed around the event compound. I didn’t organize it so we get over discord, and the chat was just going too fast to properly take care of everything We learned from it however, and hopefully it will allow us to improve on the next edition. To much stuff was done at the last minute… And for all that i am truly sorry, as it may have worsened the experience for some.

Even though there’s been downsides, i’m happy. Overall i feel the event was a success, thank to all the amazing players that came over. There was some pretty good fights, there was some laughs, everyone stayed fair play to the very end.
I’m exhausted, but satisfied, and i hope everyone had at least some fun, and will want to come back for a second edition. Better organized, and free of this times mistakes (also free of those colossal undestructible ships).

Thank you again everyone for attending!


Had a fantastic time, especially the moderately structured free for all at the end. Amazing, and thanks again Fulgrim for throwin this together. Streamed the whole day today, including the first 6 hours building my ship, so feel free to skip that bit and get to the exciting part pretty much at the 6 hour mark.

Btw The class 1 SV I created for the event (in the stream above) is published to the workshop now. Named Tear Catcher because the net up front made me think of a dream catcher. Because reasons.