SV/CV/BA Weapons Limit

After a recent changes its all quite confusing. For me its game over as it goes wrong direction but i decided to help my faction with designing of structures which leaves me with as less suffering from Empy as possible.

For that i need to know exact numbers of weapons and turrets i can put on my creations. Rexxx or Jascha could you please tell us what exactly we can use on our creations? SV/CV/BA

It’s not their limit.

It’s the game.

The max count for the block is listed in game on the block description.

Also - it’s actually a pretty good change - I suggest playing with it fir a bit before you cast such harsh judgment on it.

Elfias, those limits won’t stay, it’s the first step for the devs to balance the weapons, they don’t want to keep a limit for each gun/turret, but a limit for the global vessels is their goal which is good.

Wrote everything down already.

See Rules page or just here…

Thanks Rexxx. To explain…no rush judgement, no complains. I just wanted to see clear nembers to know what to build.

lol oh you made it presentation, god damn you :smiley: Oh my, no matter what i try this is not for me i suppose, just spend 520 euros on gtx 1070 to get some performance. I failed. This is full time job oh my.

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