SV Dogfight Event

Now accepting victims…err I mean willing volunteers to test fly small vessels in dogfight matches on Golden Globe in NA. This is an old time event started long ago by some of our friendly pirates in ABN. All supplies will be provided (be sure to cb:sethome as always.) The tour bus will be at the space garage in ECC HQ to pick up pilots and head to Nova where the experimental ships await. Each participant will claim a ship and fly to the globe for a blast! Fun and prizes to all who join in the mayhem!. Sign up now and reserve your slot.


Where do you sign up?

u just did :wink:
I have ships fueled and ready to roll. Just need pilots and we can start. Would like to make it reoccurring if possible. These are a lot of fun with proper planning. We can schedule future events at any time.



@Bob I really enjoyed this event you guys hosted. I believe everyone involved had a good time and many new players probably came away with a better understanding of the pvp mechanics on this server. I would love to be involved in more events like this in the future. Thanks!


Fantastic initiative guys


getting more ships ready for tonight if anyone is interested


I’m in! :slight_smile: What time?

Awesome idea, Bob! I will try to be there for this one, but might have to work. I’ll encourage my faction to join as this will be a wonderful opportunity to practice sv skills!

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I would like to have one this weekend. Already have 6 ships spawned and can make plenty more at any time.

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12 ships loaded and waiting to be smashed up. Find a buddy and sign up here.


will try and get @gareth or @RexXxuS with me as soon as i have stable internet =) Seems like much fun

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Still have ships to smash up before the end of the season. Need pilots.


You gonna do this again before the season is done.

I would be in for this weekend sometime!

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definitely! let’s get everyone together to pick a day/time. post ur availability here and we can make this happen :slight_smile:

If it’s possible to do it around or inbetween 7 PM or 12 PM (servertime), then I don’t mind joining :slight_smile:

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so request for 12:00 & 19:00 server time. that would be 6AM & 1PM EST US time. on weekends i am available for both of these times.

i would like to include there are prizes for last 3 standing and all pilots will be getting 1mil credits for participating.


Agree with dark on servertime. But friday or sunday is best for me to join. Sober on saturday :joy:

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I can be available from 3ish server time Satirday and sunday morning.

no dat/time has been agreed upon yet. i will make sure i am available to run the show this Saturday night after the eton event in NA. shooting for around 8PM US EST. that’s 2AM NA server time.

post here if u want to join.