SWP camped warp point, lost cv 4 sv 4 hv

We came out of warp to these swp ships camping there. we lost our CV, most of our ressources, 4 Small vessels, and 4 Hover Vessels. We cant enter anything now, “wrong faction or no core”.

And all of our faction members are stuck there now. Can we do anything about this?

Will investigate but make sure to use the proper format:

will keep that in mind, im kinda new to the game and server.

No problem. Describe in that post also from where to where you wapred please. Thanks

We warped from trader Planet to Gold Planet.


SWP did not camp on Warp point. SWP was not even online on Homeworld.
Its a bad bug that if you relog sometimes appear in a different Medic bay. That happend to AXt. All of them reloged in a SWP ship. Their ships were still at warp point alone and intact.