SWP cheats

I ask admin how many times do SWP have to cheat before they get a major ban? We have proved prove and you have seen yourselves? So again I ask when will the punishment fit the crime?

Why do you consider us cheaters? you first prove it, and then blame us if you don’t understand the mechanics of the game can you blame us?

Cool story bro. But… Mb u post that “crime”, before telling us so interesting and very important story?..

Lol! Please list it cheats! ? Maybe: god mode? Undestructible ships? One hit kill? Super homing missiles (i launch it from homeword and it hit you bunker) ? Unfinite ammo? (we too have full ocd).

Maybe you don’t undestand finaly with who you are fighting? You accustomed win in CV battle when you have 3 ship to one of us (just count turrets count) and just “kill” us by lags in 5.0. So get down to earth again. From pre alpha i make most of the best SV on all this game (i love time when we do not have homing missile). So time of SV and personal skill is back.

P.S. All exploits and game bugs we send to the RexXxuS or Jascha or Devs when we found it and tested. And we do for this game more that all of you (PKA\TCH) together. Just relax and play game my friends - it is alpha game and we all testers. So test it and not inflate your ego.

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If you cant prove someone is cheating/exploiting then don’t waste the communities time.

Admins will BAN those who cheat. If they weren’t banned the admins determined you did
not provide adequate evidence.

Never heard of player faction SWP so cant comment on their integrity but if you cant handle
them without whining on forums. What happens when you run into one of the hardcore
PvP factions on HWS.

Looks like your an new player here, but swp is the oldest pvp faction in HWS history, i respect their will force to raid, but sometimes they overstep with bending some rules, but i dont judge until proven guilty, and personal message to swp, stop messing with my underground base, its only to be used for humanitary missions :sunglasses:

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Oh man. This is gonna get good.

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10% of gold and all be good! :joy:

This is a discussion on theory until there’s some accusations + evidence.

We are indeed investigating some potential exploits and some evidence has been provided that is allowing that investigation to occur. That takes time. If and when we find the details definitively point to a player, we’ll take action. We recently took harsh penalties for some folks caught doing the ATM Exploit.

The problem is nearly every one of the people who participate in pvp have been accused of cheating – if we banned everyone who got accused, we would have a very sweet PVE Minecraft server full of hugs and rainbows.

I get that can be frustrating. But consider what we have to go through to do due dilligence to cull out frivilous claims – often with a lack of good evidence. And sometimes, even with evidence, its difficult to track down WHO did exactly what to make that exploit occur. What may appear clearcut in a screenshot can be difficult to find a source for.

In the topic of “punishment to fit the crime”, I agree to a degree here and we will be having harsher penalties for rule breaking. “Bending” the rules will become more risky. The ban hammer is swinging.

Help us nail the bad guys… Thats the best we can do.

PS: Keep the discussion clean please!

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Hmm jascha so the evidence with his own eyes yesterday and even admitted they cheated in our discord. He removed the parts used in the cheat/exploit. I am asking what the punishment is and how many times do they need to be punished? Almost everyday we are showing evidence and yet they are still here.

this is on EU I guess your own NA. I am not whining infact if I was I would have been saying stuff for weeks. They is no question about it admin have seen the evidence, admitted it. I am asking what the punishment is and how many times will they be punished.

Let me catch up on that event. I would support perma-banning chronic rule breakers… But im the lowest guy on the totem pole. :wink:

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please do its like we have to deal with their cheating everyday from underground turrets to spawning through bunker bay doors. Spend most of our time cleaning up

bad enough dealing OP4 (offline raiders)

I wouldn’t see banning people as the best way to deal with them, rather -5% out of each ocd slot for every major offence, and they will make it a point not to abuse/exploit or become space hobo’s in a month. SWP you love pushing the boundaries don’t play innocent :stuck_out_tongue:

It typically is not, i agree. Thats why we do other things in addition to “deleting the fault” that hit them where it hurts. The issue is that a) its not announced how we punish in totality, and b) not everyone agrees (KILL EM ALL!)

Some are more persistent than others, of course. …

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Tell us when your online next and Op4 will still smash your bases, take your loot and leave
a HV behind to kill you when you come back from combat logging.


I only posted in here as I asked jascha and he never replied. Also what ever punishment you guys give them DOES NOT WORK as they still do it.

@Mattcore37k combat log really has anyone every known TCH/PKA EU every back down from a fight.

Please just no, your posts are usually enough, try to keep low profile please, for the good of us all. I dont want to get enywhere near you, stay on NA do your stuff there, just spare us of yourself.

Gunslinger I did logged off once for few hours when i Found OP4 finishing their offline raid. Put some fight in Assault Tank tho. For SWP can you please stop spawning same underbedrock bases with underground turrets and play fair? Do you realize if you not get punished even with those 50 screenshots, witnesses i belive even Jasha deleted one of those bases on GG. Then I’m gonna spawn base with every ‘rule bend’ I know in place winch gonna hurt you most and it will be so ‘bend’ that you have to spend week to remove it ?