SWP unkillable?

So SWP raided our base and after the battle we found two ships who were almost completly destroyed but still showing as having core inside, we tried shooting evrywhere on it but no good results…

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What do you mean with

i cant use my multi tool on it and it still says [SWP] in the name, so i cant place an core either.

Rex, it’s the same bug i already show you if you remembered in HWS 3.0 on the toll north, after a big fight with SWP all theirs CV/SV/HV were with no core but still show SWP faction, pb is our turrets are still shooting at dead structures.

In the last picture, i activate the tower with all the turrets and they were shooting everywhere even in the ground like they target smth but there is nothing :confused: one on the artillery even shoot digging a tunnel until bedrock below ship.

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Yeah we had the exact same issue with two ships we recently killed.

Nothing left but a few blocks but still faction tagged.

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Hey Thranir.
Can you send me the date and approx time, playfield and if you have shipname or id of the swp ships
(You can also send this via Pm if needed)

Then I can look into it better.


Guys, its not a bug, but it is part of the game mechanic. Even if there is no core, you can acces to a control panel via Esc menu. So you can acces any structure without a core. Is it an exploit or not - that must be decided by developers. SWP guys might the best experts of the ingame mechanic of empyrion and they doing a great job to make this game better.

Yes they used bugs. Look that SWP ship called Kiev. Every ship hast the name at the top of the Ship. At the Kiev you coult see the name in long long range under the ship… Never seen that bevore. I think they used a Core bug. And they still attacking TS-Server after they loose fights… thats funny. SWP is not the fairest looser at all :smiley:

@ Thranir… I hope they destroyed your Base :smiley: Do you know that your Base tower could fire through Mountains and stone ?? Thats so hard sucky and really a bug… sux sux sux hard

How is this an exploit? All it does is move the core away from the original core marker. Turrets still work fine against it.

LBP does the exact same for all their ships and so does every other pvp faction we’ve come across.

I want to see that idiot, which gonna build 15k blocks ship from zero, for using THAT bug.

Btw, If u rly believe, that I do that - try to prove. I play 5.0 near 10-12 hours (at all) and already lost Kiev mk1 and build new one, Kiev mk2… So, I w8. Or I need to understand this like groundless accusations???

@Jascha or @RexXxuS or @Achilles u could check Kiev in Pirate starter system. Right now, I’m busy, so couldnt play a lot, so its parked there. U could check it - have I used any bugs, or someone want accuse me with no proofs?


Given that I have the official BP of that ship, I can confirm that it uses zero exploits at all.

But hey LBP gets accused of our ships being exploits - so not sure how much me vouching for it matters…


Thank you, we will do so. But to be sure we would take one from the backup. Just need to get back to “work”. Still on half-duty half rest :slight_smile:

If you still see the base shown on the minimap, the core is probably at bedrock. Just blast a hole all the way down. Make sure you are right over the base marker on the minimap because it seems like that icon shows the x/y position of the core.

Some people will also place a base above ground to fool you and another one directly below ground at bedrock, so when you have killed the above ground base, you might think you have finished. But that’s just a decoy.

It is a ship in the pictures, not a base

I just had this exact issue happen with my ship when ZC killed it.

“Prolapsed Pacifist” was cored by ZC. I placed a core down and set LBP, then it got blown up, placed another core and it was blown up as I had the control panel open, I set faction to LBP but ship showed up with no core. I could not reopen the P menu, core was totally gone but ship was still LBP.

Did not find anything suspicious.

Anyone an Idea how to reproduce it?

Place a core on a ship that has been cored.

Open the P menu.

Another person blows up the core. (1 person might be able to do this with a det charge on the core)

P menu remains open.

Set ship to your faction.

Now your ship is set to a faction but there is no core.

I am unsure if I could have placed another core as I had no cores left and all cargo was blown up. I suspect I could have placed another core and if it were blown up my ship would have again lost the faction tag.

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So basically all ppl using this to make this bug happens, are exploiting since months…not a good news.

Thanks a lot.

It’s not exactly useful to anyone. The ship still has no core. You cannot power it up.