SWP uses 100% BUG ... OMG What a Suprise

Hi, pls look that SWP Ship at Pluto Orbit. Today at 15.40 o Clock we fight SWP in Pluto Orbit. So we win against that Ship. But! We cant loot that Ship. Ur Autotowers (How fires automatic to the Core) shoot a BIIIIG hole in that ship. But there is no Core!!! the Towers shoot through that ship!!! The Rockets fly around that ship and cant attack it. cause they cant find the core too. But the Ship ist Still Marked on SWP an Turrets dont stop to shoot.

Here some Pictures. Its so Hard sucky bug using or cheating I dont know… but its for you Admins. And that is not the first time… I hope that ship is still in the Orbit. Or SWP Destroy it quickly…

I like to see destroyed SWP ships :joy:


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censored my ship^^

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It’s a bug - they are able to set faction on the ship after the core is destoryed leaving the ship in faction but with no core. They will be able to replace the core themselves when they arrive to reclaim the ship.

Unfortunately it’s also fairly easy to trigger this bug totally by accident as well as totally intentionally so it’ll be tough to prove that this was intentional and not “Ooops sorry my core got blown up right as I set it faction.”

We’ve run into this bug against other factions on NA and I accidentally triggered it myself - I think it’s been passed on to the Devs by HWS admins so expect a fix soon I hope.

Its still an exploit and some people use it all the time.

I don’t disagree with you - I’m just explaining what’s going on.

At the moment there is a way to build your ship exactly so! But its 100% BUG Using they know that…

It Sux

It has nothing to do with the ship design. You cannot fly it or power it up without a core but you can set faction on it and so on without a core.

I have the full BP of the ship you guys killed, there is nothing fishy about it. They’re resetting faction after the ship has been cored.

Boring. Tons of the same Threads with the same accusations. Someone didnt read forum…

We can’t know if intentionally or not.
But we know that this brought the needed intention to us + devs so we created a ticket for them and they fixed it for the patch 5.1 which comes out in few weeks.

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Destroy?))) It could be repaired fast and still fight. Or go on parts for new one. n1 ship.

Alex - Please fly some Ring Things on the EU server. <3

Need finish all my work right now (didnt feel this holidays - tons of work). But little bit later I craft it for sure ^^

[quote=“Mordgier, post:4, topic:3396”]
“Ooops sorry my core got blown up right as I set it faction.”
[/quote]How can that accidentally happen? The only way this can happen is if you place a new core during combat and the enemy shoots it again at the exact same moment you set it to faction. Chances of this happening by accident are REALLY low unless I miss a more obvious accidental way?

That’s actually exactly how it happened to me. You make it sound like placing cores in combat is a rare event. It’s in fact very common now to have to replace a core in combat - and the second it’s placed EVERY ship even those in your faction will try to kill the core. So yeah its’ very likely that you’ll hit P, bring up the panel, and have the core blown up with panel up then set faction.

I tell u a secret, but u could set it how u wonna in any moment of the time, after it lost the core… But tssssssssssssssssss - its secret :slight_smile:

We know this secret - although I think it’s best it’s kept that way till 5.1 fixes the issue outright.

And I really really really hope you’re not using this secret because that would make me defending you guys really difficult.

All PvP-factions on EU use it as well. Most of them use it at beginning 4.0, for draining ammo on our gold-bases…

So because this can not be proven, we can basically abuse this fully because again, can’t be proven… That sucks… Hope 5.1 will come faster. Glad I play mostly PVE atm. PVP so broken.

Yeah but come on it’s an outright exploit. It’s not even a gray area. It certainly wasn’t used on NA and I didn’t see it till 5.0 hit.

You can’t exactly complain about false exploit accusations and then use an exploit because ‘others do’.

If you’re knowingly and intentionally setting cored ships to your faction - you should be punished.

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