Tackle Rule - SV running into CV or vice versa

Sorry, you have been banned contact an Admin or create a forum post - so I’m creating a forum post.

I was told by an admin that I was banned because a CV tackled a SV - well that’s interesting because CVs can tackle CVs. Why? Well it’s because when a CV hits a CV they aren’t immobilized, but when a SV tackles a CV it becomes immobilized.

So, I was banned because I accidentally had a SV clip inside of me while trying to put myself between a SV and an ally structure. That said, the enemy SV was able to clear itself in a matter of seconds and was able to go on about it’s merry way. To be clear I am not going to discuss who was actually at fault in this situation - what I want to call out is this whole ‘tackling’ issue.

A CV cannot tackle a SV, why? Because the SV can press O and move itself out and be pretty much unscathed. The CV on the other hand cannot - that is why it is illegal for SVs to tackle a CV. Now if a CV wants to move use it’s superior body mass to make things difficult for a SV it should be able too, after all it is putting itself at risk of being immoblized in a fight in a fight, and that’s because the SV can just up and fly away.

This rule means that CVs and SVs cannot come into contact with each other in ANYWAY, the reason being now there is a good chance one of the two structures will clip and it will be a tackle, even by accident. A carefully manipulated video stream can then be used to get that person banned.

Scenarios 1.- A CV flies behind a SV to cut off it’s escape, SV pilot isn’t paying attention and backs into the CV clipping it and tackling it. Clearly an accident right? Not every SV pilot has the ability to see behind them.

Scenario 2 - A CV tries to put itself between an enemy and an ally, the issue here is the point of view on a CV is such they can’t see the very front of their nose and they end up bumping the enemy SV, clipping and getting tackled. The enemy SV can now choose to press O and pull out and/or immobilize the CV - the CV is helpless unless the SV tries to escape.

In both of these situations, an accident can easily happen. PvP combat is chaotic, and it isn’t possible for the pilots to be completely aware of their surroundings due to having a limit point of view. This limits PvP combat now, since either pilot could use video recording to have the other one punished.

There seems to be three solutions here:

  1. When piloting a CV make sure you stay far away from your opponent, this limits your ability to use your extra health and bulky size as a tactical advantage. It can also be difficult due to SVs having a higher max speed. It also makes PvP boring since now you’ll just see two ships just flying in a big circle instead of doing manueavers to get into blind spots.

  2. Get rid of this tackling rule. A true tackle only really incurs when a SV flies inside of an enemies hanger bay and makes it so they can’t move or flies on top of an enemy CV when it’s on the ground. This will PvP to be a little more difficult for CVs to be on ground, but at least they can still use their bulky size as a tactical advantage.

  3. Petition Eleon to get rid of the ‘You can’t fly because you have an undocked SV inside of you’ mechanic.

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You know it is sad that this is becoming an issue. Problem is that HWS has to try to make the rule balance. Sadly though you are right you can not disable a SV the same way you can CV. Also with this rule anyone in a CV stands a chance to be banned as some SV could be so small you could easily loose track of them. Then you hit them and bang you are guilty of tackleing and banned?

I dont know if you are aware Rex did announce it but will remind you. Rex is on vacation til Monday. Jascha (dont know I spelled that right) will be back on Friday. Try to stay low key give him a chance to review things. I dont know only the details you mention I am not an admin just a player like you. Would like to think though that they would give this another look for you. That is if you play your cards right.

Good luck. Thought it might help to know you are not the only one that understands and agrees with what you are saying.

I’m afraid the problem here is bad will on your side.

Assuming it wasn’t intentional, which i’m not sure off, you backed off into an SV, which quickly made what it could to escape the entrails of your CV (not firing at the exposed components from the inside, and tacking damage in the process).

The “accident” as you call that, could have ended up here.

You however right after came crying to the forum and the admins about being tackled, and how bad everyone of the atackers is (which, given past OP4 reputation, i was quick to belive). I, however, did not see the video fromt the other side then.


I never complained about being tackling. I am discussing the issue of the rule, please add your thoughts on the rule and the game mechanics as they currently stand.

Well, need to confess :slight_smile:
Scenario 3
SV trying to maneuver between 2 enemy CVs(hope that CVs friendly fire deals some damage). And somehow get inside the hollow part of CV(named Galactica, AFAIR). No hangar. No way out. Blind(no front view from inside the SV - armored cabin - only 3rd party view). Almost deafen by explosions. Well, I tried to make the way out, but was annihilated one way or another. I believe in this case I made this CVs immobile. But wtf being trapped inside some hollow part if another vessel.
Regarding hollow part - was able to look around a bit, when was killed.

One of the biggest problems from the way I see it is that to get under a cv’s guns with a sv its logical to get as close as possible so that maybe only 1/10th of the guns can reach you with most of its body blocking the other guns, I think the only real solution is for the devs to revert this change to cv’s not moving when a sv is there, there is no other option.

Nope, you weren’t. I hope I clarified this in our latest PM exchange … :slight_smile:

I was fighting in the skirmish in an sv on the side of OP4 and would say that Ranzth is an honourable fighter and has Op4’s full respect. Although it did fell like at the time some attempts at pining where being tried it was also apparent you was simply trying to put the cv between our sv’s and your allies base so we don’t see this as an issue.

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My thoughts on this post are : You are looking for sympathy for breaking the rules trying to justify rule breaking.

You are wrong a CV can stop a SV from moving completely and if needed we can do a video showing how it works for everybody to get a better understanding, you can’t explain much through text when it comes to actual gameplay. This whole rant above is pretty sad considering it was a 24 hour ban, not a week not a month, a 24 hour ban. I have been banned in the past for saying the wrong thing in chat, 24 hour ban, did I go on forums creating post on why chat rules are bad? No I took my punishment and waited to play again… You are disabling a player from moving and causing internal components to burst from contact in PVP play field. It’s how the game mechanics are sir.

Watch video again, clearly shows your CV hitting SV and going inside it… That then causes internal damage to components/devices while hendering movement.

Oh so there is a mechanic that keeps a SV from moving the same way you can stop a CV? I dont believe it. I would not believe anything you say Colin your reputation follows you. Servers I have known you to play on you have been banned forever on therefore your words can not be trusted. Sorry but there is no possible reason why devs would have set up SV to not move when CV is near. If that was the case then how would you get the SV off the CV? So I am calling BS.

In the end the same rule applying for a SV being tacked as a CV is just silly. You have a big CV you can not see around the entire thing. It is much more likely to bump a SV and not even see it. That is the same concept as a Tractor Trailer hitting a car that is on his right because he dont know its there. Car should not be that close if they fear being hit. Now at the same time landing a SV on a CV you can not say oh did not see the thing. No different than the car hitting the truck. Clearly the car seen the truck. It is just silly and of course there are those in the PVP world that like these things as they have played around and learned how to fully exploit this CV issue. That was made clear by RED.

I watched on server community cease to exist because there were way too many stupid rules on PVP. Owner was foolish as he tried to make the rules to benefit his play style. That community is now gone once at the top now just gone. I hope to not see HWS do this. Guys there is no way a SV accidentally hits a CV and then does not move. You can not say you did not see it. On the other hand it would be foolish to think that any CV owner can see everything all around them all the time. Unless you scroll your camera a mile out which would mean that SV is even smaller and harder to see. I can see where if this tackling rule is apply to CV the way it is to SV there will be those in the smallest SV they can make sneaking over near a CV then video the CV turning into it and calling foul.

Just grow up guys stop trying to find unfair ways to win a fight. Stop acting like it is more than just a game. I have a feeling that move people using these cheat/exploits are not under 15 so you know what you are doing. Why is it so important to say you beat so and so that you have to cheat?

A non factual and personal attack on Collin from you I see. I strongly recommend you remove your statement asap. I can see you attack on Colin as being highly offensive.

If you look at the video it looks like Ranzeth was trying to either pin colin or block colin from sniping the base turrets but the sv and cv merged and colin’s sv got stuck in the cv so I don’t think that was Ranzeth;s intention so probably should not have a ban and Colin got upset because he lost an sv through a glitch in the game rather than the skill of an opponent.

The key question here is it ok to pin a sv or hv on the ground with a cv so a fellow member can kill them if so then fine if not then we all know.

Withdrawing comment

I’m sure you have enough problems to deal with and I do like to deal in FACTS rather than FICTION.

You are aware that Colin was banned for posting a message calling the admins out for copying his bp’s and distributing them to there faction friends and I got band for simply asking dose the server admins think its ok to use god mode to access and copy players bp’s

So Dawg you don’t know as much as you think, this is why some players should keep their speculation’s and accusations to themselves until they have all the facts (good day to you sir)

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Withdrawing comment

You are truly right I don’t know you only of your reputation in chat, as I said I like facts not name calling or attacking player’s character which has no bearing on this topic what so ever. I ask you again stop accusing players and diverting from the subject in hand

Bye for now

Took this private

Lol! RAMMING it is cool. but you like always start mess. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXq3dytL6ZA

This discussion isn’t here to discuss the situation, but to discuss the rule.

We could turn this into a whole hot mess of he/she said he/she did, but I’d prefer we discuss the merits of CVs/SVs colliding . It’s pretty obvious to me that a SV using the undocked landing ‘bug’ violates fair play rules, but a CV bumping into a SV or even a SV bumping into a CV by accident does not seem appropriate, as too many accidents can happen. All a CV has to do is be behind a SV and the SV can ‘tackle’ him.

So let’s keep on topic please.