Tax time changed

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What happened: Due to daylight savings, the time Taxes are applied changed in the states today, and now im 8.541.313 in debt. I tried to stealth my ship for the reboot, but it didn’t go threw until after reboot. My sv (backup bee) was their
Player(s) with issue: lizelive
Time (cb:time): 5 09:10
Playfield: ECC
Structure Name(s): backup bee
Structure ID(s): 25054396
How can we help you now: Reseting my debt, or telling me what to do would be ammazing
5 09:10 Stealth put ship ‘backup bee’ (25054396) into stealth mode
5 09:10 Tax paid 8.541.313 credits tax for backup bee (25054396)

Hello @lizelive

I restored the tax for now.

I can’t stress out enough that all the timezone / time change stuff doesn’t matter, because it’s the server time which is important.
So please make sure to make familiar yourself with the command “cb:time”.

Only that time is important.

Thanks RexXus,
Learned for future.
Second point, is 8m for a ship that size expected?

Yes check here please

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