Tax wooooooooooot

hello hws team i am getting charged -Your total tax you have to pay per day is: 1587963.9 credits! lol on todays time line lol i would love to pay it but i aint got that much soz whoopsy lmao
regards and with love smudgybear :wink:

get that multi tool ready :wink:

tax is disabled for tomorrow

it also looks like there are miss calculations, I have a 201.2k bill when the formulas say it should be a 2.4k bill, something aint right there.

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I left the server for about 2 full weeks due to my newborn, just looked yesterday and parking a small 1k block 190 device CV on trader world left me 103mil in back taxes lol I like the idea of it but wow, glad to hear its a miscalculation.