Taxing PVP space

Why is pvp space being taxed? I can understand not allowing bases, and even restricting it to 1 private CV per player given the issues with cores, but there is no reason to preclude people from being abel to operate on planets like JU, through the use of a shuttle on the planet and their CV in space. This isn’t promoting your savored and beloved PVP mentality, rather it forces everyone into your peacekeepr systems.

The reason for this is from back in 4.0, when it was noticed that homeworld core count would persistantly be high, from the sheer number of factions with deep space bases, wanting to be close to the action. When that action happened, it bordered on gamebreaking at a certain point, because Empyrion Playfields get unstable at high core count. Tax on major playfields are to nudge offline cores out of the high use areas, in order to make pvp more stable. That is it.


Funny thing is that pve is not taxed at all, while we pvp people need to avoid getting taxed, avoid getting wiped from orbit cough golden globe orbit cough CV battles is just a memory now, while the HV/SV main focus.

Like if you have an base on golden globe excluding the HWS bunker you get resource package per day or something.

GLOBAL SOLUTION TO ALL PROBLEMS OFFLINE PROTECTION, Rexxus should just enable it and see how it works out :slight_smile:


+1 for Offline protection, it seems that more and more ppl are fed up being offline raided for months now, it’s not Player Vs Player.

Even without the long awaited timer still not added, it should be better than offline raiding, we had more ppl in pvp when we were around 50 max players back in old good days, than now :frowning:

As Thranir says, let’s give it a try and see how it works :smiley:

Wasn’t offline protection ABUSED?

Offline protection it is madness and exploitable, It do not fix. Better forget it.

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Always the same guys saying that and love offline raiding…i wonder why :roll_eyes:

They are taxtin gthe pvp space as people are building there and are causing so much lag than when ppl actually do have a pvp fight they lag to much due to all the structures ect there.
there are a lot of people in pvp now due to the donor planets being on another server.
Hence the tax rex wants pvp arears to be able to run better with out lag so you guys can have some pvp fighting without too much lag! and can you balme him.
he’s trying to make things easier for pvp fighting and now just ppl hiding out in different areas.
Yea i know its a pain in the butt and finding araeas to gater recorses ect is a apin too as well as finding some pve palces to be BUT dosent it make the game a little harder and more interesting and more survival for you guys?

No, it doesn’t.

Well he better start taxing pve planets then and orbits to avoid lag.

Haha i think taxing PVP is the worst action ever… as sctually 99% of the players live on the 3 new PVE planets or Peacekeeper space… completely tax free.

Im sure tax in PVP will strongly encourage player to live there.

This is the next step to changing HWS into a carebear paradise :slight_smile:

The best next move to help PVP is to reactivate offline protection and begin to tax PVE playfield, so even new ppl with a minimum of ressources may try to settle in pvp and participate in epic fights.

Right now we got a few pvp players fed up with offline raiding and overcrowed PVE playfields, like we’re back to square one :confused:

So we got a very good new Universe, but just need some adjustements here and there :smiley:

Add offline protection and server is doomed. Just letting you know now. I had to bring admin out to PVP planets daily because people would log out mid fight and OP would come hit me in the face/kill me instantly. So then it was much more work for admins to come see if they “combat logged” or not… And all that good stuff. Some people have bad computers… YOU DC AND YOUR SHIP IS INVINCIBLE SO STFU AND USE YOUR BRAIN PEOPLE.

It would be FAR too easy to exploit it and with how many Care Bears we have… THEYD be getting smashed and just log out… End of story. That’s how it goes on other servers and that’s how it would go here. Even with the “no combat logging” rule … People still did it. It’s hard to tell it they DC or if they logged out mid fight.

We all know you’re an offline raiding lover so just shut up pls.


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I raid if they are online or offline, so shut up.

Thank you… It’s all up to them wether or not their base can hold me back from they LOOTZ.

Colin your the biggest carebear of them all, so why would you care if offline protection or not? i mean you dont even live in pvp space just come out in the morning to raid the real pvpers who live and fight in pvp.

The day i see you owning an base in pvp that you made yourself! i would have grown grey hair…

Man you just demonstrate us your lack of knowledge…you actually need only 1 HV with 1 AT to actually take any kind of base in this game when ppl are not online to defend…so pls spare us the “USE YOUR BRAIN” thing…

That is not true. Ask UMC if they were able to offline raid my bases on concordia?? They weren’t … Id show up with 6-7 of them trying to kill my base… Watching them lag out and get rekt by turrets. Yes learn2play and you’ll have a base that defends itself.

I live on PVP planets all the time. In 5.0 I was living on PVP the entire time, never ONCE lost a base due to offline raiding besides when I was a NOOB and I dug too many tunnels around my base “didn’t have turrets down stairs” they walked right in.