Teleport Monolith no portal active (ECC)

Teleport Monolith no portal active. I cannot teleport.

Try to solve the Puzzle first.

I tried, but failed to solve it. There are 12 levers. Turned on everything - it doesn’t work, turned it off - it doesn’t work. There are no clues to solve this puzzle nearby.

It’s because you aren’t suppost to turned them all on :slight_smile:
The monolith’s turn on in a code system.
It’s easy to use the monolith’s once you know how to decrypt the codes.

Spoiler / Hint

On the monolith, try looking for some white lines (<–That was a big hint)
They’re on some pillars.

And I can guarantee everything works, and there are definitely clues.


Thank you very much for that. It remains only to figure out what kind of word i need to write. I explored the monolith, but did not find the word.

Read the hint I gave you. It’s a puzzle. You need to solve it in order to actually figure out how to use the monoliths.

one thing that is not very clear is the planetary address. this is what u will need to spell out. go to ur sector map and open planet info. the description has a planetary address listed if a monolith exists on it. perhaps this should be renamed to teleport monolith address?

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It really doesn’t take long to figure out the codes for the symbols to activate which portal you desire. Once you stumble on the first portal by chance it goes rather fast.

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Last season @Cyanfire, OH, and I attacked Titan in the middle of the week, Cyan was already on the other side with a few people ready to attack but we couldn’t figure out the monolith. Eventually, FV started teleporting over. I took a wild guess and flew from Atlantis to EGS HQ. There I took a photo of the combination to get to Titan and texted it to everyone at Atlantis. I proceeded to mess with all the levers, forcing them to run around trying to correct it. After a few minutes I quit, but the lesson here @sanja2 Is that you don’t necessarily have to solve it, you can always put some pressure on someone who has already done it.

our you could ask for assistance. seems to work quite well these days. some of the puzzles are quite brutal. there are several i would not know unless someone showed me how to figure them out. some clues are subtle and some are staring right at you. just need to know where to look. discussion is the key to success.

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