The day of magical disappearances

It is from this morning that ships disappear for no reason …
I lost a ship this morning because it disappeared and reappeared on the opposite side of the planet, when I reached it disappeared again and returned to its original position but it was completely destroyed! Some users have said that there is a bug in the green barrier of the planets … not good …

The worst thing happened this afternoon, I logged out in blackhole playfield, I did not know anything about the wipe and I think it is unacceptable in a game already bugged to add on purpose ship disappearances … especially in a game where it takes HOURS to build one. Sometimes I have to log out quickly and I can not login when I want, because like all human beings I have to eat, sleep and do something else. Administrators can reimburse victims of bugs easily and instead add more magical disappearances on purpose? in a game where it takes hours to build?

I can be more careful next time but now I want back the vehicles I lost in BlackHole because I lost everything without fighting and without doing anything and this is unacceptable in a game of this type.

please can you fill in the answwers to this question

What happened:
Player(s) with issue:
Server: Time (cb:time):
Playfield: Structure Name(s):
Structure ID(s):
What do you want us to do:

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What happened:
One ship after another has disappeared without fighting and without doing anything, I lost everything.

Player(s) with issue: Venom

Server: Time (cb:time): don’t know, was offline

Playfield: Structure Name(s): BlackHole orbit

Structure ID(s):
“Destroyer” CV, Explorer Mk 3 SV, and “Tank” HV (cannot see IDs, I lost everything)

What do you want us to do:
I want back my 3 vehicles and the resources inside, is unacceptable that the structures disappear for no reason in a game where it takes hours to build them!

looking into this now for you

I’m glad to hear it

Hey, sorry to hear about your problems.

Let me tell you whats also unacceptable. The hours and hours that we put into creating content, updating guides, ensuring warnings are in place so that everyone is informed of the rules, restrictions and operations of the server and playfields. The time it takes to ensure you provide us with the correct information for us to be able to help you and finally the time it takes to find your stuff and restore it and all the while some people forget they’re playing in an Alpha game with bugs (Green Wall) and continue to jump around the universe without having much idea where they’re leaving their stuff.
We too are Human and need to eat, sleep and do other things.

Now, this once Ill help you but, as you’re probably unaware I’d better tell you there is a cost involved.

Destroyer will cost you - CR 536,544 + 3RP
Tank - CR 56,125 + 1RP

Reference the above:

With reference to your SV, there is more than one Explorer MK3 and neither of them appear to belong to you, both are in space. Unless you can give me the ID (see HWS Connect) Im going to struggle with this one.

If you’re happy with the charges, let me know and Ill take care of it.

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But all the resources and ammunition I had in the destroyer and into the tank will be present, right? it was so much stuff

Sure will :slight_smile: - well, up to the last back up we have. You want me to restore?

Ehy wait… CR 536544 ??? I’m pretty sure I do not have them

You’ll be in debt a little while by the looks of it …

Ok you can restore, but I am in cyro now, because I dies in space every time I logon, can you teleport me into my ship?

Yep, leave it with me …

OK then. When I can login?

All done, Ship and Tank are on Cryo F1 - be careful with them … and have fun …

Oh … and read some guide :slight_smile:

Hey it worked!
thanks man.
I know that the game is still bugged but the important thing is that there is a commensurate staff, and now I know there is. it is only necessary a bit of communication and patience from both sides.

Only can I ask why the choice of black hole wipe?

We try … have fun!

Ref BlackHole, The universe is a strange and dangerous place, even we cant say why things happen, they just do …

He warned many times, the problem is that I have met many structures called “BlackHole” something, I did not understand that it referred to the playerfield

hmm didnt mention that you already taked to me about this… I explained about the blackhole wipe and time, and the command to use it… worth reading the guide:P it answers all

I talked to you too late gareth…

worth reading the guide:P it answers all