The Galaxy is a Bust!

Lets call it, Eleon’s Galaxy feature is a bust! Who would have thought…

Playfields crashing when more than 2 ships fire at each other…
Constant disconnect messages with only 130 people online…
Other issues I cannot think of at the moment…

Lets bring back the old HWS Universe. I am sure people won’t mind a 3rd wipe.

Just a FYI, multiple active servers are having issues (similar player count as Alpha 11)

It is true I never wanted this feature as I have played No Mans Sky for 64 hours.
Yes, 64 hours… I could not get a refund. :roll_eyes:


14 hours too many for that refund you wanted!

Just thought I’d jump in and mention that I loved the idea for a new universe and it probably would play out well if it weren’t for all those darn disconnects, but Oz is right. I can’t get anything done. Every 30 seconds or less I get another dc warning. Loading containers takes forever, the server lag is depressingly long.

That said, if it’s salvageable I think it’s a cool idea to have all these stars for a season, maybe two, but I don’t want it in the long run. Just my opinion but it’s too many stars, Titan was a genius idea and it may work once we get the lag issue sorted. I plan to get a base down there ASAP, I actually already have three crafted to go there. The issue? I can’t get ammo out of the base ammo container I have because of the lag, I pulled some from my OCD but now I can’t even leave my supporter system (best place I could get trapped but still.)

To sum it up, I think the new galaxy is cool, but not a good long term choice. I would NOT restart unless absolutely necessary, so many players have spent hours exploring to increase the amount of credits they get from each system and I know someone who already has eb and recycle 5. IF we had to restart again, I would offer a reward to the players affected, something major but not game breaking, a cool idea would be to give everyone 75 hours of instant blueprint spawn, some rp, and maybe a few building blocks. That helps everyone get back to where they are now without making it feel as if they wasted their time. (just added up the amount of time I’ve sped up through blueprint mats, 273 hours and twenty three minutes.) More than 75 hours may be called for, whats great about it is that it shouldn’t have a direct influence on the market and that it’s up to you.

Most important, EVERYTHING should be allowed to be brought through OCD, I’ve already spent several million on NA and EU on T3 autominers, this isn’t supposed to be a new season, it’s just a patch to fix the current one. Don’t wipe it like it is a new season.

Thanks for reading, WillEatsPie

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Agreed, Oz! DS3 is done with empyrion and HWS until something is done about the crashing on playfields. We feel little is being done or even at the least being addressed - and as a result we feel like we are no longer wanted here. So we are looking for other games that understand no one… And let me emphasize NO ONE… wants 7k planets.


I want 7k planets, but once again as I have stated so many times over that Empy’s net coding is shit IMO. So far with that exception the new season looks good, but with all the constant disconnecting happening ruins any ambition to play PvE, and PvP is almost not worth considering at this time. Hopefully maybe they can find the root cause of the massive disconnects before the playerbase moves on and waits til the next major patch hoping for improvements in this area.


I would just like to say, I really enjoy the 7000 planets! I have had so much fun exploring and mining and discovering new places. Its great! So much more fun than being stuck in the same five worlds and endlessly going between them!

The disconnects are bad for sure, and I would like them fixed, but I strongly disagree that the expanding universe concept is flawed.


I got into a bit of a fight with DS3 today in Homeworld, ABN had 2 CV’s and DS3 had 3. Turrets were not firing, ships were jumping more than 1 kilometre after stopping for 5 seconds.

I’ve seen bad lag, I’ve seen Titan in Season 9, I’ve seen Binomi crashing due to no ship limits, I’ve seen 2FPS on Golden Globe after 60-70 tanks had been used.

This season alone, I’ve gone from 80FPS to 15 when I hit the radar in homeworld, when I am the only one in system. I’ve seen ships disappear into thin air.

This new galaxy system being implemented in is pushing the PvE’ers to stay in the same place they were last season, PvP’ers (who want PvP) staying in Homeworld/Nova/GG, but there is so few miners coming through homeworld to gank. I’ve probably spent 20-30 hours sitting in homeworld with my detector running, I’ve seen 30 people. 10 of those have been faction mates, 5 have been players who warped as soon as they saw me, and the other 15 were players who ended up dying.

This ain’t the gameplay I want, period. This isn’t the gameplay I enjoy. I want to be able to use a chokepoint to funnel players into an area, then kill them for their stuff. Not sit and wait for the mere sight of a player, only to see them warp away as soon as they hit their detector.


DS3 was DOA because of chief engineer. the server just reset and you didn’t even give the universe a chance what a shame. how about you start critiquing the universe after you start playing after a week or two. I’m just shaking my head at these supposed veteran players.

Salty over us refusing your application, Big Boss. You clearly didn’t think we were DOA then.

I love how the majority of people saying how much they love 7k systems have not even discovered or traveled 10+. But whatever, kill empyrion. There a better games coming that actually listen to their player base. Not the random 20 hour PVEr that just discovered empyrion last weekend.



I feel detectors are pretty crap why would i go risk ninja mining around homeworld or a quick dip onto GG for sweet gold if anyone can see me from any distance. there is no cat and mouse anymore just pop the detector and if someone shows up leave. instead i can go to any of the empty systems off in the distance and mine gold there with near zero risk sometimes none as i have found gold in pve systems

Have you even played big boss? Disconnect notices every 5 min that last for 20 seconds… playfields crashing… this is with only 120 people on.


I’m amazed there are still 120 ppl on, I gave up and moved to creative. Better pvp ships ftw!

We tried a 1v1 with 79 people on GG (smooth playfield with one poi) and it straight up stole Pjams sv. Just made it vanish.

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In regards to your lag and having players jump when they see you I have a solution, lower the radar range of detection to say 8km? I mean people will still run away from you if your camping 3km off of a warp point but maybe with a lower range you can get the jump on them easier? Not to mention might help with your lag? Edit: Keep in mind players will think they are safer if they think you cannot detect them giving them a false sense of security and you just have to patrol a bit with the radar to catch them.

Good Morning everyone!

First of all (at the risk of sounding like a patronising dufus, I don’t mean to, I mean this sincerely) it’s great to see people using the forum for major conversations and ideas. Cheers to Ozi for creating a space for constructive discussion.

One important thing to decipher is whether this issue is NA exclusive or carries over to EU as well. As I spoke to Gareth yesterday after seeing all of the issues on NA but they weren’t getting repeated on EU. Therefore this requires further exploration before deemed to be a ‘serverwide’ issue.

Secondly, ultimatums like that of NotOp are sort of in the wrong forum really? I think you guys should join Ozi in posting constructive ideas and feedback on Eleon’s forum and advocate for that change rather than soapbox on here. (Don’t get me wrong you’re absolutely allowed to Soapbox here, i’m not speaking as a community helper but as a member of the community like you guys). (Also sharing discord posts and grandstanding on the forum is not classy and probably not on NotOp.

Onwards to the matter at hand…The GALAXY…and BEYOND.

I for one think that the developing Sphere and Spiral notion that you developed Rexxus was genius given the scale of A12. We’re very lucky on HWS and often take for granted these incredible features. I was very lucky in A12 ver 1 to be one of the ‘blessed’ who had few issues and enjoyed exploring the new Galaxy. I enjoyed the sensation of being a small fish in an enormous pond.

Nevertheless, I feel that the ‘pond’ could do with a significant reduction. One thing that players have correctly pointed out is that we have more systems than players. I think this is wherein the issue lays. For instance, perhaps instead of having so many playfields we reduced it by like 50-90% and reduced the expansion rates for the PVE playfields from once every few days to once per weekend (at peak times) to encourage a kind of ‘rush to colonise the new worlds’ mentality which would encourage people to flock to the new systems 'en masse and encourage competition in PVP also.

Moreover, Galaxy expansion could be done on a ‘sector by sector’ basis but I’m not sure how possible this is to code as I know Rexxus is using (smartly :wink: ) a kind of ‘Galaxy observation range’ system to ‘expand’ the Galaxy currently.

Most importantly, it is extremely premature to rule out such a new feature as the galaxy. I think we could refine the feature rather than scrap it entirely.

Most importantly, variety is the spice of life and spice of the galaxy. So far there do seem to be a couple of galaxy generation limitations. I haven’t found the following:

  • Ice planets.

  • Temperate (non swamp, non starter) planets.

  • Dune+Desert planits (there are arid planets though).

Low G Lava Planets (Tho Lava moons fulfill this function).

Also I think empty PVE space playfields should not be a thing if possible as one can’t spawn objects in them either.

Similarly dense but empty asteroid rings could be reduced for the sake of performance.

Nevertheless, I think the galaxy if tinkered with could be an enormous asset in keeping HWS a fresh and interesting experience for all, and before we rule it out we should try and see at least one season through to the end to get an overall view of the current configuration.

Sorry for the long winded post.
Best regards,


7k planets is not the sole issue here. we have only seen a fraction of that number so far. it does not help the already bad net coding but it can’t be the only reason for the issues we are seeing. The amount of things updating on every playfield the server has to keep up with is very taxing on the hardware. the graph that was on an earlier post shows the ram and playfield generation going up at the same pace. the CPU shoots way up with more players. there are several issues happening at once here causing all the disconnects and delays we are experiencing. the more players in the server, the more variables have to be calculated, the longer the server takes to update each connected player.

simply, the hardware as it is cannot handle the load we are piling on it. I do not like the idea of throwing more hardware at the problem as this is a bandage and does nothing to solve the errors that are very visible in the console. i myself am not a coder and have no idea how to resolve it but this is a leaky cauldron that needs its holes plugged before we expand the universe as we would like to. I for one would not mind another wipe to adjust the universe if necessary. but not a rushed wipe. the universe we have is mostly playable until the player count starts going over 100. but who knows, we all could be way off and eleon could release an “oopsie” patch that ends this discussion.

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I like the exploring. Sadly atm it is also the best way to avoid the lag spikes on the core planets (HQs, starter, journeys and it seems homeworld and golden globe). The question is whether it is this that is causing the lag or just an A12 issue in general. Not sure whether this is something Rex and the team can easily see. If it is the new playfields then I like Wiseman’s suggestions about the playfields that could perhaps be done away with. People posting seem to mostly be NA folks so the issues there are bigger (as it seems is the number of players)

More importantly, it might be possible to both have our cake and eat it. I think:
NA server should have the big “crunch”- all or the majority of systems are removed from the game.
EU server has no change all new systems are ready to explore. Therefore explorers can csw to EU from NA to get their exploration kick while the suffering NA server gets its required resource load cut. This would also allow Rex&tem to definitevly see if it is an A12 handling MP in general issue or if the additional playfields are indeed major contributory factors.


If you do a comparison of stats between NA and EU, NA has visited

Triple the amount of Stars than EU,
Twice as many Planets than EU,
Twice as many Moons than EU,
Warped Triple the amount of LY than EU.

Might explain the lack of issues on EU… Lets go exploring in EU!

EU also has 128Gb more RAM than NA though.


on my way…