The new 3D Map

is horrible.

I’m all aboard with all the other changes in 8, but using the map is now…tedious.

Tiny Tiny Tiny planets you have to be pixel perfect to click on.

Oh hold on, yes you can zoom in on the tiny planet, which then flips round, goes 3d, what was up is now down, then you have to zoom back out again to get your perspective back.

bring back the old, easy to use map, which will never happen, but a gripe is a gripe !

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I’m not a fan either - sorry Rex. Looks lovely but functionally its a step backwards imo.

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? The ingame 3D map is not my work. I did the 3D universe map just for fun. A 2D map is available

the ingame 3D ingame map is cool if you know how to use it and since the human brain is able to adapt to everything I’m sure it will also here.

What many don’t know:

  1. Top left is a little convenience help
  2. Left CTRL + Left click on one sector only shows your warp lines around that
  3. Left CTRL + ALT + Left click to another sector shows you the fastest travel warp route possible (here and there buggy)
  4. The navigation keys W A S D Spacebar C and left + right mouse button do work in the map view as well

great, but before i just clicked “lock” and that’s it. now replaced with all that ctrl + crap…a simple thing has been made a chore, indeed it looks nice but i want simplicity and ease of use with a map.

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I have to agree here, the in game map is horrid to use. I would hate to see how other servers with ridiculous amounts of warps would cope.

But I know this is not an HWS thing, it’s an Eleon thing…

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