The new Path

Hello guys, hope you missed me!

So, it’s time to take stock and rethink my being in Empyrion and on HWS. It was plain fun and it was a path of destruction. Where did it lead? I’m multi banned on HWS and a lot of my rivals don’t like me. You may wonder, but some allies don’t like me too) But whatever, it’s another story.

I don’t expect people will trust me, but it seems I am no longer in a situation to lie or say some sort of BS. Cause I don’t need it. Yes, I must admit I used some exploits and broke number of rules of the HWS server. Not as much as some people wanna think, but what has been done cannot be undone. And yes, I must admit, after receiving the punishment, I repeated these mistakes. At that time I didn’t care too much about where all this could lead to. It was just plain fun for me and I didn’t care much.

But one day I realized that the path of destruction for me is over, dried up. I’m not the man who uses one path twice. A very simple idea stuck in my head – I just can play clean and fair, don’t use exploits and get same fun time. Since then I’ve reported to Rexxxus and Taelyn all stuff I know about it, made videos for them. Don’t remember the exact date, but during A12 I was playing clean for sure and some of A11 too. I can say it was the beginning of my formation on the right path. But it was kinda tricky for me. I still perceived Rex as my “enemy”, who only wants to ban me by any means. But not long ago we had a conversation with him about terms of my possible unban. I was a bit surprised with “warm” (like i felt it) and detailed answer from him. I felt that Rex has changed a bit, maybe it was just a trigger in my mind. But whatever, this conversation inspired me to rethink situation again, look at the situation through the eyes of an HWS admin and creator. I remembered all my dirty stuff and realized that all this just prevented the server from growing and developing, people was losing time, etc. So now I feel sorry for my past actions. Exploiting, rule breaking, infiltrating, BPs stealing and spreading - it was all wrong and unnecessary. And I feel I should apologize to anyone I have inconvenienced with it.

Since I’m out of my path of destruction in Empyrion, it makes no sense for me to repeat such actions. So I hope I’m ready to rejoin HWS legally with my main account without mistakes of the past. Hope Rex thinks the same)

I got some thoughts and plans how should I play if will be unbanned. First of all I’ll try to make my gameplay as public as possible. I expect heavy pressure and tons of provocations, so I’ll turn on OBS video record every time I go PvP (to prevent stuff like “Ice killed me – ban him”). I want to start some kind of personal blog on HWS forum with screens, videos and stories about my current gameplay. Also I got some topics in my head for PvP articles with analytics, should be interesting. Of course I will report any bugs/errors I can find. Non crucial reports will go to HWS forum, crucial – to Rex personally. Also I plan to send Rexxxus some of my actual BPs (CV especially) to approve them and to prevent reports like “Ice is using super cheat vessel – ban him”. One more important thing, if I come up with fresh idea of building a structure or, maybe, use new assault tactics, I’ll ask Rex about it first to prevent you know what)

Also I wanna say Empyrion and HWS might be not perfect, but anyway it’s still the best place for me to play that sort of games with my friends. That’s why I always came back) I believe I can make it a bit better with my bug reports and fair play in the future.

So, I think that’s it, hope it all works. Thanks for understanding.


Welcome back!

Ban him.


Thank you for taking the time to write this.

You do make allot of good points in the text.
It is all up to rexx, but as I know him, he is a person who listens, and care. So maybe there is hope :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Ozi! :slight_smile:

But i didn’t kill you yet!

We’ll see on august 5th with start of new season :slight_smile:

They should give you a chance, Ice, i know i would. And i think that if you wanted to come back just to mess around you could have already done that with secret accounts. Making it public like this tells me your seriously interested in making amends and improving for the better.

I do not know the circumstances nor do I need them. This is a well thought out sincere apology. I feel this should be directed towards those specifically affected by your actions. Only they can light your path to redemption.

I like this dumbass. He is a pita, i know, but if u give him a chance and get to know him better, well then he is actually a really nice guy. None of my friends are perfect, each one of them is a really an ■■■■■■■ somethimes, but i still like them because i trust them. This dumbass never betrayed me and i promise, that i will allways help him if he will need my help.
Am i a bad person because of this? I dont think so and i dont really care what others think.
I wish u all the best ice and i hope i will see some nice videos from HWS made by you.
Those one from official server were great.

No thanks… let him banned …

i have no hate agains him but ! I dont want Programmers who made a Trigger ahk config for Empyrion and abuse it permanently … its like aimassist… no thanks reason for Perm ban … and never should come back … spit in the face of Eleon self and create programs for himself & his opg / fun & some other mates … to ruin pvp / hws itself … to many chances…


What is easier flicky? To track a known guy with bad history, or a 56th hidden account? He can play on hws with no problems, all he needs is the ru acc for 6eur or whats the price for emp on their steam. I would rather give him a chance, than search for him trough the reports and logs.
U know better?

Who Cares about 6€… Ip ban he will comes back with VPN and ? 6€more for Eleon support to fix us the lags… btw i dont know you … what faction you where or you are ?

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Actualy that shows your position to ICE no wonder that you want give him a chance … no comment … he gave s12 nightmare to FUN they used it … (no change happen) … .he comes back on HWS abuseing Trigger ahk config … (No Change) … 90% what he is writing is Lie he just want to play thats all with all methods of lie … by the way he got plenty of “Last chances” … and spit in the face of the admins and lie to them … again & again … by the way … self after the ban he still searched for epxloits to abuse for his faction … (no change) so 3x no chance where he said (clear play) … but hey i dont judge im just shocked that his “friends” try to support his unban.

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I am not important here and i have nothing against u mate. But i am sure Rex spend a lot of time searching for this guy. And 6Eur is nothing compared to that. I am just saying that it will bemuch easier for rex to track him and ice will have to keep his words.

he using undetecable third programm aim assists for pvp … stop trolling self with “video” you cant figure it out … if you record the battles…

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this tit for tat ends now…

we having given ICE a chance to redeem and play on HWS…
so far he has not done anything and everyone is thinking of the past…
guys… we are all players on HWS who want to enjoy the game and its possibilites, i dont want ppl slandering who who did what in the past…
we are focusing on the future and have deemed ICE a chance to play on HWS server as we tend to give players a chance to show who they really are and hopfully shine.

as i said tit for tat end’s now… any issues pm me or rexx in forum / discord.



then unball all red members who got banned for less stuff actualy i mean that should be fair if he talking about “another chance”. to unbann the most criminal from hws again but the rest ppl who made not even so much trouble to hws and the administry should get unbanned too.

i dont stand inside for red just remember that some people got banned who made not so hardcore stuff. cheers

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u know this would be up to rexxx, and no doubt he’l think about it… but guys… this is the first of probably many to unbann…

its normal for people to be negative towrds this… and yes one of many to come…

give ICE a chance to show who he is…
we’l see in time

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Hope see Hellblazer / Omiat and some others again who got banned in the past.

probably in time… yes mate…
one step at a time :wink:

forgiveness has to start somewhere. this could actually be beneficial. having someone that knows coding could use their powers for the good of the community. kind of like a workers probationary period. daily tasks to prove worth would be in order. I hear there was an infestation of slugs and shrimp recently

Ice griefed my faction a few weeks ago on official lol. What a bunch of BS.

I guess entire XPA faction is not in the list of players who got unbanned without making a forum post?