The legendary end

Dear HWS Community
first of all I want to thank you for your reactions and attitude about my last post!
Hence, with this little announcement I want to end a drama “legend”, everyone know about already and since I bothered you not once but twice about -=Ice=- already in the past, I think it is only fair, if you also know about his end.
Triggered by a total trivial exploit he used in his ships, using ramps as protection for his manual weapons, so he can shoot through, I asked him why he keeps doing it. Why he is so addicted to exploits and breaking our deal, our rules we had; well, breaking his own words:

Since I’m out of my path of destruction in Empyrion, it makes no sense for me to repeat such actions. So I hope I’m ready to rejoin HWS legally with my main account without mistakes of the past

I must have triggered something deep inside of him and he sent me a lovely private message as good bye, which includes a lot of… let’s call them insults in every form and shape, I want to spare you with that - I know he is proud of it and sharing it by himself wherever he can, getting the fame he was looking for in his life by the other haters.

Anyways, -=Ice=- is permanently banned on all HWS servers and will never ever return.
Nevertheless, you as Community warned me about this little toxic snake, to not trust him, he will never change and I feel indeed bad to once again wasted my trust and your time and causing dramas here and there because of it.
I’m really sorry for the inconveniences! With the support I saw recently I realize what damage my naivety can bring, so I won’t do it again!